Dallas de Corovoû

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Dallas Ciragel von Corovou
Dallas surfboard.png
Dallas holding a small surfboard
Title She has none. Accept it.
Gender Female
Race Adeile Penguin
Faction She'd want to be an EPF agent like her father.
Health 99.48%
Status Drawing some random thing
Location In Slidur's igloo playing catch with SliduX
Birth date 8/27/2007, Nutzilia,Nutzil
Interests Collecting cars
Friends Jacob Monte Captio,Jessica,Baby N
Enemies She has few.
Archetype Wanderer

Dallas Ciragel von Corovoû is an ordinary chick who likes to draw stuff and skip around the yard with one of the puffles in her hand. She's extremely clever and sometimes hyper by drinking milk(most people get hyper by drinking soda). Her brother's Bill,a chick who hatched exactly 1 second before Dallas.


Dallas was born in Nutzilia while Slidur was with his wife on vacation. He wanted to see where the other side of his family came from and what it looked like. Slidur also wanted to have his wife's new baby there. When she hatched, she was actually a hybrid of three species of penguin because Slidur was a dufflepud and his wife was an Adeile. Does that make sense? Unlike other chicks,she played with skateboards by sitting down on them and using her flippers to make the board move.




  • She is the only member of the family to not be from the AU.

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