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Dan Beronews

Dan as the CNIC Admiral
Born December 12, 1982
No one knows...
Gender Male
Nationality Pengonian USA
Other names Dan the Man; Good ol' Dan
Occupation President, etc.
Home town Mattress Village
Known for Being Admiral of the CNIC.
Spouse(s) Tammyshroom (m. 2019)

The Most Awesome Daniel Beronews (1982-) is a famous penguin across the USA, currently known for his family and his presidency of Pengonia, but famous for his former leadership of the CNIC as Admiral Uisce Coireacht Gaige ("Water Crime Dude"). He is in the MMK and also works part-time at the BoF.



Dan was born in Mattress Village during the last decade of Olde Antarctica (in the Ice Kingdom). When he was a chick, he played with the other future CNIC agents, along with his own siblings, Bow Tie Tom who hatched two years after Dan, Anniemoose98, and his his younger sisters. He went to the precursor to Penguin Academy for his education, and graduated from there. During this time, he gained an immense knowledge of the paranormal and a love for Halloween. Dan was well known for searching for ghosts and sailing, which were two of his favorite hobbies.


Dan became quite good at leading people, and put those skills to good use by joining the PSA. Since his early adult life he had also been good with technology, so he eventually opened his own IT business, which became quite successful. Dan and his brother Bow Tie Tom also started up Antarctic Inc. in June 2009 as a small bakery, but eventually grew to be a Billion Coin Company, rumored to be because of connections with Holyberden. It is currently where most of the Beronews family fortune is coming from.

BOSS and Admiral[edit]

In mid-2009, due to his status as well as his decent Fourth Wall powers (that have developed since), he was offered a job at Ampersand Publishing as a BOSS. He was swept up after receiving a letter from them. In late 2009, a boat he was on was deleted and nobody investigated it. So, he founded the Criminal Nautical Investigation Corps, to combine his love of sailing with stopping crimes. Naturally, he became the Admiral. It was around this time that he started dating Haley as well, a gorgeous co-worker. He left his IT business (though it stayed open under Antarctic Inc.) to open a Japalandese restaurant, but not many penguins liked the food so he closed it soon after.

In early 2010, he purchased an island in the Sub-Antarctic from Flywish, and soon after that he had "conquered" two more. The South Pole Council granted his request to have a Free Republic, Danonia (now know as Pengonia), which he became the President of as well as a Councillor in the SPC. The CNIC headquarters was also moved here. On May 16, 2010, Dan was beatified by P.O.P.E. Benzin as a Helper, and was given the title The Most Awesome. In the BoF, he became a Maniac OOC Extremist, and would ban Ben Hun whenever he saw him. However, Mayor McFlapp unbanned Ben, and he eventually reformed and Dan forgave him.

Later in 2010, Dan found some enemies in the form of Austin8310 and XTUX. He disappeared for a few months, but appeared to come back stronger and more sane than he had been. Things were ok until September 2010, when a bribe to a certain puffle went wrong. He somehow got a hold of "Us" to take care of the puffle. Unfortunately for him, the Masters of the Masters of the Universe, also known as "The Board" stepped in, and vowed to curse him. Since they couldn't curse him directly due to his large influence in the Universe, they cursed his fiancée, Haley, instead. The Board re-wrote her entire character and made her forget her past self, leaving noone but Dan to remember what happened to her on the 21st of September. After that, he quit his position as a BOSS in the BoF, and instead moved to the Department of Vandalism.

Present day[edit]

For years he has been chased, stalked, and much more by TammyShroom Jones, TSP's sister. He used to be thoroughly creeped out by Tammy, but has recently started to open up to her affection. Since moving to the Department of Vandalism, Dan became the head of the department and currently has the second largest stash of banhammers and deletion hammers in the USA. Through a lot of working, and the occasional bribe to Benny (Dan knows not to contact us anymore), he has Level 10 clearance in the BoF, that of an "Elite Bureaucrat".

On January 1st, 2013, he decided to retire somewhat. He retired from the South Pole Council and his position in the CNIC (with his friend Bob Johnson taking his place), with him now only serving part-time in the BoF and the CNIC when he's needed. He also kept his position as President of Pengonia, but mostly keeps to himself.


It has been discovered that in the near future, Dan will finally accept the advances made by Tammyshroom for years by going on a date with her. He'll fall in love with her, and they'll marry in 2019, with a chick, Daniel Beronews II, hatching sometime in 2020.


The Most Awesome Dan Beronews
Born December 12, 1982
Considered The Most Awesome in Pengonia, USA,
Promoted to The Most Awesome May 16, 2010 by P. Benzin
Major shrine CNIC battleships
Promoted because Intelligent, diligent, passionate, knowledgeable
Known for CNIC and tireless efforts in technology

Dan is an avid sailor who is best known for his years as leader of the CNIC and his time as a diplomat in the South Pole Council. He's a bit of a rich, charming ladies man, with many women having crushes on him including Tammyshroom, Haley (new Haley) and Tesa Devecter. Since becoming rich, he's become a bit of a mary sue, doing whatever he can to get his way, even if it means bribing a certain puffle. However, that hasn't stopped his good heart and desire to lock up bad guys. Though he's still the President of Pengonia, he has mostly delegated his duties to other people to give himself more free time.

In that free time, he often messes with technology, trying to invent new, great things (though, he only uses Peach). He can also be found playing a lot with his black puffle, Bouncer. Dan also wants to be on Absolute Thespian Islet, but hasn't succeeded yet. He also visits his brother Bow Tie Tom in Bow Tieland fairly often.


Dan has a few weaknesses, most of them rather comical. Here is a list compiled by the mystical beings...

  • Pineapples - He is allergic to these delicious fruits. Symptoms are immense swelling of his beak, bumps popping up all over his body, eyes getting really sore and puffy. Somehow they always turn up whenever he is having a meal at someone's place or even his own (he often forgets).

* Money - You can bribe him to do almost anything. -Money used to be a weakness of his, but once he had a lot of money of his own it became a strength (perhaps). He now uses his money to bribe other people.

  • Hobos - Hobos constantly follow him around, begging him for money. They often turn up at important meetings and battles and make a total mess of the situation.

* Draco Malfoy - Dan is afraid of this imaginary being (the BoF says he doesn't exist) and often spends the night in fear, mistaking everything in the room as "Draco". - Gone once he came back from his few month absence in 2010.

* Swiss Ninja - He scares Dan...and always pops up to ruin Dan's wonderful plans. Swiss Ninja's PWNAGE vs Dan's armada=Another ship and Snowzer graveyard. This was dissolved and he was lowered to "Minor Hatred" status.

And lastly,

However he has his steward and friend to rely on.



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