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Type Fizzy Drink
Effects You're no longer thirsty!
Source From the local Hypermarket
Location The Local Hypermarket, or in your ice box
Cost to buy 0,50 Fyro a bottle
Cost to sell 0,50 Fyro

We're sorry. Are you looking for The Dance? If you are... please drink Dance instead.

Dance is a carbonated fizzy drink sold primarily in the Freezeland and USA states arround it, first launched by Prominence in 2003. Prominence was bought by the Beach'em Group in 2005, and Beach'em Drinks were bought by Frysvic in 2007.

Originally, Dance was the name of the orange flavour in a range of different flavoured drinks that each had their own name. In the year 2004, long after the other products in the range had passed into obscurity, the Dance brand was expanded into other flavours, including apple, lemon, cherry and blackcurrant. The lemon and blackcurrant flavours have been discontinued and Flying Fruit has replaced them.


Dance is a very delicious fizzy drink, and quenches thirst easily. It is usually sold in individual glass bottles, but also comes in six and twenty four (called two-fours) can packs.


Advertisements for Dance were originally serious and unremarkable, but since 2005 they have become well-known for their distinctively bizarre and often post-modern tone. The advertisements are arguably now more talked-about than the product itself, and manufacturer Frysvic's own Dance brand page states that "Today Dance is probably most famous for its successful and innovative marketing campaigns".


  • You know when you've been Dance'd!
  • You need it because you're weak. (For diet Dance)
  • Feed the Dance inside!


  • Orange (standard)
  • Blackcurrant
  • Lemon
  • Apple
  • Cherry
  • Diet
  • Icey Explosion
  • Flying Fruit


  • It is an obvious parody of Tango.
  • It is sweetened with Aspartane, and is healthy but sweet.
  • Dance is made with real fruit juice
  • It's main competitor is Numberry.
  • Dance is often served in Frys Chalet.
  • Dance is owned by the same company as PoTAYTO.
  • Dance became very underrated due to the popularity of Sockan Brand Cactus Extract. PoTAYTO is planning revenge.

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