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Dancing Penguin
Dancing Penguin image.png
A recent image of Dancing Penguin from 2009 at the Ski Village.
Background information
Birth name Adrian Samson
Born July 15, 1991 (age 23)
Penguin Island
Origin United States of Antarctica
Genres Pop
Occupations Singer, dancer, rapper, musician
Years active 2006-present (dancing career)
2010-present (solo career)
Labels Club Penguin Music Records
Associated acts Cadence, Meaghan, Cadenzo, Penguin Band
Website dancingpenguin.com/

Adrian Samson, better known by his stage name, Dancing Penguin, is an Antarctican performer from Club Penguin. He is the younger brother of Ford Car and was introduced to Club Penguin Music Records in 2009. From a very young age he started to get interested in music and dancing, then went on to start singing and rapping. DP released his debut studio album Full Volume in April 2011, charting in the Top 5 in Club Penguin and the USA. The album mainly consists of dance-pop and dance-hop songs. Four singles were released from the album from 2010 to 2011. Throughout his career DP has faced criticism from many penguins, and has been involved in a feud between himself and DJ Crow. Besides his dancing and music career the penguin has done voluntary construction work and kept an alliance with the Elite Penguin Force.

Although he dances quite well, many believe for his music to be absolute trash. DP releases an album every summer hoping for a number 1 but fails to do so on an annual basis. Dancing Penguin was also ridiculed for trying to get Cadence on a single every time but never succeeding to do so. Despite this, she agreed to date him on Valentine's Day 2010. They broke up after three years because he cried too much.


Dancing Penguin was born on a cold and stormy night on July 15, 1991, as Adrian Samson. When he was a baby he cried a lot which made his parents, who didn't even want another child, irritated. Now he cries a little less. He was always dependent on the comforting of his brother, music and former girlfriend. His neglectful parents introduced him to music at a young age to stop him from crying so often. This worked extremely well, and almost any form of happy music would stop Adrian from crying. He also danced well when listening to the music, which is why his parents gave him the name Dancing Penguin (Before that he was called Kid Number 2, Ford's Little Brother, and Crybaby.) His parents adored Ford Car much more than him, and instead of taking care of him, they just left him with a bunch of music so he wouldn't drown in tears.

Dancing Penguin couldn't understand true love when he was young because his parents didn't really love him. Eventually his brother tried to have a relationship with Adrian, but it didn't work because it was the first time he had experienced affection. Adrian got a little scared and cried when his brother gave him his first hug. Ford Car became worried about his little brother, so he talked to his parents, but they told him that it was normal. However, Ford Car was determined to better his relationship with him.

This carried on until early 2006, when he was 15 years old. By the time he was thirteen he stopped crying a lot. He went to school but only had a couple of friends. Then he decided to leave his parents along with Ford Car - they went to Club Penguin.

Musical career[edit]

2006-09: Early career[edit]

As him and his brother lived in Club Penguin, he would go to the Night Club and dance almost all day. His skills improved as he practised in the small rented igloo him and his brother lived in. Adrian never stayed with his brother all the time, who had duties elsewhere too. His life continued like this until early 2008, when he was asked by Cadence to perform with her on Thursday. Over the year he had got to know Cadence, DJ Crow and others a lot. Him and DJ Crow never got too close because Dancing Penguin secretly said he didn't like his music, and supposedly called him a "wannabe rapper". This lead to a feud which still exists today. He went by the name "Dancing Penguin", but did say that his real name was Adrian. He would dance solo as others cheered him on and by late 2008 he was very popular. He was asked by Cadence's parents to do performances for 200 coins per hour. He went with the offer and would performing daily for 2 hours with breaks and would receive 400 coins, usually. He continued being a back-up dancer for Cadence and he was crowned Winner of the Dance Contest 2008 in November 2008. His popularity continued, and when his music career continued, he took his dancing skills with him.

For most of 2009, he learnt how to use a disc-jockey system. Everyone was too busy to teach him, so he bought one and self-taught himself. He started producing music in mid-2009 and recorded them with a high-quality recording system. Sometimes in the Night Club there would be a Rookie DJ Hour, where anybody could take over the DJ3K and mix tunes for 10-15 minutes, and if anybody else wanted to participate, they would do the same. This happened at least every month. Dancing Penguin would do it every month, and would rap at the same time. When Cadence asked him if he could sing, he decided to try and sing too, which was adequately successful for him. He was suggested by Cadence to audition to Club Penguin Music Records in early 2010. He played seventeen of the tracks he had recorded, which were only instrumentals. He told them that he had made lyrics for nine of those instruments, and performed.

2010-12: Full Volume, Speakerz and Label Production[edit]

Then in March 2010, he was signed to Club Penguin Music Records. They took him to the recording studio and had producers re-master his instrumentals, which he didn't like at all. He was advised to have others produce for him and just let him write the songs and do the vocals - he agreed but wanted to produce some tracks too, and asked to leave his old instrumentals alone. They did as he pleased and produced new instrumentals instead. They all then started working on his debut album. Dancing Penguin told Cadence and some other DJs that worked with him, and they both wanted to work on the album with him. Dancing Penguin asked the rest of the producers to back down and let him and his friends do it all.

In April 2010, they started off writing the songs, with help from almost everyone. For some songs, Dancing Penguin wrote them entirely by himself, while the others produced. He wrote five songs in April and Yusei had produced some beats. By July 2010, the songs had been written then in September 2010, they finalized all the instrumentals that had been produced and saved them for the track-list - it was time to record. No information about his album had been announced yet. Dancing Penguin wanted to reveal the basics around Christmas. So during TBC Radio 1's Christmas Show on December 24, 2010 - he revealed that he is working on his first album with Cadence, DJ Crab, Zippy Penguin and maybe more. DP wasn't a worldwide-star yet, so no press asked questions from him, just a few reporters for the Penguin Times. In January 2011, Dancing Penguin talked to Penguin Times about the album: "There's no name yet, but it's going great. The producing and writing is done and now we are deciding how many songs we should actually put on the album. I'm thinking something between 10 and 14. That'll only take about half an hour to finalize, then I'm gonna record more, with more collaborations!"

Tim and Tom heard about Dancing Penguin in the Night Club and decided to officially meet him and work on something. He told them that he was getting his first album ready - so in late January they worked on a song. On February 19, 2011 he wrote a blog post on his website, which had the track-listing of the album, revealing 12 songs, including the collaborations. He then wrote about producing, how long the album went through production, how the collaborations came about and his record deal. At the end it said "OUT APR 4".

On April 4, 2011 the album, titled Full Volume, was released. Dancing Penguin talked about the name of the album: "Many of my songs are gonna be about dance and stuff like that. In the album I sing more than rap - I've gotten used to that now. The name just means that the music is blazing, and everyone's having a great time. Obviously if a DJ puts the volume to 100 then everyone else in the club will love it - they'll dance and have a better time. By listening to those two words - you can already imagine noise, music, dancing, a club." The album charted in the Top 5 in Club Penguin and the USA.

In 2012, Dancing Penguin released a mini single called "Pose n Snap a Pic." It was a big hit in Puffle'and due to its use in a TV show.

2013-2014: Lights Out and The Best Medicine[edit]

Lights Out went on to become DP's second best-charting album, entering at number 7 in the USA. It is considered that this is down to the lead single "Guestlist" featuring Savannah City. Critics unanimously dubbed it 'The Most Annoying Single of the Year', consisting of the two most annoying and awful artists. However the annoying aspect of the song is what caused the promotion for the album and resulted into the release of more singles for the album such as "Just Having Fun" and "Chillax" featuring Smooth Frogg. Despite all this nothing hit number 1 so DP continued to work to achieve what he wanted.

The next year (yes, we rolled our eyes as well), DP's fourth album The Best Medicine (2014) was a commercial failure for DP and the label. The lead single "Drink Up" didn't do so well so the roll-out of more singles was cancelled and the album charted at number 97. The album did so bad that it didn't even chart in UnitedTerra, a country which is known for its hate for Dancing Penguin.

(At this point, we really aren't sure why Club Penguin Music Records haven't dropped him from the label)

2014-present: The CP Factor[edit]

On January 9, 2014, Dancing Penguin confirmed that he would be a judge on the upcoming reality talent show called The CP Factor. His addition was met with extremely positive reception with some people even crying tears of joy that he was a confirmed judge. He mentored the Groups category for the first season. He took Jack and Steve, Penguin Direction, MM3 and Before You Exit to the live shows. Before You Exit were eliminated in Week 3, MM3 were eliminated in Week 7 and Penguin Direction were eliminated in Week 8 leaving Jack and Steve to be Dancing Penguin's only Group left in the competition. They got through to the final and won the show with 57.2% of the vote against Michael Pengy meaning that Dancing Penguin was the winning mentor for that year.

On October 20, 2014, Dancing Penguin along with Cadence and Sam Rudi, confirmed his return for the second season of the show in 2015. He mentored the Over 25s category for that season. He took Chris Bell, Robbie John and Jay Jack to the live shows with Kitty Peng being reinstated as his wildcard act chosen by Cadence. Up until Week 5, Dancing Penguin had not lost any of his 4 acts. That was when Kitty Peng was eliminated after losing the sing-off to Freddy Bailey. Robbie John was eliminated in Week 6 after losing the sing-off to RP Duo and Chris Bell was eliminated in Week 8 after losing the sing-off to Lauren Jasmine leaving Jay Jack as his last act in the competition. Jack made it to the second stage of the final but lost to The Double Team placing 2nd.

On November 21, 2015, rumours spreaded that Dancing Penguin would not be returning as a judge for the third season in 2016. 4 days later on November 25, Dancing Penguin said that the rumours were false and that he would be returning as a judge for the third season. He mentored the Groups category once again for that season. He took Axel Powers, Rough Road, Counting Crows and The Difference to the live shows with Kings of Arctic being reinstated as his wildcard chosen by Andrew Gonzalez. Rough Road were eliminated in Week 1 after Gonzalez chose to eliminate them over The Difference. Axel Powers were eliminated in Week 2 after placing last in the public vote within the Groups category. The Difference were eliminated in Week 5 after losing the sing-off to Sam Norris and Kings of Arctic were eliminated in Week 6 after losing the sing-off to Brandin Jacobs leaving Counting Crows as Dancing Penguin's last Group in the competition. Counting Crows were in the sing-off in Week 7 against Kendall Hutcherson but made it through to the quarter-final when the vote went to deadlock and they had received more public votes than Hutcherson. They were in the sing-off again in Week 9 (the semi-final) against Sam Norris and lost when only their mentor (Dancing Penguin) opted to send Norris home making it the first season where no Groups made it to the final and the first year where Dancing Penguin had no acts in the final. Counting Crows finished in 4th place.

After the third season, Dancing Penguin was questioned in an interview the next day if he had any plans to return for the fourth season in 2017 in which he confirmed that he will be returning as a judge for Season 4 while also saying "The chances of me leaving the show within the next 3 years is unlikely, but not impossible".

2015–present: Breakdance![edit]

2014's dismal effort called for a revival of Dancing Penguin's career. His fifth album Breakdance! called forth Telephonian singer Meaghan for the lead single "Doin' It (The Right Way)". It is rumoured that Meaghan was paid 60,00 UPI dollars to do the feature against her will. The song did manage to achieve a bit of commercial success which fuelled the relatively little anticipation for Breakdance!. The next single "Party at Mine" was considered quite catchy and sold moderately. As a result the album charted at number 12 upon release and was considered a recover from 2014's The Best Medicine.

However it still wasn't a number 1. And there still was no Cadence on a lead single.

Dancing Penguin will try again next year in 2016 to conjure up a potential number 1 album and song.

Personal life[edit]

His brother Ford Car died in a pool and after his funeral he started living with P-Heavy, a famous writer. He briefly dated internationally-successful singer Cadence but broke up on relatively good terms after three years. Dancing Penguin still has feelings for Cadence, but is glad she's happy with who she's with.


DJ Crow beef[edit]

The feud is said to of started in late 2008. This was around the time when Dancing Penguin was starting his early career at the Night Club. He got to know Cadence but never used to talk to DJ Crow that much. Many dancers in the club noticed that Dancing Penguin didn't get too close to Crow when he was DJ'ing, rapping or dancing. Many say that DP is just jealous of Crow. In November 2008, DP supposedly said to Crow that he didn't like his music, and called him a "wannabe rapper" in an interview at the Night Club. Crow heard about this from a fellow dancer. Crow also heard from the dancer that he should make a Chitter and follow the club's official profile so he can keep up to date with updates. Many of the dancers of the Night Club made an account, including Crow and Dancing Penguin. Crow didn't go near Dancing Penguin after that. Crow fought back on December 4, 2008 on his Chitter account (DJCrow). That night a dance contest final was happening. The conversation went as so:

DJCrow: "All dancers get on their hype tonight. @dancingpenguin we'll see if you kill it."
DancingPenguin: "@djcrow that being? you know what I said and I'm not afraid."
DJCrow: "@dancingpenguin You're a funny kid - you don't want any beef."
DancingPenguin: "@djcrow Flamin' underworld Crow don't tweet me u cirpky shut your beak!"
DJCrow: "@dancingpenguin Release an album already boi, no one's waiting, LOL."
DancingPenguin: "@djcrow it's coming, just you wait. Will be better than anything you've released."
DJCrow: "@dancingpenguin We'll let the charts decide that."

During the contest they didn't go near each other. Crow won the Freestyle Contest as well as the Dance Contest. After the contest he cheeted to DP: "@dancingpenguin See what I am capable of Little Younga?" Crow received no reply. From there they had fierce and violet freestyle wars with each other at the Night Club, as well as comments on Chitter to each other. In March 2010, Crow recorded a 1 minute and 52 seconds freestyle (over a very simple Terrain grime beat) directed to Dancing Penguin. He put it up on PengTube and attacked DP with it at the club. The feud calmed down from late 2009 to early 2011. Then Dancing Penguin released his debut album in April 2011 - which two songs had a few lyrics that referenced Crow mildly.

Crow decided to expand his 1 minute and 52 second freestyle that attacked Dancing Penguin, to get back DP for the references on "Full Volume". Crow also thought that Dancing Penguins stole some of his lyrics from his debut single "Fusion Dance Nyt" in the song "Time for the Night Club" and so included relating lyrics in what he was about to extend. The song was extended to 4 minutes and 51 seconds, and was titled "Insult or Diss". It was written and recorded in May 2011 and then released and announced by Crow in June 2011. The song was uploaded to Crow's official PengTube channel on June 10, 2011, displaying the cover art of the song for about 5 seconds at the beginning. The video is a lyrics video but shots of Crow rapping the lyrics can be seen in the background of the lyrics of the song very faintly. The last 30 seconds gives out a spoken message to DP, saying that it is no longer a warning. It currently has over 2 million views on PengTube. As of now the feud is still not over. DP so far hasn't talked about the diss song, or about Crow.



Studio albums[edit]

List of albums, with selected chart positions, sales figures and certifications
Title Album details Peak chart positions Certifications
Full Volume
  • CP: Silver
  • USA: Silver
  • UTR: Bronze
  • TAP: Gold
  • PUF: Silver
  • CP: Silver
  • USA: Silver
  • UTR: Silver
  • TAP: Gold
  • PUF: Silver
Lights Out
  • CP: Gold
  • USA: Silver
  • UTR: Bronze
  • TAP: Gold
  • PUF: Silver
The Best Medicine
  • CP: Gold
  • USA: Silver
  • UTR: Bronze
  • TAP: Gold
  • PUF: Silver
  • CP: Gold
  • USA: Silver
  • UTR: Bronze
  • TAP: Gold
  • PUF: Silver
"—" denotes items that did not chart or were not released.


Year Title Peak chart positions Album
2010 "Heat Up the Bass" 3 10 23 7 8 8 7 4 Full Volume
2011 "I Need That" (featuring Sound FX) 10 27 41 24 52 20 5 15
"Fire Flames" (featuring DJ Anesu) 18 42 98 64 34 57 19 30
"In the Night Club" 9 33 41 29 7 4 3
"Turn It Down" 5 12 30 17 5 5 20 24
2012 "Pose n Snap a Pic" 4 13 45 29 4 33 2 12 Speakerz
"Beat Drop" (featuring Sound FX) 98 77
"I Can't Hear You, I'm Dancing" 79 45
2013 "Guestlist" (featuring Savannah City) 3 8 70 3 Lights Out
"Just Having Fun" 66 63
"Trouble" 56 52
"Chillax" (featuring Smooth Frogg) 41 39
"In the Dark" 82 31
2014 "Drink Up" (featuring Sound FX) 92 53 The Best Medicine
2015 "Doin' It (The Right Way)"
(featuring Meaghan)
3 9 25 14 9 6 8 9 Breakdance!
"Party at Mine" 11 16 49 24 5 6 9 10
2016 "Relaxed" 11 16 49 24 25 36 49 10 TBA
"Beat Da Beatz" 4 10
"Kings (featuring GGD)" 4 1 5 2 4 3 2 1

Promotional singles[edit]

Year Title Peak chart positions Album
2015 "When the Beat Drops Out" 58 81 112 105 62 52 95 79 Non-album single

As a featured artist[edit]

Year Title Peak chart positions Album
2012 "Those Moments" (Tim and Tom featuring Nevim & Dancing Penguin) Adulation of the Monster
"Dynamo" (Cadence featuring Dancing Penguin) 4 5 Tempo


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