Dancing Penguin City

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City of Dancing Penguin 舞鵝市
Dancing Penguin City
Northern state legislature.png
Northern state legislature, Dancing Penguin City
Country Moon Island Flag.png Moon Island
ShopsIslandFlag2013.png Shops Island
Area Moon Island Flagnorth.png Northern State
Headquarters The Governor's House
Mayor Dps04
Population 98,000 (2012)
140,000 (2015)
Inhabited species Penguins / Moon Islanders
General information
Native name Dŏncŏn Pangan Ciaty
Demonym Dancing Penger
Founded 2012
– Founder Dps04

Dancing Penguin City is the capital of Moon Island. Officialy this city is known as City of Dancing Penguin, but this appellation is now rarely used, even in official documents. With a population of 140,000 as of 2015, it is the most populous city and state capital of Northern State, as well as the third most populous city in Moon Island after Moon Island City and Wizzint in the Southern State.

Early settlements around the present day city began around the late New stone age (~4500 BC), when the stronger Moon Island Indigenous tribe expand their influence on the east side of the Island. The community gradually grew into a village and later a town. In August 2012, a decision was made by then-Moon Island governor Dps04 to construct a new capital which became today's Dancing Penguin City. Large buildings, skyscrapers and other infrastructure were built within months. By the end of 2012, the city is already heavily populated owing to the penguins originally residing in the region and new penguins which moved from all parts of Moon Island to settle here.

Compared with Moon Island City, tourism and porting industry here is much less significant. There are tourists which visit the city, but much fewer than those who visit Moon Island City owing to the lack of tourists spots and landmarks in the city. Although there are 2 ports in the city, they are all minor ports and porting industry of the country is still heavily reliant on Moon Island City. Instead, technological industry plays an important role in the city's economy. The city houses factories in its suburbs manufacturing automobile, and other consumer electronics etc.

This city is also nicknamed The Ten Thousand City owing to it having a population of around 100,000. Its Mayor is Dps04, in office since August 2012.

Sister Cities[edit]

As of 2013, Dancing Penguin City has 1 sister city:

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