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Dancing Penguin and G
DP and G S3 poster.PNG
The official poster for Season 3.
Genre Animated sitcom, ironic, slapstick, science fiction, science fantasy
Format Animated television series
Created by Alfie Flippiner
Shaun Pendil
Voices of Gary
Dancing Penguin
Garrow Gorribix
Spy Guy Pers
Theme music composer Junglefood
Opening theme "Pedal to the Metal"
Ending theme "Hurry Up, and Get the Soap" (variation)
Country of origin Antarctica
Language(s) English
No. of seasons 4
No. of episodes 95 (announced)
(List of episodes)
Location(s) Antarctica
Cinematography HDTV 1080i (2009-present)
Running time 24 minutes
Production company(s) Penguin Animated Studios
Original channel Penguin TV
First shown in June 20, 2009 – present
Status Returning series
Related shows Ford Car and Link

Dancing Penguin and G is an Antarctican animated television comedy series about the Elite Penguin Force scientist Gary the Gadget Guy and his clumsy assistant Dancing Penguin, who get involved in many science-fiction and ironic/slapstick humorous situations. The series first aired on June 20, 2009 on Penguin TV, while being distributed by the production company Penguin Animated Studios. DP and G was created by Alfie Flippiner and Shaun Pendil. It's a spin-off of animated comedy series Ford Car and Link - Dancing Penguin and G began just three months after the show, originally supposed to be a 10-15 minutes sub-series that intersected with the show's plot, but was then transformed into a full-length sitcom.

Series plot

Origins and creation

New episodes air every Friday night a 7:30. It is sponsored by Oxipie, Fishburger Helper, Mershins-Kazooy Inc, and Wes Industries, like Ford Car and Link.


Main characters

  • Dancing Penguin (Voiced by himself) — DP is one of the two major main characters. He is the sidekick to Gary the Gadget Guy in the show, and is shown to be very clumsy, comedic and weird. DP gets into many situations with Gary, which often get Dancing Penguin into trouble. At times he is shown annoying Gary and other characters in the show. In many episodes he say the line "You know I'm supposed to be learning something here?", usually to G, as his main goal in the show is to become a successful scientist like Gary, but never gets the chance because of all the problems he gets into.
  • G (Voiced by Gary) — Gary plays himself in the show, but is more referred as G instead of Gary. He is a very smart scientist but with his sidekick Dancing Penguin he gets into problems, which is usually his sidekick's fault. In many episodes he has to stop Herbert's and Klutzy's evil plans, which he is usually successful in, but at times he messes up without DP messing up for him. Many running gags involve Gary; such as him drinking coffee and then DP knocks it over and it falls onto one of his machines. Another gag involves someone asking his full name, and then a gasping sound effect goes off.
  • Herbert P. Bear (Voiced by Garrow Gorribix) — The polar bear is based on himself in real life - a villain who makes evil contraptions and plans. Usually the sub-plot focuses on Herbert and his plan, which usually involves harming Gary, Dancing Penguin and/or the Elite Penguin Force. He is aided by his sidekick Klutzy, who is also based on Herbert's real-life sidekick.
  • Klutzy the Crab (Voiced by Summy Sumcrab) — Is Herbert's crab sidekick who doesn't talk much. He mostly makes clicking sounds, but shows co-operation with his master. Klutzy is as clumsy as Dancing Penguin, and when both of them screw up in an episode they usually interact, with DP saying "Why do we always do something wrong?"
  • Nigel the Puffle (Voiced by Spy Guy Pers) — Nigel is a black puffle who works for the Elite Penguin Force. He is sometimes seen whenever Herbert is scheming, and then tries to foil his plans. He is a failing agent who is at risk of getting fired. He never succeeds in foiling Herbert's plans, but does leave Herbert with a load of injuries. When he is not attacking Herbert, he spies on the citizens of Club Penguin and sometimes even tries to pickpocket some. He is also seen at the headquarters, accidentally messing things up/breaking things across the island, spying on the pizza delivery man and other penguins. Nigel is very superstitious, and when he seems even the slightest fishy deed, he will think the penguin is evil and usually sets on a task to capture the victim. Everything he does intersects with Gary; usually affecting whatever Gary is doing. He has a different codename in every episode (e.g. Black Anaconda, Trombone Gutsy), which he says through his microphone to base.

Secondary characters

  • Elanor Rose (Voiced by TBA) —

Recurring characters

  • Rookie (Voiced by himself) —


Season Episodes First Airdate Last Airdate
1 25 June 20, 2009 December 24, 2009
2 32 —— ——
3 38 TBA TBA
Films 1 film TBA

Season 1

  • Episode 1: An Unusual Duo - How it all began how G and Dancing Penguin became friends and how Ford Car and Link left Club Penguin. (June 20, 2009)

  • Episode 2: Casino Night - Dancing Penguin and G head to Bugzy's Casino. In there, they start gambling and surprisingly start winning a lot of coins, eventually 10 million! Their final game is against the villain Herbert, who also won 10 million. They both bet all their money, and Herbert says that if he wins they'll let him go, but if he loses, they capture him. The duo think they will win because they have a flush, but Herbert had a Straight Flush, so they lose all their coins. On the way home, the duo realizes that gambling is too dangerous, but it was a good experience. The episode ends with them talking about making a money-making machine, and G saying "That's illegal DP..." then DP saying "Ahh who cares?" (June 26, 2009)

  • Episode 3: Switching Jobs - Dancing Penguin and G argue on which of their jobs is most difficult. Later, The Director tells G he must meet him at Club Penguin City, so he leaves Dancing Penguin in charge of the PSA's inventions. Dancing Penguin gets tired of being a scientist like G because he has many inventions to do and he can't even do simple equations. Meanwhile, The Director makes G his assistant and takes him to the wilderness of CP City, with the objective of firing his Snow Ball Gun when he sees Herbert, but the Director keeps demanding so much from him that he gets nervous and eventually misses the polar bear. When G and Dancing Penguin meet again, they realize that they wouldn't like to be the other one. (July 3, 2009)

  • Episode 4: Savannah Desperatana - Dancing Penguin gets tickets to a Savannah City concert and he invites G. The scientist is reluctant at first, but he goes anyway. After the concert, G becomes an extreme fan of her; putting posters of her in the Gadget Room and singing songs of her in front of his work colleagues. Even Dancing Penguin thinks it's too much. So he and the other agents try to think of a plan to bring the old G back, until they find a note that says: "Dear friends, I shall leave to start my musical career. Good-bye!". He goes to Hollysnow but fails to be successful in any auditions. He is robbed and transformed into a hobo. Dancing Penguin drives around the city trying to find his friend. DP gets bored of searching and starts dancing on the street. As he rakes in money, he spots G and G apologizes for his Savannah shenanigans. When her new album came out, G hated it and quickly reverted to his old self. (July 10, 2009)

  • Episode 5: Paydirt - Gary remembers that it's pay-day, and then checks his mail for his cheque, but it is not there. Gary contacts headquarters, who tell him that it is possible that he might not be getting his salary this month. A frustrated Gary goes on strike at the Town. Herbert sees this and decides to mess with Gary by making a fake cheque, but telling Gary that it is his real cheque. Gary chases Herbert up to the Ski Hill, where he follows him via sled racing. In the end Herbert gets away. When DP catches up with him he asks what the problem is. DP reminds him that he had already picked up his cheque, and then points at Gary's pocket. It ends with Gary imitating a facepalm-sort expression. (July 17, 2009)

  • Episode 6: Orduh in the Fort! - G and Dancing Penguin head to the remains of Fort Kosher for a tour, but after Dancing Penguin gets arrested by Licenblossomese police for having pickles and was unable to pay the fine. Since the local judge was on vacation, he was brought to Judge Xavier and stood on trial. He was sentenced to community service and being told to dance for an orphanage in the Abbey. (July 24, 2009)

  • Episode 7: Uh Oh! - G and Dancing Penguin go to a genius convention, but G doesn't like one penguin there, Skipper. He thinks Skipper isn't all that smart. Skipper gets mad because his inventions don't ever blow up! Uh oh, looks like the feathers may fly! Can Dancing Penguin stop them before it's too late?!? (July 31, 2009)

  • Episode 8: Rock Stars, Part 1 - Dancing Penguin and G go to see a 'Fire and Ice' concert on CP City. Dancing Penguin was staring at the main singer, Rocket Slug, as she flipped her hair and sang the last note of E.V.I.L.B.O.Y.S. G cheered and clapped while Dancing Penguin stared off into space. He was daydreaming about Rocket flipping her hair in a field of flowers. DP fainted and G had to carry him off to the car after the concert was over. As they drove home, G stopped by Mcdoodle's to grab a glass of Cream Soda. He splashed it all over Dancing Penguin and he woke up and screamed. (August 7, 2009)

  • Episode 9: Rock Stars, Part 2 - Dancing Penguin wakes up in the car, screaming about how irresponsible G is with his money. G shrugged and left the car. Later, after he wakes up, he finds a note stuck to his glasses case. He puts on his glasses to see it, turns on the light and reads aloud, "Dear G, I have left to start my musical career in 'Fire And Ice'. I'm sure that kid who started it will let me in. With glee, DP.". Dancing Penguin goes back to CP City, but the concert is over and everyone is gone. However, the stage is still there, so he goes to the VIP Room and guess who's there? Rocket Slug! DP approaches her but gets nervous and asks her if he can join the band, and tells her everything that happened to him. Rocket Slug declines and recommends him to go back to G. As DP is walking away, it's clear that everything will go back to normal. (August 14, 2009)

  • Episode 10: Trust Nobody, Part 1 - It's October 30th and there's a Halloween party the next day where the people must go disguised as polar bears or walruses. Dancing Penguin is coming as Polar Bear but G's not coming because he's in the lab, working on an invention called the Polar Bear Trap 2009: its purpose is to capture the villain Herbert P. Bear. Suddenly, Dancing Penguin walks in wearing a polar bear costume. A siren goes off and the Polar Bear Trap 2009 springs into action. After being trapped, DP takes off the head of the costume and the machine stops. DP gives G the newspaper. It says The Leader is running for Governor of Club Penguin and that the only opposition was a polar bear called Peter Surlaw. DP said that he was voting for Peter. G, despite not trusting polar bears, votes Peter Surlaw Aswell. The next day, it's found out that Peter Surlaw won the elections. Peter visits the PSA HQ, and DP and G take the honour to see him. Suddenly, the Polar Bear Trap 2009 goes off and Peter is trapped. After G helped Peter get out, Peter reveals that he's Walrus1. Walrus1 tries to steal secret plans but he's captured by an EPF agent. Just as they all think it was all well, Walrus2 enters the HQ, nicks the plans and releases Walrus1, leaving the two agents confused. (August 21, 2009)

  • Episode 11: Trust Nobody, Part 2 - Walrus1 claims himself as Governor of Club Penguin and legally, there's nothing G and the other agents can do about it. So they go to the walrus' office to politely ask him to give them back the plans. Eventually, Walrus1 resigns because he was getting bad reviews. And so, G gets the plans back. A new governor then came to govern Club Penguin. (August 28, 2009)

  • Episode 12: G's Holiday, Part 1 - G decides to go on a holiday for 2 weeks. Dancing Penguin is now responsible for keeping G's Gadget Room safe. All was fine until Rookie entered the HQ one day with a strange message. Dancing Penguin declined Rookie's request to find the person who sent the letter. Rookie then tries to force Dancing Penguin to help him. Will Rookie go with or without Dancing Penguin's support? (September 4, 2009)

  • Episode 13: G's Holiday, Part 2 - Dancing Penguin keeps trying to say "no", but Rookie is too naive. Eventually, DP gives up and decides to join. Rookie tells him that Herbert has grown an extreme amount of corn by the Mine Shack. Dancing Penguin decides to go investigate. He then finds out Herbert has been making a popcorn bomb to blow up the HQ. Just as the bomb goes into the HQ, G comes back from his holiday. They exit out of the HQ and it explodes. Then G just merges with the EPF. (September 11, 2009)

  • Episode 14: The Fin of Death - DP runs into G at the Pizza Parlor where they notice a black penguin walking in about to rob the Pizza Parlor. They try to stop him but he destroys G's glasses. G has DP call the EPF since he can't see without his glasses. The EPF arrives and one agent recognizes the penguin. He says the Penguin's name is Deathfin and he is bent on destroying Club Penguin. G remembers him as the penguin who tried to shut down the Pizza Parlor years ago. Just then, Flywish walks in and slaps Deathfin. He then greets the blind G and DP and walks out. They then notice Deathfin escaped. G then gets new glasses from the lab. (September 18, 2009)

  • Episode 15: In Memory of Ford Car - Dancing Penguin and G conclude the season with a tribute to Ford Car since DP was Ford's brother. They show classic clips of Ford Car and Link and say their thoughts on Ford Car. (September 25, 2009)

  • Episode 16: G's Wedding? - Gary is talking on the phone to his mother and Dancing Penguin overhears him; hearing phrases such as "I will set up the venue soon" and "make sure she looks beautiful" - making DP think that Gary is getting married. Dancing Penguin starts preparations for Gary's "wedding". When Herbert and Klutzy find out, they plan to sabotage the wedding. As Gary finds out what happens, Herbert raids the wedding-decorated venue. Many guests stars are present at the "wedding". A food fight occurs, and at the end DP realizes that Gary was never going to get married. Herbert and Klutzy run away, and DP and Gary end up having to clean up. (October 2, 2009)

  • Episode 17: Love Bites, Part 1 - When Dancing Penguin is set up on a blind date, he meets a girl called Della. Little does he know that she is really a puffle who got turned into a penguin meanwhile her ex-boyfriend puffle bites him. (October 9, 2009)

  • Episode 18: Love Bites, Part 2 - Dancing Penguin tries to obtain Gary's metal arm back. His blind date turns back into a puffle and her ex boyfriend puffle was actully, Klutzy in disguise. A man with a broom washes everyone in water and Dancing Penguin finds himself in his bed. (October 16, 2009)

  • Episode 19: The Slip-Up - DP and Gary go to the Pizza Parlour. DP slips and files a lawsuit and the Pizza Parlour go to court. The Owner of the Pizza Parlour said to G that they had no idea about it and they scan every species that enters the parlour. G finds that a polar bear enterd the Parlour and left a peice from the SPY Phone Device. This mysterious polar bear put squid sauce mixed with keptchup and chocolate sauce inside a socket and had not noticed some of the mixed sauce came out of the SPY Phone before leaving the Parlor. G and DP find the Pizza Parlour are innocent and the sauce is mixed. They decide to find out who this mysterious polar bear is.(November 6, 2009)

  • Episode 20: Evil Li'l Boyz(November 13, 2009) - Two naughty penguins decide to ruin the Ski Village and makes DP slip up on the snow. G notices that they have SPY phones and are with Klutzy. They get suspicious.

  • Episode 21: Thanksgiving(November 20, 2009)

  • Episode 22: Haunted EPF(November 27, 2009)

  • Episode 23: (December 4, 2009)

  • Episode 24: (December 11, 2009)

  • Episode 25: (December 24, 2009) Note: this special episode aired on a Thursday, instead of normally on a Friday.

Season 2

Season 3

Opening/ending theme

Series posters

Over the duration of the show, promotional posters have been developed for each series. For each series a different poster is present. Each poster has it's similarities, such as the same images are present in each poster, the same style of logo and a border is present too; but for each season the colour of the poster, border and logo are changed to match with the specific colour of the season, e.g. the colour set by the production team for Season 1 is grey, so the poster for Season 1 is grey. So far the colours grey, blue, yellow and red have been used. Gary the Gadget Guy revealed in an interview that the team plan on using purple for a very special season that will be different to the rest. The poster for Season 4 has been released even though Season 4 has not started or aired yet. Dancing Penguin has suggested brown and green for the next series/poster colours.


Television movie

Season collections

Season 1 includes an extras disc with deleted scenes and a bonus episode of Ford Car and Link. It comes in a box at some stores. The items in the box include PSA sunglasses, DP and G action figures, and a coupon for a chance to meet the actual characters in person anytime.


Dancing Penguin and G has received mostly positive reviews. It received an 83% rating from Booyah Reviews Magazine, saying that with was almost as exciting as it was funny.


  • Dancing Penguin and G love this series. They watch it every Friday.
  • A video game to be made about the show was to be made by Everlaunch Penguinsoft Entertainment but as of now has been put on hold.

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