Daniel Beronews II

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Danielshroom Beronews II
Dan the Man! Again!
Title Dan II
Gender Male
Race Emperor Penguin chick.
Faction BOF, CNIC, Holyberden
Health Not bad
Level Over 9000... What? 9000?
Status PWNing Criminal's, Breaking the Fourth Wall!
Location Unknown
Occupation He has yet to decide between "censor" or "agent"
Interests Censorship, sailing, boats
Friends Innumerable
Enemies Innumerable
Archetype Good

Danielshroom Beronews II is the Son of Dan Beronews and Tammyshroom Jones. He is growing up in Mattress Village like his parents did.


He was born one sparkling morning in Mattress Village, where his parents and many future CNIC agents grew up. He is growing up as a legend, the kid of two VERY powerful families, the Jones' and the Beronews'. His dad was rich, a BOF worker, and the admiral of the CNIC. His mom, the famous Holyberden censor. He is learning both family businesses and must choose one down the line.


He is learning both family businesses, he is a Junior CNIC agent and a Junior BOF worker. He helps his Dad at both jobs, and his mother at Holyberden. He is very well liked and spends a lot of time at Puff Flags for obvious reasons. He is a young Fourth Wall breaker and is advancing the ranks fast. He is good friends with most everyone on the side of good and it is hard to get on his bad side, but beware, don't get on his bad side.


  • He is a class Four Fourth Wall breaker, no one his age has EVER made it to that level.
  • Once you get on his bad side, you might disappear, you have been warned.
  • Christopher Kwiksilver is in his class.

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