Daniel Highwater

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A happy Dan.
Title Daniel Highwater
Gender Male
Race Red Puffle
Health Excellent
Level 777
Status With Chub
Location Club Penguin
Birth date July 5 1998
Occupation Adventurer
Interests Adventure
Friends Duncan Mistrol, Chub 777, Buhc 777, Hochstadt Gang
Enemies Cutlass Brindley
Archetype Good

Daniel Highwater, Daniel or mostly just Dan, is a red Puffle. He is best friends with Duncan Mistrol, a green puffle who he has known for a while. The two were previously owned by the same penguin, until they ran away and got captured by Cutlass, an evil Puffish pirate. The two were soon liberated, set free and came under the ownership of the Adelie Brothers, with Dan becoming Chub's pet. The two now enjoy going out on adventures and having fun with each other.


Daniel Highwater was born on July 5 1998 in the forests of Rockhopper Island. As a red puffle, he naturally had a sense of adventure. At a young age, he would go with his friends and pretend to go on adventures. As he got older, though, his adventures became real and he would explore places all around the island. He also developed an enjoyment for surfing and became quite good at it.

In 2006, he was brought to Club Penguin by Rockhopper along with many other red puffles. He introduced red puffles to the island as many eagerly adopted them. Dan, however, had other things in mind. He had a whole new world to explore, and an opportunity like that could not be missed. One night, he escaped the Pet Shop and ran away into the wilderness. Dan explored Club Penguin thoroughly and had many adventures along the way. Soon however, he was rounded up and placed back in the Pet Shop.

Dan was adopted by a penguin in 2009. He was adopted along with Duncan, a green puffle. The penguin who had adopted them did not treat them very well. The two were often ignored and just left alone. It was as if they were invisible. Then, in 2011, the penguin traveled to Puffle'and with Dan and Duncan. Thinking that they would have a new and better life, they ran away from their owner, who ironically did not notice.

Unfortunately, they could not find a better life, as they were captured by Cutlass Brindley, a pirate. The two puffles were then forced to work for Cutlass, in his pack of mercenary-pirates, known as the West Puffle'and Company. Even though Daniel loves adventure and even sailing, he disapproves and dislikes this. During the Winter's Tide, Dan and Duncan were rescued from piracy by Chub 777 and Buhc 777, along with the Hochstadt Gang. Dan subsequently came under the ownership of Chub. The two of them have both enjoyed a good life, filled with adventure.


Against his will, Dan was forced to work with Cutlass as a pirate. However, during Winter's Tide, he came across the Adelie brothers and the Hochstadt Gang. After their brief encounter, the two groups set off to rescue him and to stop the pirate menace on the seas. In the end, the rescuers had rescued Dan and Duncan, but the pirates escaped.

Ever since Dan became Chub's pet, the two have been on many adventures together. The two both have adventurous personalities and the enjoy and have fun on these adventures. Compared to his life with the pirates, this was much better.


Like any other red Puffle, Daniel has an adventurous personality. He likes adrenalin packed adventures and going exploring. In fact, adventure runs through his veins. Daniel is also quite a daredevil, risking his life doing crazy and exciting things. As such, he likes to live life on the edge, in front of constant risks and danger lurking around the corner. However, Dan also cares about his friends and the greater good. He is brave and courageous and will do anything to make sure that things turn out well.



  • If a situation looks grim...run...straight into the enemy.


  • Daniel has very good free running skills.
  • He also has good surfing and swimming skills.
  • Despite an adventurous nature, he dislikes Cutlass and the fact that he is a pirate.

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