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Daniel "Dex" Wilson II.
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My brother is in debt, i came here to work for illegal mafias for my brother.
Title Dex, Don, Money
Gender Male
Race Emperor Penguin
Faction UPM
Health Endangered, due to constant working for the mafia to pay off his Bro's debts.
Level 30
Status Probably having a gunfight with a rival mob or seizing collateral
Location South Pole City, USA
Birth date October 17, 1980
Occupation Mobster
Interests None, But is a expert with guns.
Friends His brother, Jaquan, One of the mafia bosses, Hacky
Enemies Other mafias
Archetype Good/Bad

Daniel Wilson II, nicknamed "Dex", is a deeply indebted, impoverished penguin and army veteran that joined the UPM to pay off his brother's debt. He currently works for UPM loan sharks, deleting those who could not pay and pledged their body as collateral.


Dex hatched on October 17th, 1980.

His father was a drunkard and died in 1985, due to Cream Soda overdose. Dex, along with his mother and brother, made many trips as his mother tried to make ends' meet. Dex and his brother, Jaquan, lived in ghettos and dangerous municipalities for most of their lives, and became extremely skilled with weapons. He would practice with blanks against his brother, to defend himself, his property, and his family.

At the age of fourteen, his mother finally stopped roaming and bought a three-room apartment in a slum area of South Pole City. To help pay the rent, Dex joined the SPC branch of the Nachos, and was responsible for winning numerous battles without getting injured.

Eventually, he left on his own at the age of eighteen, and took up various dead end jobs and low-wage tasks to keep himself alive. He continued to send twenty five percent of his check back to his mother to keep her in her apartment, which she was slowly making down payments to own for herself.


Trouble returned to Daniel in 2001, when his brother, long departed, called up and urged him to bring money. A series of "incidents" and stupid schemes resulted in Jaquan drowning in debt towards the Underground PWN Mafia. The UPM's loan sharks were after him and his body was the collateral.

His brother pleaded for it, but Dex was as poor as Jaquan. Daniel decided to confront the Mafia with the problem, and after a gunfight and some negotiation, Dex was offered to join the UPM until he could pay off his brother's debts. Seeing no choice, he consented and was assigned to the loan sharking division of the gang


As the "collateral" division of UPM loan sharks, Daniel forcefully seizes the assets of those who can not pay the Mafia's loans with their 30% interest. That is to say, if the penguin laid their igloo as collateral, he'd melt it; if they laid their car as collateral, he'd steal it and use it for the Mafia; if they pledged their body, he'd delete them.

When not collecting collateral, Dex is exploring much of the city in his Coldillac Escoldade, which he stole from a debtor in the course of his "job".


  • Dex isn't really that evil. He fights the constant guilt that eats him away, but he aways reminds himself that he's trying to save his brother's life and keep his mother in her home. That keeps him waddling on.

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