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Dark image.png
Dark the Penguin
Title The Dark
Gender Male
Race Penguin
Health Unknown
Status Wanted
Location Unknown

Dark is a penguin with no features except for white eyes and a completely black body. He is thought to be the creator of the Ninja Emerald, being a Ninja or not. He is Currently wanted for trying to kiddnap 23 because of his Beta hat. Many think he is just a shadow, but, when they see his eyes, they think he's a Ghost.


His past is unknown, but, a journal of his was recently found but the information is scrambled (pages in the wrong order). When penguin scientists fix the journal, it will be told and sold as a book available in stores all over the island.


He is currently wanted for crimes against kiddnapping and stealing. He tried to kiddnap 23 to find out information about Betas. He didn't succeed. Then, he tried to steal 23's Beta hat. Again, he didn't succeed.


  • He is completeley black, except for his eyes which is white.
  • He is Wanted, and who ever captures him, will recieve 5,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 coins.
  • He might be related to Darktan...
  • Flystar battled him once, but didn't want to capture him due to his supreme anger of Dark messing up his country.

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