Dark, Dim and Dreary

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Dark, Dim and Dreary
Dark, Dim and Dreary cover.PNG
Studio album by Nebulent
Released August 15, 2005
Recorded 2003-2005
Genre Terrain grime, hip hop
Length 69:12
Label Music Industry
Producer Nebulent (exec.), Detention, Pilloww, Omar Grest, Ripe Pineapple, Nyninyne (also exec.) Squaren Daren
Nebulent chronology

Dark, Dim and Dreary
The Return of Nebulent
Singles from Dark, Dim and Dreary
  1. "Terrible Fate"
    Released: TBA
  2. "Legend (TBA)"
    Released: TBA
  3. "No Tomorrow"
    Released: TBA
  4. "Zero Tolerance"
    Released: TBA

Dark, Dim and Dreary is the second studio album by Terrain grime and hip hop rapper, Nebulent. It follows the success of his debut album Mighty Nebulent (2003) released two years before. It was released on August 15, 2005 by Music Industry. Nebulent produced the album along with Nyninyne, who also executive-produced the album, Omar Grest, Detention, Ripe Pineapple, Pilloww and Squaren Daren. The album is one of the most successful and acclaimed Terrain grime albums - spawning the legendary 8-minute track "Promising Grime (Vol. 1)". The album, often shortened to "DDD" or more notably "Triple D", has a full run-length of 69 minutes. Dark, Dim and Dreary was Nebulent's last album before he went on hiatus - later returning six years later with The Return of Nebulent (2011). Other popular and legendary grime tracks on the album include the title track, "Words" and "Let You Have It".

Four singles were released from the album from late 2004 to 2005, all of which attained chart success. Upon release, Dark, Dim and Dreary sold 802,858 copies in UnitedTerra in its first week and received positive reviews from critics whom praised Nebulent's fusion of grime and hip hop as well as his unique production and lyrics.


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Writing and recording[edit]

Track listing[edit]

No. TitleWriter(s)Producer(s) Length
1. "Dark, Dim and Dreary"  Marlon AndersonNebulent 3:54
2. "Promising Grime (Vol. 1)"  Marlon AndersonDetention 8:37
3. "Legend (TBA)"  Harrison Harolds, Marlon Anderson, Omar GrestRipe Pineapple 4:47
4. "Stand"  Marlon AndersonNebulent, Piloww 4:14
5. "Explosive"  Marlon AndersonNebulent, Detention 5:06
6. "Zero Tolerance"  Marlon AndersonSquaren Daren 4:31
7. "Words" (featuring Matchless)Marlon Anderson, Greg Wright, Darren SpikeRipe Pineapple 4:52
8. "I'll Be Back"  Marlon AndersonDetention, Nebulent 5:07
9. "Bury Me Alive"  Marlon AndersonRipe Pineapple 3:39
10. "No Tomorrow" (featuring Amie MB)Marlon Anderson, Amie McBryde, Darren SpikeSquaren Daren 5:22
11. "Blacked Out"  Marlon AndersonNebulent, Nyninyne 4:03
12. "Let You Have It"  Marlon AndersonNyninyne, Piloww 3:26
13. "Sky"  Marlon AndersonOmar Grest 2:48
14. "Terrible Fate" (featuring Rhona)Marlon Anderson, Darren Spike, Omar Grest, Harrison Harolds, Ryan SamuelsDetention 5:13
15. "The Story Unfolds"  Marlon AndersonNebulent, Detention 3:33
Total length:


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