Dark Age

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Empire of Jenson Jay Fouvier
Dark Age

April 29, 1550–May 30, 1550

Capital Not specified
Government wikipedia:autocratic, totalitarian, Authoritarian regime, stratocracy
Magnificus Princeps
 -  April 29, 1550 - May 30, 1550 Jenson Jay Fouvier
Historical era Medieval ages
 -  Assassination of Enduva and Rose Serbut April 29, 1550
 -  War for Power April 29, 1550 - May 30, 1550
 -  Mensis Carcerem May 1 - May 29
 -  Sherbian Massacre May 14 - May 28
 -  Assassination of Jenson Jay Fouvier May 30, 1550
 -  Establishment of principality May 31, 1550
Today part of Sherby Hooodwounds

The Empire of Jenson Jay Fouvier and his Followers, often shortened to Empire of Jenson Jay Fouvier or Empire of Fovuier, was the government that ruled Sherby Hoodwounds for a month starting end of April to end-May 1550. It was established after a coup d' etat by Jenson Jay Fouvier, an anti-monarchist, who assassinated Enduva and Rose Serbut of the Kingdom of Sherby Hoodwounds. His rule came to an end in May 30, 1550 after he was shot by Henri Serbut, son of Enduva and Rose. The authoritarian regime and rule by fear led many to call it the Dark Age. The Principality of Sherby Hoodwounds, which succeeded the Dark Age, reported it as the Thirty Days of Mourning.

During the Dark Age, the remaining members of the Royal Family were exiled to the Ambassador Islands. Supporters of the monarchy waged war against the Empire, which was known as the War for Power or Bellum nam regnum that lasted the span of the Dark Age. Inside the Empire, mass imprisonments were frequently carried out to those suspected of supporting the Monarchy. The Mensis Carcerem, as it came to be known, jailed more than 25,000 individuals. Racism was also a highlight, with 45% of those jailed of Rockhopper ethnicity. During the later half of the Dark Age, those convicted of more serious crimes were executed. These activities carried out by the government were terminated during the last days of the Empire, as Fouvier's army were on a losing streak to the Monarchists.

For those not imprisoned, life was still tough for the Empire. It was notorious for taxing and absorbing most of the farms in Sherby, leading to famines and the largest income disparity in Antarctic history. Many more died from starvation. Freedom of speech and action was strictly regulated - anything bad said of Fouvier, the government, the military and the activities carried out, or anything good said of the Kingdom, the Monarchs of the Monarchists, were prohibited. Those caught would be imprisoned as well.


Pre-Dark Age[edit]

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Prior to the assassination of Enduva and Rose Serbut, there was already much rebellion against the Monarchy after Ministers and Governors were ousted from their positions. There were repeated assassination attempts by various penguins, all of which failed miserably. Richer folk were also taxed heavily and led to even more widespread criticism towards the government. There were funds raised to eliminate Enduva, the then-reigning monarch, the largest raised currently the equivalent to more than three trillon pebbles.

Jenson Jay Fouvier was a self-proclaimed revolutionary who aimed to eliminate Enduva and Rose. He was an alleged former Governor in the rural provinces of Sherby that was convicted of embezzlement, as with many others. He moved to the capital and began protests and funding campaigns. He promised an "equal life for all penguins" and "taxes are paid equally, governors and ministers appointed". This was popular among the more powerful and rich penguins, and he managed to raise substantial capital and even a cult following.

He first attempted to assassinate Enduva when he was touring the farmlands of a nearby village. Two arrows were shot towards Enduva, both of which missed (one was said to have punctured his left foot, although his anatomical structure meant that it did not affect him at all). Fouvier was promptly arrested but was bailed out.

Thereafter, he proceeded to plot his revenge. He would make it the "grandest of all assassination attempts" and "rid the Kingdom for good".

===Assassination of Enduva and Rose Serbut==