Dark Island

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Dark Island
Rijaa Sokarii
Flag of
MottoAurum Potestas Est (Gold is Power)
AnthemFollow The Light (Composed by Natives)
Capital"The Flame" Metropolis, established after The Assault.
Largest city "The Hydra"
Official languages Sokarii
Recognised regional languages N/A
Species  Penguins
Demonym Sokaarian, Dark Islander
Government Absolute Monarchy[1]
 -  King The X-Kong
Monarchy by Force, under the leadership of The A-Kong.
 -  The Surge 2008 
 -  1100 estimate 1000 
 -  2009 census 10,000, after The Surge 
 -  Density Unknown, Relocation of residents constant./km2 
As above./sq mi
Currency N/A
Drives on the N/A
Calling code 3689
Footnotes [1] = The country is also Feudalist.

Dark Island (formerly known as Sokaar and Akongia) is a small hermit nation located in a far corner of Antarctica. Darkness lurks throughout the island, with dark ninjas (and reportedly some Sith) roaming around freely. The island, which is an absolute monarchy, is ruled over by The X-Kong, who is a powerful minion of Craáin Sensei. The island is absolutely secluded from the rest of the world, and is draped in mystery.


Dark Island's history is very cloudy. There are no historical records of any events prior to 2008, although multiple census reports date all the way back to the year 1100. Prior to the war in 2008, the island was known as Sokaar

Recorded history began when The A-Kong came across the island in the midst of the Ninja Civil War, which was fought between Craáin Sensei's Dark Ninjas, and the Elite Ninja Force. He besieged the island with the help of his Elite Ninjas, and established himself as ruler. He also re-founded the country as Akongia.

However, his X-Antibody, The X-Kong, who was a minion of Craáin Sensei and a Dark Ninja, deposed his counterpart from power and declared himself absolute ruler. Not long after, the PSA got word of the Dark Ninja forces establishing an unchallenged presence on the island, and sent their elite forces and soldiers of the USA's military to invade. However, they were easily repelled by The A-Kong and his forces, which had already dug themselves in. The PSA forces suffered a terrible loss. Since then, no other force has tried to invade Dark Island. Today, the island is still cloaked in darkness.





  • Dark Island has absolutely no diplomatic relations with any country in Antarctica.
  • Almost all countries in Antarctica are blissfully unaware of Dark Island's existence.

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