Dark Lorgas

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Dark Lorgas
Him With Urglar
Title Overlord of Phazon
Gender Male
Race Adelie
Faction Dark Lorgas' Army
Health Slowly degrading,due to Phazon
Level 42/OVAR 9000!
Status Random
Location Castle Phazon
Birth date May 2,????
Enemies Good Guys
Archetype Anti-Villain

Dark Lorgas is a penguin that was corrupted by excess negative energy. His life was never the same again.


Originally, Dark Lorgas was an average penguin by the name of Roolpool2. Roolpool worked for the BOF, in the Department of Computing. During his breaks from the job, he tended to his pet project: developing a ray gun that would allow him to visit different universes.

He used it once and never returned. Some say he died; some say the gun did not work and he ended up right back where he started. Others say the entire tale is a myth. The truth is, he lived and succeeded! In actuality, he was teleported to what Fourth Wall Breakers call the "Metroid universe".

While there, he came into contact with a horrid substance called "Phazon". He was corrupted due to it. When he returned, Roolpool changed his name to Dark Lorgas. The corruption took its toll. Lorgas' mind became tainted with evil. The Phazon made some kind of armor for him by the time he returned.

Later on, he came in contact with something called the Helmet of Existence. It painfully grafted itself to his head. It became the third voice in his head, beside Roolpool2 and the Phazon. Lorgas became its guardian.


Yep, even Dark Lorgas has modes.

  • Normal Mode= Name says it all.
  • Wacky Mode= See Phreaker Explorer.
  • Rock Star Mode= See Normal mode.
  • Titanium Penguin= This technically isn't a mode. He uses an advanced set of armor, powered by an onboard infinite uranium battery and by titanium synthesis.
  • Final Form= A gigantic beast of Phazon. It would take all of the armies of Antartica COMBINED to take him down at this point.
    • Lunariz= A Final Form, but with a bit more insanity.


  • "BOOM. BOOM. Headshot!"
  • "Shut up, Phazon."
  • "I really hate Mabel."
  • "Roolpool2 is no more! I am Dark Lorgas! MWHAHAHAAAAAA!!!"
  • "I like dragons."


  • The Phazon must be driving him insane. Does it talk to him, or is he just crazy?
  • He used to live in his mom's basement.
    • He was a Haxor then.
  • His main theme is "Darkness", which is also Dark Samus's theme. His secondary/battle theme is "Space Pirates". His defeat theme is "Still Alive", and his final form/Lunariz theme is "His World". His battle theme is the (censored) Zebrahead remix of "His World".
  • He is a parody of "Dark Samus". They are both evil and have phazon as a main part of thier body.
  • He loathes the existence of the "That's Death!" Code and often tries to break it.
  • He has an army that is made up of his "experiments", originally normal penguins that became mutated with phazon. Now they're just enslaved monsters, stripped of their identities and doomed to kill until they are killed.
    • The army's based on something called The Black Arms.
  • He has a split personality due to Roolpool2's mind conflicting with the phazon corrupton inside Dark Lorgas' mind.
  • He has a secret and HUGE crush on Rocket Slug.
  • Nobody knows how he came up with the name "Dark Lorgas". Maybe it's foreshadowing...?

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