Dark Void

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Dark Void

His penguin form
Born Dark Dimensional Void
January 1, 100 (100-01-01) (age 1920)
Dark Dimension
Residence Club Penguin Island
Gender Male
Nationality Death Town
Other names Darth Vader (by penguins), Death Vodka (by Herbert), Phantom Warrior of Dark Dimension
Ethnicity Phantom Penguin
Citizenship Dark Dimension
Occupation Covering the world in darkness
Years active January 100-present
Notable works Killing people
Home town Death Town, Dark Dimension
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Known for Making massacres, Ruler of Dark Dimension
Title Destroyer of Worlds
Opponent(s) Club Penguin Island and Hot Dog Red
Parents Advadas Void and Lightes Heaven
Relatives Advadas Void (father), Lightes Heaven (divorced mother), Light Heaven (former sister)

His theme (Hot Dog Red and the Tales of Dark)

His battle theme (Hot Dog Red and the Tales of Dark)

His Dark Golem form theme and battle theme (Hot Dog Red and the Tales of Dark)

Dark Void is a Phantom Penguin from the Dark Dimension.


He was born in Death Town in the Dark Dimension on January 1st 100, on the same day of the Dark Solar Solstice, a rare day where the sun of the Dark Dimension (Konton) and the Moon of it (Gekido) combine and make a light go to the Ancient Temple. The baby Dark (Phantom Penguins can't die from age but can age, the highest age level for a Phantom Penguin is an adult) ran to the Ancient Temple because he saw the light for the first time while his parents run after him. He ran into the Ancient Temple and the door closed before the parents could go in. Dark ran towards a dark aura in the distance, dodging every obstacle and booby trap. After that, he saw a Purple and Black golem, known as Dark Golem. "A child passed the security and traps? And a baby? For you're efforts young boy, I shall give you the ability of the wisdom of a 7-10 year old..." The golem said in a deep voice before casting a spell to make Dark have a much older mental age then his real age. Dark said his first word after this. "Of course I di- I CAN TALK?! I should be going!" replied Dark. "Before you go, my power is weak, the power in you is stronger then mine, if I go to the weakest power level, I and the Ancient Temple will explode, I must combine powers with you!" replied the golem before going into Dark's brain. "I shall use you're powers wisely, sir..." said Dark before running out. A few 1913 years later, the family was standing outside the royal kingdom arguing. "Fine, you do you're evil ways while I go back to Earth!" As Lightes and Light walked into a portal that then disappeared.

Other Forms[edit]

Dark Void has many forms, but only 2 are known, his penguin form and his Dark Golem form he obtained when he was born.

Dark Golem[edit]

The Dark Golem

He first gained it the same day he was born, after the original Dark Golem combined with him. It is the most powerful of his known forms, having the power to knock Hot Dog Red out of a baseball field. It first appeared in Hot Dog Red and the Tales of Dark. It's moves are: Perilous Punch (A weak but fast attack that makes continuous punches with a small bit of Villainous Energy sparking out of it), Villainous Energy Punch (A big and powerful punch that is performed from charging Villainous Energy and making a big punch), Fist Spin (Spins fists really fast to make a small tornado and uses fists to punch opponent), Chaos Ring (Whole body has Purple/Villainous Energy Around it, strengthens kicks and punches, rings on arms glow), Head Bash (Dashes towards enemies with it's head to make a slow yet powerful attack), Villainous Energy Kick (A big and powerful kick that is performed from charging Villainous Energy and making a big kick), Perilous Kick (A weak but fast attack that makes continuous kicks with a small bit of Villainous Energy sparking out of it), Kick Spin (Spins feet really fast to make a small tornado and uses feet to kick opponent).

Importance in Hot Dog Red (SquidKid3015)'s Stories[edit]

Hot Dog Red and the Tales of Dark[edit]

He served as the main antagonist for the story. As his first appearance in any Hot Dog Red story, Hot Dog Red doesn't know him so he listens to him. As Hot Dog Red lands on the Planet Heiwa (Peace in Japanese), he sees alot of people, a city, and a giant temple. Red goes into the temple out of curiosity. At the shrine of the temple, the other side is darkness, but a great figure emerges out of the shadows named Dark Void. Dark Void says that he needs the Galaxy Rings (A parody of the World Rings from Sonic and the Secret Rings) or this planet will explode, Hot Dog Red falls for the trick and goes. At the almost end of the story, Hot Dog Red reaches the end of the Lava Palace with all 7 Galaxy Rings, and Dark Void tells him that he wanted him to give them under false pretenses and puts them into a cage. After that, they fight on the bridge of Lava Palace (a palace of Lava in the Dark Dimension built by Dark Void) for they're first battle. Hot Dog Red wins but Dark Void gets up and takes the 7 Galaxy Rings and glows. After that, Dark Void turns into a huge demon with a black aura around him. But then Hot Dog Red absorbs energy from them all and becomes Unperfect Red (A parody of Darkspine Sonic from the same game). The Lava Palace crumbles and they fall into a worm hole with lava in it. After defeating the huge demon and it falling into the lava, Unperfect Red says the line "See you again in the void, Dark Void!" and the area is "completed". But after that, the area continues as Dark's Galaxy "(Lava Palace Part 2)" when Dark Void flies out of the lava and says "I still have them... THE ULTIMATE POWER!". He uses the rings to create his own galaxy in the Dark Dimension filled with lava. He then absorbs the negative energy of the rings while transforming into Dark Golem and becomes Ultimate Dark Golem. Ultimate Dark Golem and Unperfect Red fight at the end of Dark's Galaxy while flying. After defeated, Ultimate Dark Golem says the words "I'll be back!!!" while he burns from the lava. Hot Dog Red takes the Galaxy Rings and brings them back to the Haiwain City, the king of the city walks towards Red and says "Why do you have the Galaxy Rings, those are from the Temple!". Red replies with "I defeated him, they were from the temple?". The king replies with "Defeated who?". Red answers with "Dark Void.". The king replies with "YOU DEFEATED THE EVIL DEMON FROM THE DARK DIMENSION THAT'S BEEN TERRORIZING US FOR YEARS!?". Red replies with "Yes. I shall return them". Red walks to the temple as a crowd cheers him, he then puts them back and the story ends.