Darktan's Army

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Darktan's Army
Darktan's Army logo.svg
Their logo
Name Darktan's Army
Type Evil army
Location Darktonian Realm
Head Darktan
Job Causing chaos and misfortune and stealing
Members Lots of members
Headquarters The Darktonian Realm

Darktan's Army (Sometimes shortened to DTA) is a group of people that work for the evil Darktan.



Darktan II/Maledict

The Conclave of Doom[edit]

Elite Minions[edit]

Greater Minions[edit]

The Beastsector[edit]


Lesser Minions[edit]


Former Members[edit]



If you wish to join the DTA, go to Ulaansnowtar. When you get there go to a building that says Dark Room for Chicks. DRC stands for Darktonian Recruiting Center. Once you enter, you hear a maniacal laugh and Darktan himself comes. You must then sign a contract that you will be ever loyal to Darktan and the DTA. He does the laugh and takes you to Training.

High Knights of Darkness[edit]

High Knights of Darkness, also known as High Knights and the Fallen by High Penguins, are the DTA's officers. They are all the High Penguins who have all sided with Darktan. High Knights are referred to as the Fallen by neutral or light High Penguins, as they are claimed 'to have fallen to the dark side'. Darktan has trusted them to lead the other Knights into battle, due to thee Doom and Abyss' apparent 'lack of independence'.

High Knights seem to be a cross between an Abyss and Doom Knight, since they know both magic and excel in sword fighting. This is understandable as High Penguins have magical abilities and many often train at birth in the art of combat. However they seem to have more control over their abilities and seem to be stronger at both than the normal Remnant soldier, as they have been fed Doom Weed.