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David Franklin

In office
Preceded by Chill57181
Succeeded by None

In office
Preceded by Chill57181
Succeeded by Darth Princessius

Governor of Eastern Shops
In office
September 10th, 2021 – 2025
Preceded by Bro
Succeeded by Position abolished

Governor of Moon Island
Assumed office 
February 18th, 2015
Preceded by Dps04
Succeeded by Position abolished

Born ColonialAntarcticaFlag.png September 4, 1993 (1993-09-04) (age 26), Colonial Antarctica
Died 2026
Shops City
Citizenship ShopsIslandFlag2013.png Shopper
Nationality ShopsIslandFlag2013.png Shopper
Ethnicity Emperor Penguin
Residence Governor's Mansion, Dancing Penguin City
Occupation Governor of Moon Island

David Jamask-Franklin (1993 - 2026), colloquially referred to as Djf, is force-sensitive Jedi, later turned Sith, who used to be governor of Moon Island. Trained as a Jedi by Penquino in 2012 and 2013, he used his powers for good, but also used them to overcome his sensitivity about his irregularity.

Djf was weighed down by a crippling spine deficiency, and mental issues which were accumulated from birth. Though he was a good-willed penguin, his envy of his counterparts due to his disabilities, and his lust for power, made him a penguin vulnerable to the dark side, which would be exploited eventually.

In 2025, he was brainwashed by Brook and donned the Sith name Darth Pengus as his title. Djf's turn to the dark side inadvertently caused his skin to become crusty, his beak to become pale, and his eyes to turn dark, as most Sith's eyes would. Though he was turned by Brook, Djf considered himself as the master, and Brook as his apprentice, mainly due to the fact that Djf had training in both Jedi and Sith fields. He was also regarded as more of a Sith than Brook by the latter's master, Darth Swissius, after an incident on the Frosian Islands.

As a Serth, Djf played pivotal antagonistic roles in the run-up and in key events of the Shops Civil War, commanding the corrupted and totalitarian-turned Shops Island under an iron flipper. Unlike Brook, Djf never ever used Darth Pengus as his official title, always opting for Djf instead.


Early Years[edit]

Djf was born on September 4, 1993 in a Puffish colony. Not much else is known about his early life.

Moving to Shops Island[edit]

In 2011, Djf heard about the young blooming country of Shops Island. He decided to move there because of the opportunity to open a successful business (he couldn't really find a job, no less start his own business in the USA because of his condition). He opened a business named Chain Mall in May 2012, but it was very unpopular among local citizens, and was even criticized by Western Shops govern Bro, which started some hateful feelings between the two.

New Beginnings[edit]

In June 2012, Djf moved from Western Shops to Moon Island City, Moon Island. The citizens on Moon Island had much more sympathy than the mainlanders, and Djf soon was given the title Mayor of Moon Island City (sworn in on July 2nd, 2012).

Even though he disliked most Shops mainlanders, he did travel back every once in a while to see some of the people who supported him and Chain Mall, specifically Brook Edward LasVegas (before he was sent to Pen Chi Island) and Penquino. In 2013, Penquino (now a secret Jedi Knight) took Djf as his apprentice because he could sense goodness in Djf as well as force sensitivity. Every other month from early 2013 until the end of 2014 Djf would make a trip to the secret Jedi Temple (that was being built) and train with Penquino for a few days, even building his own blue Keysaber in 2014. He was still a padawan at the end of 2014, but that was because of several events, which include not being able to train enough due to his political career.

Political Career[edit]

Governor of Moon Island (2015 - 2025)[edit]

On February 17th, 2015, Dps04 resigned as the governor of Moon Island. Due to order of succession (because Dps the Fifth wasn't an adult yet), Djf was to became Moon Island's governor. He was sworn in by Lavender on February 18th. Now that he was a governor, his political career became much more occupied, and he was forced with a hard decision; have a political career or become a fully-trained Jedi. He chose to cut off his regular training to continue his political career, only traveling to the Jedi Temple and training when he was on political trips in the area.

Governor of Eastern Shops (2021 - 2025)[edit]

Vice-President of Shops Island (2025)[edit]

President of Shops Island and Supreme Leader of the Shopper Empire (2025 - 2026)[edit]

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As a Jedi[edit]

As a Sith[edit]

Djf's official portrait as supreme leader of the Shopper Empire in 2026. He is being stood up by outriggers, to give the impression that his body is functional.
I am not like my apprentice; I do not kill for fun, only when I must.
— Djf, on his habit of killing those who differ from his ideals and visions.



In the beginning, Djf was very involved in his Jedi training on Shops Island, and all of the jedi were willing to help him work around his physical problems (teaching him combat moves that he could use from his wheelchair, focusing on his force sensitivity). For two years he trained under Penquino off-and-on (as the Jedi couldn't do much in 2013 for fear of revealing themselves), even as the mayor of Moon Island City.

However, on February 18th, 2015, he became the governor of Moon Island. It was a turning point in his career, and he had to make a choice. He was still a padawan with the Jedi, so he decided to take the job of governor rather than fulfill his training. He would now only visit the Jedi Temple to train on rare occurrences, whenever politics brought him to Southern Shops.

In December 2025, Djf (now Shops Island Vice President) took a trip to the smaller Jedi training facility in Eastern Shops, and got into a holo-call with all of the Jedi Council members. He figured that he could easily become a master and even a member of the council now that he was the vice president of Shops Island! Unfortunately, after the council rejected him the first place he went was to the home of his former friend Brook Edward LasVegas. It would be here that Djf severed his ties to the Jedi once and for all.


Shortly after being rejected to become a Jedi master and member of the Jedi Council, Djf went to the home of Brook Edward LasVegas as the latter requested. Due to the amount of hatred he had towards the Jedi (for his rejection), it was easy enough for LasVegas to convince Djf to join the dark side of the force. He donned the title Darth Pengus, and together the two planned to overthrow Shops Island.

After taking over the island for themselves, Djf and his master finalized the nation's transition from war machine to Sith Empire. After the USSI was created and waged war with the sith, Djf and his master focused all of their attention on crushing the rebel forces.

By the end of this war, Djf was a very devoted sith. In Darth Swissius' eyes, he was now a more worthy sith than Brook (now solely Darth Princessius), due to an earlier incident on the Frosian Islands. Also due to the latter's screw-up, Djf now saw himself as more of a sith than Princessius, and claimed the title of "master" for himself over Princessius although he was obviously not a Sith Master such as Darth Swissius. His devotion to the Sith, and equal hatred for the Jedi, the USSI and Penquino, who was involved in both parties, drove him to a new level of anger and hatred, as well as a new level of insanity. This lust and insanity would eventually lead him to his downfall at the hands of the penguin he hated the most.

Shopper Politics[edit]

Djf became involved in Shopper politics in July 2012, when he became the Mayor of Moon Island City. After years of holding this title, he became the governor of Moon Island due to succession after Dps04 resigned in 2015. As governor he did great things for Moon Island, and was loved in the hearts of the people. From 2019 on, Penstubal attempted to befriend him and make Moon Island a "pro-scrub state" due to Djf having been called a scrub by some. However, Djf didn't like Penstubal very much due to the false vitriol he wrote and spread through the Penstubal Post about friends of his, such as Penquino. He further distanced himself from Penstubal and rarely spoke to him once he realized that it was pointless trying to explain things to Penstubal if they didn't align with his opinion. Despite being fully aware of that, Penstubal continued writing articles praising Djf's strength and style of leadership (he never specifically said he admired his policies or what he was doing), something that would change over the course of the Shops Civil War.

In 2021, he ran and won in the elections to become Eastern Shops governor. Many governors in the past had governed over different states (Bro, Brook Edward LasVegas, etc.), and a few had even been governor of more than one state at the same time (Snowstormer) such as Djf was now, so this was no new trend. However, it brought much joy to Djf, only because it means he beat his rival, Bro Jean, out of the office.

Sometime in August/September 2025, Djf tampered with the voting system and became Chill57181's Vice President. This would send Shops Island on a downward spiral into it's own destruction. Shortly after Djf's fall to the dark side, he and his master Brook Edward LasVegas took over Shops Island and turned it into an unofficial sith empire, due to it being lead by two sith.

In general, Djf was loved on Moon Island up until late 2025, when they realized his lust for power and strength, but by then it was far too late. Before he took over Shops Island, he was still generally disliked by some people, while he was non-existent to others.