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Penquino, to Brook during the Shops Civil War
Brook Edward LasVegas
Nicknames Brook
Gender Male
Race Penguin
Health 80% (Nookularix Virus)
Level -9001
Status Plotting against Lavender and Chill57181
Location Pen Chi Island
Occupation Prisoner
Employer The Snoss
Salary Unknown
Height Unknown
Eye color Black
Feather color Pink
Hair color Brown
Nationality Caladian
Country of residence Shops Island
Primary residence Brookelas' House, Shops Island
Catchphrase *grows*
Strengths Very Manipulative, Won't back down from an argument.
Weaknesses Sensitive, Does things without thinking-it-through.
Abilities Can whine his way into anything he wants.
Fears Criticism
Criminal record High Treason
Jail time accumulated June 2013 - 2021
(Meant to be a life sentence)
Times arrested June, 2013
Friends Chill57181, Snowstormer, Dps04
Enemies Penquino, Bro, All current government officials on Shops Island (Except Snowstormer).
Political beliefs "Democratic" Dictatorship
Archetype Evil

This page is about the penguin who stole Brookelas' identity in 2011. To see the real Brook, look here.

Brook Edward LasVegas (More commonly known as Brook) is a prisoner, slave laborer, and former politician who once served as governor of Eastern and Western Shops, and is also the former mayor of Brookelas Town, Shops Island. During his life, he swore allegiance to himself, and later in life, swore allegiance to Shops Island when it was swept under a totalitarian dictatorship.

He has a strange obsession with dressing up in clothes of the opposite gender. He is often personified as a "wimp", for his inability to take criticism. He also tried to run for president once, but it didn't really work out. This caused him to be sentenced to jail in Pen Chi Island for life, yet he would eventually get out.

In the future, Brook would turn to the dark side of the force and don the name Darth Princessius. He would become an extremely powerful Serth lord, though his power would be greatly hindered by his disabilities which he would later obtain.

Brook had the power and potential to become the most powerful Serth in Antarctic history, which Darth Swissius discovered in 2021. Brook's power rose quickly during the early stages of the Shops Civil War, through his hatred of the Jerdi. However, in a fateful duel with his real self in the Frosian Islands, he suffered life-threatening injuries, and his body was burned and scarred beyond repair. With his burned and destroyed self, his force capabilities heavily suffered, and he no longer had the potential to become the most powerful Serth ever, much to the delight of Swissius.

Out of this mess was born the half-mechanical new Brook, who dropped the identity "Brook Edward LasVegas", and took his Serth title, Darth Princessius, as his legitimate name. His new design became a frightening figure to many of his opponents, though his force capabilities were greatly hindered after his fateful duel.

He went down in history as one of the most frightening figures of the time, and a symbol of pure evil; being a wretched, twisted man until he breathed his last breath and died.


Brook, the imposter was born sometime around 1980. He was born to a bad family, in contrast to the real Brook. He stole the real Brook's identity at the Vancooler airport in 2011, and took the name of Brook Edward LasVegas for himself. He moved to Shops, and established a position in government for himself.

Involvement with politics[edit]

Brook Edward LasVegas

1st Governor of Eastern Shops
In office
June 11, 2011 – March 6, 2012
President Ben 100022 (until September 11, 2011)
Vice President Chill57181 (until September 11, 2011)
Penquino (September 19, 2011-March 6, 2012)
Preceded by None
Succeeded by Snowstormer

In office
March 7, 2012 – April 17, 2012
President Chill57181
Preceded by Penquino
Succeeded by Mario Arkay

3rd Governor of Western Shops
In office
October 28, 2012 – June 10, 2013
President Bro (until November 30, 2012)
Mario Arkay (December 1, 2012-February 1, 2013)
Lavender Robertson
Vice President Mario Arkay (until November 30, 2012)
Chill57181 (from February 2-June 2013)
Preceded by Welcome00
Succeeded by Bro

Brook has a vast, yet routinely unsuccessful political career. He's been governor of both Eastern and Western Shops, and has been vice-president alongside Chill in the past. He has also make two failed campaigns at the presidency, one where he was ousted by Bro, and the other where his ballot was couped by the Shopper Government. Ever since then, he was accepted by the Snoss sent to Pen Chi Island where he currently lives as a prisoner.

Jail Time[edit]

Brook's time in jail severely rattled him, and attributed to his turning to the dark side. As a prisoner, his signature princess costume was taken and thrown away. He soon donned black robes and a black mask similar to that of a Ninja. He spent his time withering away, and plotting revenge for if he were ever to get out of the wretched jail and off of Pen Chi Island.


In 2021, Brook would be released from jail, and be trained in the ways of the Serth by the Serth lord Darth Swissius. He was trained, and became a fully-fledged Serth by the name of Darth Princessius. He soon returned to Shops Island (now reunited with his beloved princess outfit) and met up with his old friend, David Franklin, who was a Jerdi. There, Brook turned Djf to the dark side, and they both "couped" Chill, who was then the president, out of office. Djf then installed himself as president, and Brook became vice-president, and commander of the Shopper army (and SIA after LMGT faked his death and joined the rebels). Brook grew powerful, and eventually had many altercations with his long-time enemy Penquino, and his newly-formed enemy, the real Brook.

Shops Civil War[edit]

Turning Djf[edit]

After secretly being released from prison under special permission from Swissus in 2021, and returning from Shops Island, Brook met up with his old friend, Djf, who was now vice-president, at his igloo in Eastern Shops. He was told to come to Brook's igloo alone, and Djf came with only his Keysaber and robes. Brook eventually went outside, armed with his red Keysaber. Djf was shocked that Brook was a Serth, and was prepared to fight. Brook easily turned Djf, by simply telling him that the dark side "had cookies". Djf soon turned to the dark side, and Brook finally had a device to help his plot for world domination.

Shopper Overthrow[edit]

Brook and Djf soon marched on Shops City, and made their way to Chill's office. They, both of them cloaked in their robes, pulled out their keysabers. They threatened Chill with the ultimatum of forfeiting the Shopper throne, or facing death. Chill surrendered, before running out of the room. Djf immediately claimed himself as president, much to Brook's dismay. Brook was given the position of vice-president, just like he had been for a short time in 2012.

Their joint reign, however, did not go unprotested. Many citizens rallied, and the one leading the protest was Bro. Djf ordered Bro's execution, which convinced Chill, Penquino, and others, that Shops was now a totalitarian dictatorship. Brook still wanted power, though. He was extremely angry when states began seceding, and declared themselves the United States of Shops Island. With this, Brook and Djf started their hunt on the rebels.

Capturing the Rebels[edit]

Soon after the outbreak of civil war between Shops and the rebels, a rebel squad including Chill, Penquino, LMGT and the Good Brook made their way through secret underground tunnels, hoping to infiltrate Shops City. With the help of a spy, Brook and Djf caught the rebel gang as they emerged from the tunnels. They were taken into custody, and Brook murdered the troops. Djf left him to take care of the others, and Brook was about to murder them, too, before Penquino threw him to the other side of the room, using the force. Brook crashed into an LCD monitor, and laid there unconsciously. The surviving rebels soon escaped, and successfully destroyed the Shopper government building in the process. They escaped on a train, but Djf pursued them relentlessly.

Duel in the Chilly Peaks[edit]

After the intense fight between Penquino and Djf in the Chilly Peaks on board a train, Brook went out to find the wreck and recover Djf, hopefully killing his foes in the process, too. Brook and an elite squadron of SIA Drones made their way through the mountains via a tunnel, where he encountered Penquino and his friends again. Penquino destroyed the drones with ease, but refused to fight Brook. He soon started taunting Penquino with insults about how his nephew would be better than him in a fight. Penquino raged, pulled out his keysaber, and started throwing violent blows at Brook. He taunted Penquino more, before he chopped Brook's flipper off, which held his keysaber. Penquino picked Brook up, and threw him over a cliff in a desperate attempt to kill him. Brook plunged into the abyss, and out of sight. The rebels considered their job done, and thought both Djf and Brook were now dead for good.

Malesia Campaign[edit]

After being recovered along with Djf, Brook was given treatment and was put in charge of Shopper military forces while Djf laid in a coma for a period of time. His first action was to secure Malesia, which would be a major advantage to Shops in the war. Brook's commanding, and Shops' overwhelming force easily pushed through the territory. It wasn't until they reached the capital, where they reached a small rebel force, but Brook's forces took care of them easily. The rebels were without a leader, after Penquino and his friends got lost on the ocean and got trapped in Zhou. This was Brook's first decisive victory in the war.

Brook yelling at his troops, while running towards the capital of the Frosian Islands, with his keysaber ignited.
Attack on the Frosian Islands[edit]

Brook's forces had gained momentum and morale from their victory in the Malesian theater, and were ready to go and secure their more important territories outwards. Brook led a task-force of SIA Drones and elite SIA soldiers to the Frosian Islands. After a platoon of rebels emerged from the sea, Brook told his SIA squadron to engage the rebels, as he ran out of sight, heading towards the capital with his keysaber ignited. While slicing his way through a thick forest that was separating the docks from the metropolitan and industrial areas, Brook encountered a Poffle who stole his keysaber before the creature was force-choked.

After getting through the forest, it took little time before he encountered Jedi Master Fisch Hochstadt, who had been contacted by the rebels for emergency help. Fisch battled Brook, almost losing out to him. Fisch, however, was able to slice Brook's keysaber in two pieces at the last moment. Brook was detained by the rebel soldiers and sent to a prison, which he eventually broke out of in an extreme fit of rage, and revenge. He retrieved his broken keysaber and reconstructed it using the force, then escaped the prison, destroying anything in his way, and had an encounter with the good Brook. They dueled fiercely, pushing themselves up a volcano.

With Brook's flippers severed, he was defenseless from the fiery lava behind him.

Brook delivered a heavy blow, which caused his opponent to fall into the volcano. The Good Brook landed on a rock section sticking out of the lava, and he quickly regained his bearings. He got up right away. The Evil Brook jumped down into the volcano, in an attempt to finish his adversary off. However, his opponent ended up cutting off his flippers, causing him to roll down onto the ground. Brook quickly became encrusted as the heat of the ground started searing him. A spark from the lava then caught onto his dress, and caught fire. Brook ended up becoming engulfed in flames, and he was burned inside and out. Thought to be defeated, the real Brook left his enemy for dead in the volcano, and leaped to safety where he met up with his teacher, Penquino.

Reborn as Darth Princessius[edit]
Darth Princessius' outfit was a frightening sight to behold.
— Brook's last words before burning up.

Brook was rescued the next day by Djf, who sneaked behind unsuspecting enemy lines to rescue his friend. Brook was immediately transported to Shops City, where he was to receive major life-saving surgery. After arriving in Shops City, surgery started immediately, and was performed by medical droids. The operation was relatively short, with the operation only taking a matter of hours. To cut down on time, the bots injected coolant into Brook's skin, instead of in-casing it, which saved lots of time and money. His organs and nerves had to be replaced and automated, as his biological organs and nerve systems were damaged beyond repair in the burning. Brook's feet were so badly damaged that they also had to be replaced by robotic feet. With the help of breathing tubes, a new oxygen filter and respirator was fitted inside Brook's new princess hat, which matched his new dark green outfit.

Darth Swissius had come to overlook the surgery, to make sure Djf, nor the bots, made any foolish mistakes. When the operation was complete, Brook's surgical table was titled upright, where Djf asked how he felt. Sparing the formalities, Swissius immediately pointed out that Brook was to receive a standard red lightsaber instead of a keysaber, and the Serth lord believed that Brook could no longer be trusted with a fancy keysaber. Swissius also told Brook that he could no longer be known as "Brook", only his Sith title of Darth Princessius (and it would remain like that for the rest of his life). Princessius, in a fit of rage, used the force to throw Djf and lord Swissius across the room, as he grabbed his lightsaber, and stormed out of the surgery room in a fury.

Northern Shops Offensive[edit]

Princessius' first order after being transformed was to lead an offensive on Northern Shops, a strategic colony. Princessius was quick to engage a Castillan naval fleet, guarding Northern Shops as part of a favor for the rebels. The Shoppers were hurt badly during the skirmish, and Princessius sent his fleets towards the mainland in a desperate attempt to flee the Castillans. After Princessius' fleet had gotten to the mainland, they started making headway to Hilnit, the capital of Northern Shops - the USSI's forces were in hot pursuit. However, before arriving in Hilnit, Princessius met up with Goldette, an undercover Sith who had been spying on the USSI. She also brought Chris Chesterfield there with her, and killed him. Rebel forces soon came to the spot and engaged in a battle with the Shopper army. Brookelas was also there, so he and Princessius got into a very heated fight. They went through the forest and onto the road, only for Princessius to be stopped by Penquino at the last moment. Before Princessius could do any serious damage to anyone, he was surrounded by USSI forces. But instead of surrendering, he decided to make a run for it, and was never caught.

The Brook Theory[edit]

Penquino currently has a theory. It has not been proven, but the theory is that Brook has wanted to take over Shops Island and make it a dictatorship since he has arrived there. Penquino thinks that he has tried to accomplish this many times by befriending people such as Chill57181, Bro, and Snowstormer to try and get to the top. The closest he has come to taking over Shops Island was when he became Vice President to Chill in March 2012.


Brook is a cynical and cunning mastermind. He is very manipulative, and can effectively brainwash anyone into believing someone (especially Bro) to get his way. The only penguin shown to be immune to these effects is Penquino.

Brook is also known for throwing temper tantrums when not getting his way, or when he is "offended". Speaking of which, Brook is a very sensitive penguin. He easily gets offended by any criticism and will whine in hopes that the "offender" will be punished. It often works.

Due to his vulnerability to criticism, and his habit of being easily offended, this often paints the picture of him being weak-willed. However, he actually has quite the mind of his own, and is known for being extremely stubborn with his opinions. This has been painted as both a strength and a weakness in him.

Political Beliefs[edit]

Brook is the supporter of a "democratic" dictatorship-type of government, much like North Joseon. He also believes in the art of a reverse dictatorship: A system of government where 100% of all decisions are handled by a national poll/vote. He also strongly despises military operations, and has been known to embezzle money from the military's funds for his own projects and benefits.

During his original Shops political career, Brook never swore allegiance to Shops nor the people. He manipulated his peers to get what he wanted, and treated his power as a grab for fame and money.

When he returned to Shops years later as a Sith, he grabbed his own pinnacle of power with ease, then for the first time, legitimately swore his allegiance to Shops now that it was under the iron grip of a totalitarian dictatorship.


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