Data World Ultra

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Data World Ultra
Inspiration(s) USA creatures
Developer Underground PWN Mafia
Publisher Snowtendo
Release dates
Release in the USA
May 20, 2009 (Eastshield), May 22, 2009 (Pengolia), June 2, 2009 (Trans-Antarctica)
Release in Dorkugal
Exclusive to USA
Additional info
Genre Adventure
Platform Snowtendo DS
Rating E

Data World Ultra is a video game by Underground PWN Mafia on the Snowtendo DS, released in 2009.

The storyline focuses on a human brought to Antarctica on Club Penguin Island by Billybob to save the island. Penguins and other creatures have been losing their memories and becoming feral and the city has fallen into disarray. The goal of the player, who is represented by a young boy whose name is given as "Hero" (this is a common naming convention for RPG protagonists), is to save the island by helping creatures recover their memory and return to the city.

The gameplay revolves around raising a Blue baby or a Pink baby (Blue for male creatures, pink for female) evolving into a stronger creature. A creature partner will die with age, and return to an egg eventually, so the player has to raise it again.

To raise a creature partner, the player must train it, feed it, let it rest and take it to a bathroom. A pink baby or blue baby will take 5 days of care before it evolves.

The other main part of gameplay is battle. The player's partner creature fight the creatures that have become aggressive due to a crisis on Club Penguin Island. Partner creatures begin the game with a few basic skills, but acquire more as they progress in levels through the game.


The game revolves around a young human, the protagonist, who is drawn into the USA through a portal. Billybob greets and asks him a few questions, the answers to which determine whether he begins with an Pink Baby or a Blue Baby. His goal is to travel around Club Penguin Island, locating all of the resident creatures of Club Penguin City who have turned feral and bring them back, raising creature partners in the process. He must eventually confront the antagonist, Sanity Penguin, a hacker whom has built a gigantic robotic dog (as seen in the box art) and save the USA from destruction.

Featured Creatures[edit]

Obtainable creatures can evolve to better and stronger creatures depending on certain conditions. A wild creature from each species can be recruited to Club Penguin City, excluding all baby creatures (already present).

Baby Creature Element Finishing Move
Blue Baby Bugzy Battle/Earth Giga Scissor Claw (Bugzy lunges forward at his opponent)
Pink Baby Luce Battle/Air Luminosity (Luce shoots a beam of light)
Blue Baby Robo-Gary Mech Giga Blaster (Robo-Gary's chest opens up, and shoots two missiles)
Pink Baby Eve Lendfell Air Coffee Pour (Eve Lendfell drowns her foe in coffee)
Blue Baby Putrid Moldy Penguin Filth Party Time (Putrid Moldy Penguin summons a gigantic poop, and throws it at his enemy)
Blue Baby Explorer Water Shovel Whack (Explorer pulls out a shovel, and whacks his enemy)
Blue Baby Fred Fire Raining Books (Fred causes a rain of books, damaging all in the area)
Blue Baby Speeddasher Water Typhoon (Speeddasher creates a small vortex, damaging all in the area)
Blue Baby Tails6000 Battle Fast Attack Dive (Tails quickly runs to his opponent, hitting them hard)
Pink Baby Mabel Battle/Earth Boring Speech (Mabel drones on about a topic, dealing damage)
Pink Baby Lobelia Sackville Filth Complaining (Lobelia insults an enemy, dealing damage)
Blue Baby Dancing Penguin Battle/Earth Breakdance (Dancing Penguin breakdances on the enemy, dealing damage)
Pink/Blue Baby Mwa Mwa Penguin Filth Rattler (Mwa Mwa Penguin throws a rattler)
Blue Baby Link Fire Nova Blast (Link shoots out a gigantic fireball, damaging all in its path)
Blue Baby Kwiksilver Water Time Disrupt (Kwiksilver freezes time, allowing him to use techniques)
Blue Baby Mayor McFlapp Air Squawk (Mayor McFlapp does an ear-piercing quack, dealing damage to all enemies in the area)
Blue Baby ClockWerk Mech Talon Slice (Clockwerk attacks an enemy with his talons, dealing damage)
Blue Baby Triskelle Water Tidal Wave (Triskelle summons a Tidal wave, dealing damage to all enemies in the area)
Blue Baby ZapWire Mech Data Crusher (ZapWire temporarily converts the terrain to binary, dealing damage to all enemies in the area)
Blue Baby Ninjinian Air N-Stryk (Ninjinian bends invisible lightning, and shoots the lightning out to all enemies from nowhere)
Blue Baby Sonicspine31 Battle Speedy Tornado (Sonicspine spins around very quickly, which turns him into a tornado that can suck in his enemies inside)
Blue Baby Fake Tails6000 Battle Spinning Spray (Fake Tails grabs an bottle of hot sauce and sprays it at his opponent while he spins)
Pink Baby Maddieworld Earth/Water Super Sing (Maddie sings at such a loud volume the foe's head hurts, resulting in a KO.)
Blue Baby Star Kirby12 Battle Ultra Mode
Blue Baby Richperson Mech Data Catch(gets opponent data and weakens them.)
Pink Baby Coraline Water Bash-o-Missiles - and poison buttons too! (Missiles fly out from her skirt. Purple poison buttons are mixed in the attack.

Add more!


Techniques can be learned from either battling enemies, or training in the gym. Gym training has a very rare chance of learning a technique, whilst battling greatly improves the chances. Wild creatures that are fought must use the technique in battle, and the creature partner must be able to learn it. Each technique used uses a certain amout of Magic Points, and the best techniques are from the Mech category.

Name Power MP Cost Element Range Special Description Available For
Fire Tower 155 81 Fire Long Stun Creature raises up and a pillar of flame shoots up from under the target. Can be knocked out of it easy in mob battles or by enemies with fast techs, but never misses, and is rarely blocked. Link, Fred
Prominence Beam 444 183 Fire Long Flat Creatures fire this searing beam kamehameha style, others breathe it out after a strong inhale. Somewhat long charge-up time gives medium and fast techs plenty of time to interrupt the attack, but if they're not on the ball, prominence beam toasts them. Link, Fred
Spit Fire 66 30 Fire Long None The basic fire tech is a quick spit of a relatively slow fireball. Near-impossible to interrupt, but easy to dodge at range. Link, Fred
Red Inferno 210 170 Fire Wide-Area None Creature rears back and breathes a spray of fire. Can be interrupted by a quick attack. The initial stream is concentrated on one target, but once it hits it fans out to hit other creatures behind the enemy. Link, Fred
Magma Bomb 279 132 Fire Long Confusion Creature rears back and tosses a ball of magma which homes in on the target and explodes. Enough time spent charging to interrupt the attack, but once it's in the air, there's no escape but to block it. Link, Fred
Infinity Burn 488 264 Fire Wide-area Stun An extreme version of Fire Tower. A bit slower to start, but area-effect and more powerful. Link, Fred
Heat Laser 84 105 Fire Wide-area Flat Creature rears back and a red zone grows around him, which bursts to cover the screen, damaging all nearby enemies. There's a significant time in which the attack can be interrupted, but otherwise faster than most wide-area attacks. Link, Fred
Meltdown 400 318 Fire Wide-area Stun The creature surrounds itself in a pool of lava, then jumps up and nearby enemies get hit. A bit slow on the startup, but effective nonetheless. Link, Fred
Tremar 178 168 Battle Wide-area None Creature hits the ground and boulders go in all directions. Quick but avoidable. Bugzy, Tails6000, Mabel, Dancing Penguin, Fake Tails6000, Star Kirby12
Muscle Charge 0 66 Battle User Increases Offense by large amount. You are vulnerable while using this tech, but the attack can't be stopped. Bugzy, Tails6000, Luce, Sonicspine31, Fake Tails6000, Star Kirby12
War Cry 0 42 Battle User All stats go up by a small amount Like muscle charge, you can be hit while using this, but it still goes off. Bugzy, Tails6000, Luce, Sonicspine31, Fake Tails6000, Star Kirby12
Sonic Jab 52 18 Battle Short None Quick, very quick. If you're close, you can stop most attacks with this. Bugzy, Tails6000, Sonicspine31, Star Kirby12
Dynamite Kick 193 99 Battle Short Stun Creature kicks with both legs. Medium speed. Bugzy, Tails6000, Fake Tails6000, Sonicspine31, Star Kirby12
Counter 285 165 Battle Short Confusion You can't really attack with this, but if your creature has it and blocks a short-range attack, he will sometimes grab the attacker and hit them with this. Bugzy, Tails6000, Fake Tails6000, Sonicspine31, Star Kirby12
Megaton Punch 320 186 Battle Short Stun The wind-up... and the smash! A bit slow to charge, but devastating, even damaging blocking opponents. Bugzy, Tails6000, Luce, Dancing Penguin, Fake Tails6000, Sonicspine31, Star Kirby12
Buster Dive 500 258 Battle Long Confusion Creature charges up and dashes forward, exploding into their foe. Totally devastating attack, but difficult to hit with between inaccuracy and charge time. Bugzy, Tails6000, Mabel, Sonicspine31, Fake Tails6000, Star Kirby12
Thunder Justice 586 330 Air Long Stun Creature sends a bolt skywards, which comes down onto the foe, hard. Short time to interrupt the attack, and cannot dodge. Most foes can at least trade hits while waiting for the lightning to strike, however. Luce, Eve Lendfell, Mayor McFlapp, Ninjinian
Spinning Shot 389 150 Air Long None Creature spins for a vulnerable moment, then three wind blades come out. Strong attack and can hit two and sometimes three enemies, but gives creature a brief moment of vulnerability Luce, Eve Lendfell, Mayor McFlapp, Ninjinian
Electric Cloud 120 69 Air Long Stun After a short charge up, a charged cloud floats onto the enemy. Can't be dodged, but otherwise weak. Luce, Eve Lendfell, Mayor McFlapp, Ninjinian
Megalo Spark 382 174 Air Long Stun Creature quickly charges up a ball of electricity which flies straight at the enemy. Great for stand-up fights, but if the opponent is on the move it misses often. Luce, Eve Lendfell, Mayor McFlapp, Ninjinian
Static Elect 85 45 Air Short Stun Creature charges up for half a second and tazers his foe. The charge up gives most creatures a chance to walk out of range. Luce, Eve Lendfell, Mayor McFlapp, Ninjinian
Wind Cutter 178 93 Air Long None Creature flies up and sends a razor disk at the foe. Quick but mid-power. Luce, Eve Lendfell, Mayor McFlapp, Ninjinian
Confused Storm 225 216 Air Wide-area Confusion A colorful swirl fills the screen, then rainbow waves emanate from the creature and hit the foes. The time before the rainbow waves is ample opportunity to interrupt the attack. Luce, Eve Lendfell, Mayor McFlapp, Ninjinian
Hurricane 366 255 Air Wide-area Confusion The creature flies into the air, forms a tornado aroundintself, begs the opponent to interrupt the attack for a couple of seconds, then punishes them for their ineptitude by hitting them with a powerful wave of air. Luce, Eve Lendfell, Mayor McFlapp, Ninjinian
Poison Powder 117 171 Earth Wide-area Poison Creature sprays a bunch of little pink balls into the air, which come down and hit its enemies. Hard to defend against. If a creature has been attacked with Poison Powder, it will take damage for a period of time. Mabel, Dancing Penguin
Bug 500 354 Earth Long Flat Creature realeases several bugs, one of which crawls up target's back and explodes. Mabel, Dancing Penguin, Bugzy
Mass Morph 0 30 Earth User Raises all stats by a small amount, defense by a large amount. Like all stat boosters, you are vulnerable while the animation goes on, but the stat boost can't be stopped. Mabel, Dancing Penguin
Insect Plague 58 96 Earth Long Poison A pink cloud slowly floats toward the enemy. When they touch it, they pause, then take damage. If a creature has been attacked with Insect Plague, it will take damage over time. Mabel, Dancing Penguin, Bugzy
Charm Perfume 180 210 Earth Wide-area Confusion A pink cloud slowly spreads out and damages all nearby enemies. Mabel, Dancing Penguin, Maddieworld
Poison Claw 62 51 Earth Short Poison Creature walks up, hits the opponent, and they sometimes get poisoned. Fast attack. Mabel, Dancing Penguin, Bugzy
Danger Sting 157 102 Earth Short Flat Creature hits foe. Fast attack. You can tell this attack from poison claw by a high-pitched noise preceding the strike. Mabel, Dancing Penguin
Green Trap 310 147 Earth Long Stun A trail of roots sprouts between attacker and target. When it reaches target, a mass of brambles sprouts around him. Tough to dodge, and stuns often. Mabel, Dancing Penguin
Giga Freeze 264 120 Water Long Stun Ice breath with enough of an inhale to break the attack during casting. Triskelle, Explorer, Kwiksilver, Speeddasher
Ice Statue 424 186 Water Long Stun The creature points at their enemy, and it is quickly encased in ice. Triskelle, Explorer, Kwiksilver, Speeddasher, Maddieworld
Winter Blast 120 169 Water Wide-area Stun The creature twirls in the air and a blizzard covers the screen, which hits all other creatures a second later. Near-impossible to interrupt, impossible to dodge. Triskelle, Explorer, Kwiksilver, Speeddasher
Ice Needle 126 78 Water Long Stun A quick but weak attack with a dagger of ice. Triskelle, Explorer, Kwiksilver, Speeddasher
Water Blit 211 102 Water Long None A strong, but slow attack where the creature charges up and spits out a ball of water. Triskelle, Explorer, Kwiksilver, Speeddasher
Aqua Magic 0 36 Water User Raises all stats This attack is easily mistaken for war cry. The difference is that droplets of water rise up around the creature instead of balls of light. Triskelle, Explorer, Kwiksilver, Speeddasher
Aurora Freeze 430 258 Water Wide-area Flat Creature charges up for way too long, during which sparkles of light are drawn towards it and then are shot up into the sky. Then, an aurora appears and all enemy creatures are struck down. Triskelle, Explorer, Kwiksilver, Speeddasher
Tear Drop 60 42 Water Long Flat Creature summons up a drop of water above an enemy's head, which then falls on the foe. Can be dodged, but is tough. Tough also to interrupt. Triskelle, Explorer, Kwiksilver, Speeddasher
Power Crane 226 126 Mech Long None Creature rears back and sends a huge mechanical arm at foe. If enemy moves while charging up, they will likely avoid it, but otherwise accurate enough. ZapWire, ClockWerk, Robo-Gary, Richperson
All Range Beam 573 330 Mech Wide-area None This attack is a true room-clearer. Impossible to interrupt (though you are vulnerable while the attack is happening), wide area, and horribly powerful. There are safe spots at longer ranges, but most creatures will suffer for being there to see this one. ZapWire, ClockWerk, Robo-Gary, Richperson
Metal Sprinter 150 165 Mech Wide-area None Creature summons a pile of junk (specifically microchips) and sends it in all directions. Quick enough, but can be interrupted and dodged. ZapWire, ClockWerk, Robo-Gary, Richperson
Pulse Laser 389 168 Mech Long None A swarm of little blue pulses fan out and converge on the target. The attack can be broken while the creature is charging up,but this is difficult. The attack can hit nearby bystanders as it fans out to home in on the target. An excellent attack. ZapWire, ClockWerk, Robo-Gary, Richperson
Delete Program 430 219 Mech Long Flat A stream of data wraps around the target and they take damage. Quick to come out, but a good window to break the attack exists while the data is circling around. ZapWire, ClockWerk, Robo-Gary, Richperson
DG Dimension 722 420 Mech Wide-area None Attacker summons all creatures into a wireframe world where floating cubes redefine pain. Can be interrupted if other creatures are fast, but otherwise they're in for a whole new world of suffering. ZapWire, ClockWerk, Robo-Gary, Richperson
Full Potential 0 99 Mech User All stats rise by a large amount Several gears swirl out from underneath the creature. Creature is vulnerable while this is happening, but it's already too late to stop the stat boost. ZapWire, ClockWerk, Robo-Gary, Richperson
Reverse Program 256 297 Mech Long Flat Two meters and various other data surround attacker and target. When meter counts off around target, they take damage. Easy to interrupt, can't dodge, and almost impossible to block ZapWire, ClockWerk, Robo-Gary, Richperson
Skunk Breath 88 75 Filth Long Stun Creature breathes brown clouds at the target. Putrid Moldy Penguin, Lobelia Sackville, Mwa Mwa Penguin
Poop Speed Toss 122 96 Filth Long Poison Creature tosses a small pile of poop at target. Putrid Moldy Penguin, Lobelia Sackville, Mwa Mwa Penguin
Big Poop Toss 211 192 Filth Long Confusion Creature creates a large pile of poop and tosses it on the target's head. Putrid Moldy Penguin, Lobelia Sackville, Mwa Mwa Penguin
Big Round Toss 211 282 Filth Wide-area Confusion Creature creates a large pile of poop and tosses it on the target. The pile then explodes into several smaller piles, which fan out in all directions. Putrid Moldy Penguin, Lobelia Sackville, Mwa Mwa Penguin
Poop Round Toss 75 120 Filth Wide-area Poison Creature creates a small pile of poop and tosses it in the air. It spreads out and hits other creatures in the area. Putrid Moldy Penguin, Lobelia Sackville, Mwa Mwa Penguin
Round Speed Toss 122 216 Filth Wide-area Poison Creature creates a small pile of poop and tosses it at the target. The pile of poop explodes into several other piles which spray in all directions. Putrid Moldy Penguin, Lobelia Sackville, Mwa Mwa Penguin
Horizontal Kick 53 24 Filth Short None Creature turns sideways and kicks foe with a spray of odor. Putrid Moldy Penguin, Lobelia Sackville, Mwa Mwa Penguin
Ultimate Poop Doom 333 333 Filth Wide-area Flat Several large piles of poop fall from the sky around the target. Then a giant pile lands right on them. Relatively easy to interrupt, as the target can break the attack while the smaller poops are falling. Putrid Moldy Penguin, Lobelia Sackville, Mwa Mwa Penguin
Spirits of Light 412 565(656 with Turbo Pack) Light All-areas Stun, Poison, Burn, Dizzy, or all(depends on the color) A random Spirit of Light will come to the side of the character and raise S, X, Z, or A. The player will do an attack based on the color. These are unlocked when one is saved during a battle. Also, if the character is equipped with the Turbo Pack, the power goes up by 91. Star Kirby12, Richperson
Fly 0 0 Air N/A N/A The character will fly up for 5 turns. Regular attacks cannot hurt the character. Star Kirby12, Bugzy, Richperson, Link, Ninjinian


The Blue and Pink Babies

The gameplay requires the player to tend to the needs of their creature, such as feeding them, taking them to the toilet, curing their sickness, and putting them to bed, whilst training him or her to become stronger. The whole concept of the game is about evolution, and depending on the weight, care mistakes, training stats, happiness and discipline, and other assorted requirement, the creature a blue baby or pink baby will evolve to will vary.

When a creature has reached a certain age, it will die, but return as a baby. The player may choose which baby it wants to take care of, and the baby it chooses remembers all of its techniques.

However, if in the circumstances that a creature dies due to sickness, or it loses all its life, the next baby will forget some techniques its predecessor learnt, and the decision whether the next creature will be a pink baby or blue baby is at random.

Another core function of the game is battling wild creatures found in the forest and other assorted places. Depending on the amount of battles and win % gained, it also affects evolution. Some wild creatures fought in a battle will make the player's creature learn a technique once defeated. Techniques also affect evolution, and depending on how many techniques a creature has learnt, evolution will vary.

Evolution can also be forced on a creature with special items, such as the Insect Pincer, which when given to a Pink or Blue Baby, it will instantly evolve to Bugzy.

The use of the Snowtendo DS's touch-screen capabilities with the game held the player's items that he/she collected during their adventure. When a player uses the stylus on items, a menu pops up with the commands "Use", "Move", and "Drop" selecting one of the options in the menu will either give the item to the player's creature, move the item to a different spot, or drop the item, destroying it in the process.

Another core component of Data World Ultra is training a player's creature in the gym. A player can train their creature in the fields of;

  • Hit Points (HP): Increases the health meter of the creature.
  • Magic Points (MP): Increases the magic meter of the creature.
  • Offense: Increases the damage dealt by the creature.
  • Defense: Increases chance to block attacks.
  • Speed: Increases reaction time of creature, allowing it to attack faster.
  • Brains: Increases chance to learn technique when fighting wild creatures, and small chance to learn technique while training in the Brains field.

Depending on the parameters in training, evolution will also vary.

Data World Ultra also possesses online Wi-Fi capabilities, allowing users to save their creature, and battle against an online opponent with it. Tournaments across the USA are held once every month, and the winner takes home a lifetime supply of Judgies.


  • Snowtendo's Game Magazine rated the game a 9.0, praising Data World Ultra for the originality, excessive use of the touch screen, and longevity, but criticised the glitches in the game, such as the Jukebox in Billybob's igloo when a player recruited Eve Lendfell, it crashed the game.
  • Metacritic rated the game a 92% out of 100%, praising Data World Ultra for its difficulty, fun factor, and graphics, but criticised that the game used unnecessary use of the touch screen.


  • Like the UPM's earlier game Villain To Hero, Bugzy intended to publish it for UPM members only, but liked the idea of gaining more money.
  • It has been a controversial question to MAIers prior to the game's release. They understood the fact that the first game could have been self-made, but they are getting the suspicion of either Snowtendo, Electronic Arts or another developer whom had helped them. So far, Bugzy denies this.
  • Maddieworld, and the tech team of Mist Island are currently making this game for the Vii.

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