David Hochstadt

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Dave Hochstadt
Dave Hochstadt Best.png
Dave Hochstadt, the EPF Agent and Surfer
Title David Hochstadt
Gender Male
Race High Penguin
Faction Surf Master.
Health Awesome
Level Unbelieveably Over-The-Top High Level Clearence
Status Active.
Location CP
Birth date Club Penguin
Occupation EPF Agent
Interests Surfing, Adventure, Crime Solving
Friends Piper J. Cub, Yilk, Fisch, Clovis, Jock Hochstadt, Flywish, Justine Wish
Enemies Herbert, Klutzy, Mabel, Swiss Ninja, Austin8310, RDA Troopers
Archetype Good Guy

David Hochstadt, more commonly known as Dave, is a EPF Agent and Surfer who lives in CP.


Dave is the younger brother of Yilk. His mother had abandoned him as well because his father was an Evil Scientist. However, his foster parents told him about his family heritage when he was young. David's foster parents were always busy since they were business people, so he went off on his own to find his hobbies. When he was 10, he was introduced to surfing, and he became a master of surfing 5 years later. Strangely enough, Yilk was also an exceptionally awesome surfer. Dave and Yilk did know that they were brothers and they did a lot together. Dave's life took a large step when he was 16. His foster parents had decided to take a vacation to Shiverpool for a week, but they never returned. David Hochstadt had to find out the hard way when a PSA agent came to his igloo and told him that his parents had drowned in a terrible storm while on a boat. Meanwhile, the PSA agent also introduced him to the PSA, and Dave became an active member. He did very well serving as a PSA Agent that later Dot Recruited him into the EPF. Since then, Dave has been solving multiple crimes, stopping Herbert, Klutzy, and foiled one of Darktan Anator's plans. Meanwhile, Dave was engaged with his girlfriend named Rhonda di Viacchi, who was a surfing lover like him. Rhonda and Dave had one child together named Justine, who became the mother of Papa Flywish. However, one day, Rhonda got into a surfing accident and died, leaving Justine motherless and Dave had to raise her himself. In 1973, Yilk disappeared and Alicia went to go look for him, so she left the two eggs of Red River 2 and Bonjie in Dave's care. While not on duty, Dave took the respsonsibility to raise the two chicks into adulthood. Today, he still loves to surf and bring justice.


Dave has been responsible for raising Red River 2, the father of Swiss Ninja and Bonjie, the mother of Corai when their real father, Yilk, had disappeared. Later on, Dave came into importance during The Quest for Yilk. Yilk was his brother, and he was interested to find out what happened to him after his disappearance. Dave later became involved in EPF Agents Dave and Clovis by training Clovis to become a secret agent with Rookie.


  • Dave has a connection with the CNIC and is a part time officer for them.
  • Dave is the grandfather of Flywish.


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