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The park ranger X-antibody
Title DeXapod
Gender Male
Race X-creature
Faction Park Rangers, Body Builders
Health Good
Level High
Status Alive
Location A forest camp ground
Birth date Some time after Decapod caught the X-virus
Occupation Park Ranger
Interests Saving people, teaching them wilderness survival, camping, hiking, working out.
Friends Robert, Trickster
Enemies Decapod, forest fires, water pollution
Archetype Good

DeXapod is the X-antibody of Decapod. Unlike Decapod, he is much taller. And wider. DeXapod is a bodybuilder and is usually seen working out, even when at work as a park ranger at a forest. Despite this, he takes his job seriously and is always on guard to help lost or injured penguins, and protect the flora and fauna of the landscape. He also gives wilderness survival lessons and owns a helicopter.


DeXapod was created on a stormy day when Decapod was having an argument with SHARON. She was not very happy that he was using the excuse of being small to not act on his plans to raid Abel's factories. He complained that he would always get stepped on when trying. Then, he spewed out a mess of goo and realized that it was his antibody. The blob grew, and grew until it was several feet high. Dexapod was born. He then stepped on Decapod and heard muffling noises. He lifted his foot, and saw a very maimed Decapod. He offered to help, but Decapod started to shout insults at DeXapod. DeXapod changed his mind and left.

DeXapod was often starred at because of his appearance, but wanted to live a normal. He got a membership to a gym and started to work out. He became even stronger when doing this. Later, he thought that his strength could be helpful towards to the community and went searching for a job that would allow him to be that.

DeXapod went to a nature park and decided to apply for a job there. The park owners were initially reluctant, but one day there was an earthquake, and DeXapod helped save a lot of people by carrying them to safety, so they let him join.

Nightmare Epic[edit]

DeXapod was one of the many X-Antibodies that was mind controlled by Nightmare. He was forced to participate in the battle, but managed to survive. He used his large claws to injure countless penguins. Even though he did not do it willingly, he was very riddled with guilt at what he had done and is trying to atone for what happened.

His friends in the Goody-Two Shoes tried to cheer him up, but haven't had much success.


  • He's a parody of Larry the Lobster from Spongebob Squarepants.
  • He's a member of the Safety Team in the Goody-Two-Shoes.
  • Robert and Trickster idolize him and think he's really great because he keeps people safe and goes out to rescue them.

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