Degeneration X

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Degeneration X
Title Degeneration's X-Antibody
Gender Male
Race X-Creatures
Faction Nightmare's Army
Health Unknown
Level High
Status Being evil
Location Nightmare

Degeneration X is the X-antibody of Degeneration. He is apparently evil and was friends with Sonic Xtreme X despite him being in Darktan's Army. He was mind controlled by Nightmare and forced to participate in the battle. He was killed in the process.


One day while Degeneration was reforming, He had X-Virus in the cake. He then coughed out Degeneration X. Degeneration X beat him up and flew away to join Nightmare. Nightmare let him join his army and Degeneration X hurt a Chick to show how evil he was. Then he destroyed a building in Flywish Island. President Wish saw him and attacked him but he escaped quickly. He then went to fight DTA. While he was there, he met Sonic Xtreme X. They instantly became close friends and Degeneration X got those X-Virus fangs. He then decided to help Nightmare make X-Antibodies. He also developed a crush on Xellina.

Life in Darktan's Army[edit]

What we did not tell you was that Degeneration X started out serving Darktan. He joined Darktan and then betrayed Darktan in a battle with Nightmare. He then joined Nightmare.


He can make X-Creatures. Sometimes he is lucky but usually he isn't.


  • Flywish is after him
  • Gregory has captured him for 0.1 seconds
  • He is close friends with Robert X
    • It is true that he only likes X-Creatures
  • He is named after Degeneration X, a WWE tag team.
  • He is also close to Darktan X since he is a disgrace to Darktan's Army.

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