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A Deletion Missile
Type Process
Effects Something gets sent to the CyberVoid.
Source Anything that can delete something.
Location Anywhere

Deletion is the process of teleporting an object to the CyberVoid, where it gets stuck in suspended animation. Deletion was meant to be a way to cheat the That's Death! Code and is often used as a form of warfare.

It was invented in Lichenblossom.


In Deletion, an item with the power to delete must come into contact with the object-to-be-deleted. The item will then teleport the object to the CyberVoid via wormhole, while (usually) deleting/destroying itself.

The object that gets deleted will be stuck in suspended animation if it is an organism. Anything that is deleted may be brought back from the Void. However, no one has ever been able to bring anyone or anything back from deletion.

In 2011, however, a group of scientists from MAI managed to reverse engineer the deletion missile and create the reversal missile. This product would come into use by the end of 2011.

Detailed Process[edit]

The energy supplied to the deleting object converts it into a force field of deletion energy. Deletion energy, like normal energy, is measured in joules, and has the ability to turn objects into particles and teleport it to the CyberVoid. Hence, deletion.


  • The most efficient ways to delete an item are by Deletion Flux Crystals or Deletion Lasers.
  • Deletion always requires some input energy.
  • Predictions have evolved that in 2020, penguins believe that the multiverse was deleted by a major criminal called Virus using the Wikia Control Room's Deletion Cannon. However, Kwiksilver sabotaged the machine so it deleted him and restored the multiverse and all the deleted articles.
  • When an item is deleted, there is a distinct fizzing sound.
  • There are strange things that can happen when something gets deleted. This is a list of phenomena that happen during, before, or after deletion.
  • WinXton has mystical deletion powers.
  • An incident involved several penguins being killed by hunters. The mess was all cleared using deletion.
  • When someone "uses" a Porcyal too long, it explodes. The explosion opens a tiny rip into the CyberVoid, causing the "user" to be deleted.
    • This however was very risky and a primitive form of deletion.
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