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The city's coat of arms.
Country United States of Antarctica
Monuments The Great Dolphin, Delfinopolis Harbor
Mayor Brandon Leonard Jr.
Inhabited species Penguins and Puffles
General information
Native name Delfinopolis
Founded 1945
– Founder Many penguins from the Waeter Kingdom

Delfinopolis is a city located on the coast of Eastshield. The city recieves thousands of tourists every year because of its beautiful sunset and the annual dolphin migration, that happens on the july of every year. It is one of the oldest towns of the whole USA, being founded on 1945 by penguins from the Waeter Kingdom, during the period of Olde Antarctica.


Delfinopolis was founded during the period of Olde Antarctica, by many penguins from the Waeter Kingdom that were seaching for an easy access to the Amery Island, under the name of Sunset City. The region of Delfinopolis was the best spot, and soon it became populated. The Delfinopolis Harbor was built in 1947 to make access to the Amery Island easier. The city's beautiful beaches and spectacular sunset attracted many immigrants from Liguria, doubling the size of the city.

On July 1960, there was a great storm ehich caused all the boats that were going to the Amery Island to crash. The tragedy happened during the annual dolphin migration, and the dolphins saved everyone that were on the boats. In honor to the "heroes", the city was renamed Delfinopolis, and a big statue of a dolphin was built at the center of the town.

On 2011, the Federal Republic of Polaris turned independent and wanted Delfinopolis to be under their control because it's the easier access to Amery Island, but it stood under control of the USA. In an agreement between Nathaniel B. Kratz and Billybob the Dolphin Bridge was built, giving easy access to the island.


The sunset seen from Delfinopolis Harbor.

Famous for its sunset, Delfinopolis makes over 3 million F$ on tourism. The Delfino Harbor is the best place to watch the sunset. The city is loaded with tourists when it's July because of the annual dolphin migration.
The Ocean Park, located at the center of the city, also recieves a lot of tourists every year. The Great Dolphin is a statue of a dolphin located at the center of the park, right in front of the Oceanic Museum and the Dolphin Lake.

Delfinopolis is also well-known for being the place where the series Willy and Kody, produced by The Penguin Network Inc., happens. The set is located at the west part of the city, where tourists can visit Willy and Kody's house. There's also a Willy and Kody thematic park on the underground of the Delfinopolis Centre Mall.

Delfinopolis also has its own International Airport near ocean. It mostly serves SkyJet Airlines flights from the USA, although there are seasonal Pacifica Airlines flights that go to and come from the Ninja Archipelago.



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