Delivery Dash

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Delivery Dash
The cover of the game.
Inspiration(s) Many
Developer Doors, Penguin OS, Snowtendo (later years)
Publisher Penguin OS
Release dates
Release in the USA
December 19, 1999 (Colonial Antarctica)
Release in the UTR
September 21, 2003
Release in Rest of Antarctica
Dorkugal: October 7, 2004 Club Penguin Island: February 7, 2005 Rest of Antarctica: June 12, 2005
Additional info
Genre Puzzle, Adventure, Racing
Units sold Its ovar 9000! MOAR!
Platform Penguin Os, Doors, Snowtendo, Snowtendo Vii, Peach, Arcade
←none Delivery Dash: The New World

Delivery Dash is an game founded on December 19, 1999 by an unknown penguin from Penguin Os.


Some unknown penguin was feeling lonely. He decided to create this video game that would blow up everyone's mind. He made it and most penguins enjoyed. However, his business was slowly failing. With the help of Doors and in later years Snowtendo, he made it so awesome a sequel was created called Delivery Dash: The New World in April 18, 2005. A special Delivery Dash: It's Christmas! has been created on December 11, 2009. There has also been a new Delivery Dash 2: The Race for the Golden Pizza made on July 15, 2012, also being the latest game.


The plot as seen on Gamespot site:

"This game will totally brighten your day... deliver all the pizzas to every customer! The customers are impatient and if theyre pizza is not given in 120 seconds, they won't take the pizza. In every round, you need to get minimum the money it says on top-left of the screen. If you don't, the owner will give you 2 more chances. If you don't succeed on the two chances, you will get fired and you will have to start all over again from the beginning of the level. There are 12 levels, each with a different stage, and each with 10 levels, except Darktonian Realm which only has 2."


Plugins have been released for premium members. They have been introuduced during Late Delivery Dash 1 Era. Plugins are ingame "Modifications" which are made by penguins who play the game. They practically add some stuff to the game, desired by the user who made it. Here are some examples: "Mo' Levels - Adds more places and levels to play on." and "That Pesky Skua - Adds skua which try to annoy you while you try to deliver pizzas.".


Premium members can:

- Play in Multiplayer

- Get 3 more levels to play in (these levels are not shown in the Title Card for all 4 versions of Delivery Dash). The levels are Sky Dimension, Flame Penguin World and Space (with a boss Neevil).

- Get Plugins

- Play Delivery Dash 2. It costs 1000 coins if not premium, but is only 250 if premium.

- Access to more then the 3 characters.


In "Delivery Dash 2: The Race for Golden Pizza", versions have been introduced. Now new versions of the same game would be added, like Delivery Dash 2 V3 or Delivery Dash 2 V4. This does not apply for older Delivery Dash games.


  • It was rumored that a Halloween-themed Delivery Dash was going to be released in time for Halloween 2008, but this ended up being false. It was later rumored that it would be released for Halloween 2009, and even later, Halloween 2010, but these never happened either.