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Map of Dellaroma.png
The Map of the City.
Country Liguria
Monuments The Ligurian Colleseum, the Pretorium,
Neighbourhoods Old Town, Centriepistula
Population One Million
Inhabited species Penguins, Puffles
General information
Native name Dellaroma
Foreign name Dellaroma
Demonym Dellaromans
Founded 8 BC.
– Founder Unspecified

Dellaroma is the famous capital of Liguria. It is the well known competitor and sister city of Parie.


The City of Dellaroma was built in 8 BC on the Ten Hills around the Tibler River by Penguins from the Penguin Empire. It started out actually as ten small villages that soon formed into one big city. It ruled Liguria well even after the fall of the Penguin Empire. Art Flourished during the Renaissance as some of the Greatest of Artists came to Dellaroma to make Statues and great monuments that went well with the Penguin Empire Remains.

Places of Interest[edit]

Dellaroma's best known land mark is the Quoloseum, a large stadium built by the Penguin Empire. It is considered a marvel of engineering. There are many other Penguin Empire ruins, including a place known as the Forum. It is surrounded by many telenacle temples and other important buildings. There is another temple called the Pantreon, which is still a telenacle today. There are many other beautiful telenacles, with statues designed by a sculptor named Bernino.




The city of Dellaroma has it's own airport, known as Leonardo di Waffeli International Airport. It serves the city of Dellaroma and Centriepistula since it doesn't have it's own airport.

The Capodicho International Airport serves as a backup airport.



  • This is a Parody of Modern-Day Rome.

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