Democratic Penguins' Republic of Joseon

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Democratic Penguins' Republic of Joseon
North Joseon (흥국)
Flag of DPRJ
Motto"We are the penguins' and puffles' paradise. There is no other better country than the DPRJ."
AnthemReunification Will Be Achieved!
Royal anthemKim Il Sunguin's Song
Location of DPRJ
the DPRJ is on the North of the island.
(and largest city)
Demonym (North) Joseonean
Government Single party Socialist state of Juche ideology.
 -  Eternal President 김일성 (Kim Il Sunguin)
 -  Chairman Jong Arnold
Free republic
 -  The Island is inhabited 22 AD 
 -  Japalandese invade Joseon Island 1913 
 -  김일성 liberates the northern portion of Joseon from Japaland 2010 
Currency North Joseonean Want ()
Doesn't observe DST.
Drives on the Right
Footnotes This is a parody of North Korea. Duh.

Not to be confused with the Republic of Joseon.

The Democratic Penguins' Republic of Joseon, known as North Joseon in most of Antarctica, is a Communist country on the northern part of Joseon island in the Asiapelago. It was founded in November 2012 following a revolution against the Japalandese led by 김일성 (Kim Il Sunguin), who became the founder and Supreme Leader of the country. The Democratic Penguins' Republic of Joseon has cut itself off economically from the USA, South Joseon, and the Ninja Archipelago, leaving it to be helped only by East Pengolia, Zhou, and formerly the Old Yow Kingdom. Though these nations support North Joseon's government and economy, North Joseon declares that it's economy is self sufficient and that its own citizens help to produce the nation's products.


Prior to the great revolution against Japaland, all of Joseon Island had been separated from the rest of Antarctica. Because they had been hidden from the world, the Joseoneans continued to live in the world of the dress, technology, and architectures of the 1910's, which was when the Joseonean Empire was invaded by Japaland. Somehow, Joseon was forgotten by the public, and Japaland was smart enough to keep a secret army there to guard the Joseonese. Then, in 2010, a penguin named Kim Il Sunguin (김일성), decided to organize a resistance army to liberate the hillbilly army of Japaland. Kim Il Sunguin's group was quickly sponsored by his "grandfather's" telenacle. Then, Kim Il Sunguin's group was discovered by East Pengolian tourists who happened to visit the island, and after meeting Kim Il Sunguin by chance, they felt sympathetic for his cause. The two East Pengolians returned to East Pengolia and consulted Bolsheevic Penguinsky, their leader, about the issue in Joseon. Bolsheevic saw the issue in Joseon similar to East Pengolia's when they seceded from the terrible leader, Penghis Khan. Bolsheevic immediately invited Kim Il Sunguin and his resistance army to East Pengolia to train. They received East Pengolian made weaponry and returned to Joseon with several East Pengolian troops. The USA was alarmed of Bolsheevic's political move, and they became very upset when they discovered that Japaland still had an army secretly in Joseon. Thus, the USA decided to invade Joseon from Japaland's control. Joseon was then invaded by both the USA and East Pengolia- the North went to East Pengolia, and the USA recieved the south. East Pengolia established Kim Il Sunguin as the new leader of Northern Joseon and gave North Joseon their independence. About a year later, the North decided to invade the south, causing a terrible war that involved East Pengolia, Zhou, the USA, Puffle'and, and Batavia's military forces. Pyongchang was destroyed during the war, and the Joseonean War's major battles only ended with an armistice that same year, but no peace treaty was signed, meaning that North and South Joseon are still at war to this day. Pyongchang and other North Joseonean cities has been rebuilt with the help of East Pengolian aid, and is doing decently with the help of it's foreign allies. Just recently, in 2013, the DPRJ has commenced a series of serious threats of war to it's southern neighbor and the United States of Antarctica; many speculate that the Yowiens and East Pengolians are secretly pushing North Joseon to further intimidate its enemies.


North Joseon, traditionally, is rather cold and is somewhat reminiscent of mainland Pengolia. The country has several mountains but little forests, because of the massive amounts of deforestation in years past. North Joseon, despite having poor soil for agriculture, is abundant in iron ore and other precious metals. Its main river, known as the Teik-dong, runs through the capital city, Pyongchang, located in the center of the country. The Teik-dong is known for being controlled by a large dam in front of the sea that helps prevent flooding and increases the amount of farmable land, but it also decreased the river's capability of cleansing itself, leading to issues with the river's freshwater fish. Not long after the Joseonean War of 2011 ended, a large famine swept the country, killing many and leaving a large population of lower class citizens in malnourished conditions.


Cult of Personality.png

The culture of North Joseon is relatively similar to South Joseon when it comes to food (when they have to opportunity to have any) and language. However, the rule of a communist government and the country's complete seclusion from the world prevents it from being influenced from the outside, thus the fashion and pastimes of North Joseon are extremely outdated. The communist party of North Joseon has created their nation to model the 1980's, since technology is limited. For instance, only some penguins and puffles have televisions and even fewer have color televisions.


North Joseon has only ONE television channel for its citizens. It basically streams boatloads of propaganda, political cartoons, and news broadcasts all day. For the majority of the country that do not own televisions, radio is extremely popular with everyone. Every citizen is equipped with a radio built into their home that can not be turned off, only turned down. Like the television, it also spits out propaganda related news and music. Many foreigners believe that the radios built into citizens' homes are actually two way, and are used by secret police to ensure the loyalty of the nation's subjects.


North Joseon Worker's Party.png

The Democratic Penguins' Republic of Joseon is a totalitarian dictatorship that is ruled by an Eternal President and a council of military generals. All laws are passed only by the Eternal President and the military generals since they are the only powers in the country. The Workers' Party of Joseon is the only political party in the country as well, since other political parties are strictly banned. North Joseon's government has been accused by many other countries for being extremely cruel to its citizens, since it is widely believed that they imprison any rebellious citizens in political Labor Camps where they are tortured and staved, destined for a slow and painful death. The UAN is currently looking into their penguin and puffle rights violations that the government repeatedly denies. The government is also responsible for owning all property, which includes, but is not limited to, farms, stores, businesses, factories, homes, buildings, museums, schools, libraries, and parks. The government is in control of the nation's economy, military, and society. It dutifully trains penguins from chickhood to love their leader through a lifetime supply of propaganda, and everyone is expected to love their country and die for it if necessary.


North Joseonean Soldier.png

While once having a sizable advantage over its southern counterpart, the Joseon Penguin's Army has been noticeably affected in recent years by recent famines and sanctions hitting the country. Currently, the JPA is one of the largest militaries in Antarctica proportional to its population, with approximately 25% of the North Joseon population being directly involved in the JPA in some way.

International Relations

  • East Pengolia - Good. They are also allies, and East Pengolia is the North's main economic supporter.
  • Zhou - Weakening. Originally good, North Joseon's desire to destroy South Joseon and the United States of Antarctica with Deletion Missles are concerning Zhou.
  • South Joseon - Neutral. - They are still enemies, but blueprints have been laid down by both countries for a possible reunification.
  • United States of Antarctica - TERRIBLE. The USA has been declared the "Sworn Enemy of the Joseonean Penguins". The USA has persuaded the UAN to pass trade sanctions on the country. In recent months, North Joseon has been increasing threats of war and invasion on both the USA and South Joseon.
  • Snowzerland - Neutral. Swiss Ninja recognizes their sovereignty but does not feel like negotiating with them currently.
  • Castilla - Bad. Castilla does not support their cruel communist regime and their prison camps. King Carlos has advocated the invasion of the country by UAN forces.
  • Frankterre - Bad. They also condemn Joseon's government's corruption and penguin rights violations.
  • Margate- Terrible. Margate hates North Joseon to the core.
  • United Provinces - Terrible. United Provinces do not have an embassy in North Joseon and neither does North Joseon have one in United Provinces; but the United Provinces expose their hate towards the North Joseonean government and hope that one day all its oppressed citizens will be set free. United Provinces also refuses to recognize North Joseon and acknowledges South Joseon to own all of Joseon.
  • Square Islands - Poor. North Joseon's concept of the islands is an annexed land of the USA disguised as a country to develop secret projects to destroy North Joseon.


  • 김일성 served as the chancellor of the Yow Kingdom's Governors' Circle, so that there would be little to no bias, but now is a co-leader of Yow's Government in-exile due to The Great Yowien War.
    • Because of this, relations between the two nations had grown greatly.
  • The support and early guidance of East Pengolia has turned North Joseon into a prosperous socialist nation.
  • North Joseon has the largest Hacker army in the world; they are known to have kidnapped several nationals from Dorkugal and Japaland to achieve an edge in cyber warfare.
  • North Joseon had a decent alliance with the Old Yow Kingdom before it fell.
  • It is considered extremely offensive say "North Joseon" to other penguins from North Joseon. The preferred name for their country is the DPRJ.

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