Democratic Penguins' Republic of the Melodeeves

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Democratic Penguins' Republic of the Melodeeves

Flag of the Melodeeves

You'll see!
We will conquer the USA one day
Capital Palé
Government Communist state
President {{{leader1}}}
Historical era Modern Era
Today part of EastOceanTerritoryNew.png Shopper East Ocean Territory

The Democratic Penguins' Republic of the Melodeeves, usually shortened to Melodeeves, was a socialist country located in the Asiapelago. It's military was extremely weak, only above Dorkugal in the Top Militaries of Antarctica list. Rising sea levels put the Melodeeves at risk of sinking into the ocean and vanishing completely. It was overthrown in 2013 in a brutal war.


The Melodeeves were first inhabited at around 100 AD by Penguins and Puffles from mainland Antarctica. Their culture wasn't really affected by anything, as the islands here were completely uninhabited back then, except for animals and plants. The penguins set up tribe locations here and there. The weather on the islands was harsh, big temperature varies, one night it could be -40 degrees Celsius and then the next day it could be 20 degrees Celsius, lots of rain and lots of sunshine, but the penguins adapted the warm weather, and invented gadgets like a wind powered palm leaf fan that would cool you down. Since wind is almost always present here. The population flurished on the island, raising from 5,000 to almost 50,000 inhabitants. In 1984, thanks to the recent finding of coal on the island, the Melodeeves gained independence and were recognized as the Republic of (the) Melodeeves. However, on the northern islands, a communist party was formed, which was planning a revolution. This eventually lead to the Melodeevian Civil War of '84. The communists won over everyone else and turned the Melodeeves into a "Democratic" People's Republic. People doubt in the world "Democratic" in it's name because there isn't really anything Democratic about the country. However, in 2010, the Underground Republican Agency was formed, which aims to convert the country back into a Republic again. It's chances of succeeding are at around 60%, but it's feared that it might cause another civil war. The USA supports the Underground Republican Agency, and will help them if a civil war should start. The Melodeeves were overthrown in 2013 by Shops Island, Snowiny, and Sandila.


The Melodeeves were not involved in any organizations, except for the fact they were an observer state in the UAN.


The official currency of the Melodeeves was the Melodeevian rofmyah (MRF), sometimes symbolized as £.


The official language of the Melodeeves is Hindi. Melodeevian was the main language during the Republic days, and it still remains a second official language, but it is not spoken and everything operates in Hindi.

Climate and Geography[edit]

The Melodeeves are a very warm nation, in the southern states, palm trees can grow. It can get fairly cold on the islands though, the biggest temperature varying ever happened is from -52 degrees to +34 degrees. However, temperatures over +20 are considered dangerous for penguins, so most of the penguins live on the northern islands. Melodeeves does open it's borders for tourism in the southern islands only. There have been beautiful resorts built in the southern part, while the northern part is starving and poor.


The economy of the Melodeeves mostly relied on tourism and fishing, as the Melodeeves exported fish to lots of places in Antarctica.


Badda City's Tourism Hotel
Belythayo island beach with palm trees and blue lagoons, in the background there is the Melodeevian Water Sports Center

Tourism was one of the biggest industries on the Melodeeves. The southern islands are open for tourism at any time of the year, the offer beautiful beaches and warm temperatures.

Flag, Motto, and Anthem[edit]



The official flag of the Melodeeves. It was the official flag since 1986.


तुम्हें देख लेंगे!
— The National Motto.

(Translation: You'll see!)

The motto had been the official motto since 1984, the Republic era, it was never changed, because it fitted the motives of the new government as well.


हम संयुक्त राज्य अमेरिका के एक दिन जीत जाएगा

(Translation: We will conquer the USA one day!)

The anthem "We will conquer the USA one day!" was an extremely bad choice for an anthem in lots of countries' opinions. Since the Melodeeves would most likely never conquer the USA, and they never did. The USA has asked the Melodeeves to retract their anthem if they did not want a war.


The Melodeeves had dreamed of conquering big places like the USA or the UTR in the future, which was extremely unlikely to happen, since military experts say it could never pass the number 20 line in the list, unless every single penguin in the country became a part of the military, since birth. It would still not have risen over 15.

The Melodeeves military had 500 soldiers, 5 tanks and 7 warplanes. Some people speculate if it has a nuclear weapon or not. It was probably more likely it hadn't had one, although the Melodeeves confirm they had one. Their military grew a bit in their final war, but their military was never formidable by any standards.


The culture of the Melodeeves differs from the island, although most of the "culture" was just propaganda.


The cuisine is mostly spicy and interesting. A lot of penguins have enjoyed the cuisine of the Melodeeves.


There weren't any cultural festivals, although the festivals that were considered "culture" by the people, were propaganda events.


The Melodeeves had sport teams, but they were very weak and usually lost all their games.


The Melodeeves usually offered transportation to tourists. Citizens got as low-class transport as possible.


Air Melodeeves was a middle-class airplane operator for tourists only. Citizens were not allowed to go anywhere unless they had a special right for it.


Boat rides happen between the tourist islands of the Melodeeves. Ships exporting goods only went out from southern island docks, because of the chance a citizen might go with the ship and escape. Such cases have happened at least 5 times in the history of the Melodeeves.

Public Transport[edit]


There were low-class buses operating in the citizen part of the Melodeeves, while there were high-class buses operating in the tourist part.


A subway linked all of the cities in the country, except when crossing from the southern islands to the northern or vice-versa, a license was required. Tourists who did it once will be sent back to the southern islands, but if they were caught doing it again, they would have to pay the fee for the license, although they never got the license and still couldn't cross the border.

Train systems only appeared in the northern islands and were extremely low-quality.

Relations with other nations[edit]

  • United States of Antarctica - Terrible. The Melodeeves have never made contact with the USA since it's beginning in 2000.
  • North Joseon - Good. The nations are trading partners as far as it's known.
  • Shops Island - Horrible. The nations hate each other, despite the fact the Melodeeves are located so close to Shops Island. Shops Island is heavily considering wiping it right off the map.
  • Japaland - Bad. The nations aren't sworn enemies, but they rarely make any contact.
  • Zhou - Decent. The nations trade and get along pretty well.
  • Rusca - Unknown. The Melodeeves adore Rusca, but they have never made any contact.
  • Seal Islands - Terrible. The Seal Islands despise them for their liking of Zhou, also for their government methods.
  • Nexon - WORST OF THE WORST ! They hate each other brutally, and Nexon vows to launch a nuclear strike at them.
  • Snowiny - Terrible. The reason why Snowiny hates Melodeeves is unknown, but Snowiny hates them to the root.


  • It is a parody of the Maldives, even though Maldives aren't communist in real life.

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