Democratic Republic of Eastern Maps Island

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Democratic Republic of Easten Maps Island
[[Maps Island (country)|]]

All for Democracy!
The map of two countries.
Capital Maps City (within the boundaries of the country)
Largest City Maps Island
Government Democracy
President {{{leader1}}}
Historical era Present day
 -  Split 5/31/2009
 -  Maps Island border conflict (civil war) 2/1/2011
 -  Snoss-Castillian War 2011
 -  Unification 2011
 -  Carter's junta 2011
Currency Mapsian Dollar
Today part of Maps Union

The Democratic Republic of Eastern Maps Island was an unrecognized governing entity over Maps Island (island). Formerly a full-fledged democracy, the Sovereign Entity of Maps Island soon declared the island as its territory after the 2011 Maps Island border conflict. It is currently headquartered in Maps City.

It was reunited under the banner of Maps Union after the Snoss-Castillian War, with Carter being its leader.


Maps Island was discovered in 2004. It was isolated, so it was really poor, and its' inhabitants were very unhappy because of lack of many everyday use things and food. IrishProvo1916 led the country badly. Finally, he made contact with the USA and the island became a Free Republic. This didn't work. He was forced to abdication, and the country split to two countries - CRWM and DREM. This all happened in May, 2009, however the DREM was officially established on the 7th of June. They were separated due to a conflict between two generals, who got the power after IrishProvo abdicated.


The currency is Mapsian Dollar (M$). Before establishment of DREM it was a Dollar ($) but it was changed to aviod confusion.


Northern English is the official language of DREM. It is also spoken in CRWM, along with Aquili'enian. Due to the rivalry between the two sibling countries, Aquili'enian is totally banned from the eastern country.


DREM lies on the east part of the island. It is divided onto regions. There are three regions in total - North Region, Middle Maps Region and South Region. The country is a bit smaller than its' neighbour but it has a better location than CRWM.