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Demonic Penguins
Penguin Under there.jpg
Conservation Status
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animal
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Aves
Infraclass: Neognathae
Order: Sphenisciformes
Family: Spheniscidae
Subfamily: Satanae
Genus: Malaluciferi
Species: Zabuli
Binomial Nomenclature
Malaluciferi zabuli


Demon Penguins (Malaluciferi zabuli, Latin: evil devil devil) are a legion of genetically modified Penguin clones, which live in the Underworld, and nearly all are criminally insane, being psychopaths, sociopaths, sadistic, and, to an extent, masochistic. They have low-level psychic abilities and as such can anticipate attacks from most biological beings. They are also all red, with horns, heat-resistant feathers, enhanced strength and accelerated healing factors. This said, they are relatively easy to destroy, as they are terminally allergic to salt, fear the Governance and its items/characters, and are weakened in the presence of iron or silver. On their death they crumble to dust due to a flaw in the cloning process.

After an "accident", the Demon Penguin's cloning machine was destroyed and a new one is currently under construction. Demon Penguins have to be careful not to die, because, as of now, they cannot make more.

All Demon Penguins are almost always either evil or neutral. Good true Demon Penguins can exist, but they are incredibly rare.


They were first created by an unknown individual, although their own legends suggest he was trying to create some form of fly, several hundred years ago. How the technology was available is uncertain, although the Time Agency refused to comment, until now.

Err... Demon Penguins are very evil. The individual was a crazy scientist, who was trying to craeate some cheap soldiers for the High Penguin Confederacy. He planned to combine fly DNA with Penguin DNA, add a few modifications and sell them to the High Penguins, who really needed them. However, his experiment was accidentally affected by an experimental 'morphic resonator', and the high narrativium levels caused the soldiers to mutate into Demon Penguins. They then stole the weapons they were going to be given (their pitchforks) and they left for PreTerra. They then made the Underworld...
— The Time Agency press release

The rest of the information is classified, although they promise that more will be revealed on here.


They live mostly deep down underground, and tend to help any attempt to take over Antarctica, although they do not always reveal themselves to the attackees. However, it is believed they actually wish to take over themselves during the period of instability created by victory. They also participate in anything likely to weaken the Governance, as the electromagnetic field created by it's items somehow repel and damage them. They also want to harm penguins, but are limited by their weaknesses.

How to Fight[edit]

  • Throw a flipper full of salt at their face. If some gets into their eyes, it'll weakens them.
  • Smack them with an item made of iron or silver. This weakens them severely.
  • Have them step on the legal boundaries of a telenacle's land. Turns them to dust.
  • Have them touch or run into a Governance employee, like a priest or bishop. Their heads explode!
  • Have them touch an incandescent lamp (a lightbulb) that's lit. Their heads explode!
  • Throw tunred on cell phones at their head. Turns them to dust.
  • Have them near television aerials. Scares them.
  • Have them near a television when the P.O.P.E. giving a speech is on. Their heads explode!
  • Throw fish pot pie in their face. It works, but it ain't pretty...
  • Demon penguins will crumble to dust on their death. However their conscious can survive as psychic energy and they can be revived by necromancers, the most common way being touching the dust with cheese. Putting water on the dust puts an end to the demon's life forever.


They fight using strange Tridents, which can shoot flasts of fire and act as long-distance teleportation devices. They can also restore Demon Penguins from dust, so it is a good idea to get rid of the dust.

Caste System[edit]

See here

Biological Caste System[edit]

There is a caste system about what type of Demon Penguin a Demon Penguin is. It was organized soon after the creation of them.

  • Half Demon-- Half Demons are demons who was born from a demon and another specie of penguin. The most notable is Mectrixctic. Despite the fact Pure Demons consider themselves better then them, Half-Demons are praised by Created Demons and many Half Demons have more emotions, abilities, etc, of what their half form can do. Half Demons are even more rare than Pure Demons because a normal penguin's DNA and chromosomes don't usually match the ones on a Demon Penguin. Only 8 are know to exist (Mectrixctic, 3-D Demon, Roger Lopez and Diss Kid are 4).
  • Pure Demon-- Pure Demons are demons who were born whose parents were Demon Penguins. They consider themselves top of the rug. Pure Demons are very rare, as most Demon Penguins are sterile. Some Pure Demons are born very weak and die almost instantly after being born. However the ones that do survive tend to be very strong. There are less than 125.
  • Created Demon-- Created Demons are demons who were created by other demons. They're weaker then Half or certain Pure Demons, but are the most abundant, with millions living in the underworld.
  • Undead Demon-- Undead Demons are demons who were saved from death by necromancers. They're generally weaker than any type of Demon, but could have started out as any of the three.


  • Their horns are retractable so they can disguise themselves as normal red penguins
  • Demon Penguins are actually able to retract almost any part of their body, including their flippers, feet, head, beak, etc. They don't generally do this, but in the case of they hybrids, Mectrixctic (fangs) and Familiar (flippers and feet), it is shown to be useful.
  • They can control PLVP Vampenguins due to the weakened mental state the disease causes, unless the Vampenguin manages to fights back.
  • When a Demon Penguin crumbles to dust, the dust can be rejuvenated by contact with a pitchfork and cheese.
  • When a Demon Penguin's head explodes, the body stands still for a moment then disintegrates in a flash of green light.
  • Demon Penguin's love to eat tacos and anything else hot or spicy.
  • Due to the instability of their genetic code, demon penguins' appearances vary. The differences include being a different height, weight, horn size, bone density, and even gender. But they are always have red feathers and horns.
    • Their personalities also differ, but they are usually crazy sadistic villains. Most are evil or at least neutral. There are several genes to ensure this, but if they are also ruptured, a possible of a good Demon Penguin may occur.
  • The abbreviation, DP, should not be confused with Dancing Penguin, Director Penny, or Disco Puffle.
  • Because of their salt allergy, they are afraid of Penstubal.

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