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Demongone image.PNG
Title Vampenguin Collector
Gender Male
Race Penguin
Faction Demon Penguin
Health Good
Level 100
Location Underworld

Demongone is a strange penguin, many call a Demon Penguin.


Demongone was born to two Demon Penguin, unlike most who are cloned. Demongone was quite different than many other Demon Penguins, because his head looked similar to flames. He was once attacked by a Vampenguin, where Demongone realized he could steal the Vampenguin away from him, and managed to take away all of its powers. Not only was the penguin powerless and Demongone had many other powers, Demongone got immunity to the POPE's speeches. However, this power brought some problems to Demongone. This power would fade if he had not stolen enough Vampenguinism in one day.


Demongone seems to be lowering the population of Vampenguins due to his strange powers. Though he does not like to do it (It hurts him somewhat, and raises his voices pitch) he wants to do it for the advantage of having less Demon Penguin weaknesses.

WishFlyX's Army[edit]

After he found out Flywish was ruining his chances of being the most evil villain, He decided to ask WishFlyX for some help. Then WishFlyX said yes and then he joined WishFlyX. His chances of destroying Flywish are very low right now.


  • He is a parody of Demongo from Samurai Jack.
  • When he steals a vampenguin's powers, he also gets it's weaknesses such as pumpkins, tomatoes, and sunlight.
  • His power doesn't work on Half-vampenguins
  • He is trying to help WishFlyX destroy Flywish though it is impossible since Flywish is using tomatoes against him.

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