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Demongone X is the X Antibody of Demongone.


Demonegone was stealing the powers from a Vamppenguin as usual, when he managed to find one that had caught the X-Virus seconds before losing his Vamppenguin powers. Demonegone, however, did not know that the penguin had the X-Virus, and stole the disease right away from him.

Demongone was sick in the Underworld for weeks. He had little assistance in being cured, slowly losing his powers. When he suddenly felt better, he rushed to the surface to do a massive Vampenguin power robbing spree.

Right when he was about to approach a terrified victim, Demongone got a red X on his forehead. He freaked when he litterly threw up a Black Blob of X-Virus.


"What are you talking about parasite!"

"Nothing really..."

Demongone X suddenly dissappeared, and no one knew where he went for weeks.


Demongone X found his way into Flywish's Army, and was asked to join so he could defeat his host. They almost always rage battles over which one is superior.

He managed to evade the Nightmare Epic by throwing a bunch of stuff inside Flywish's Army's armory at the X-Antibody after him.


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