Dennis Kappa

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Dennis Kappa

What's that green liquid he's serving?
Born Dennis Jacob Kappa
October 12, 1959 (1959-10-12) (age 60)
Heartire, Conneticult, New Puffle'and, Puffica
Gender Male
Nationality Puffica flag.png Puffican
Other names Dennis
Education Unknown
Alma mater N/A
  • Butler
  • Tropicalian Intelligence Agent
Years active 1985-present
Employer Penguino Lagois IV
Notable works None
Home town Snowdon
Height N/A
Weight N/A
Known for Serving the Lagois Family for many years.
Title Dennis the Butler
Spouse(s) None
Children None
Parents Unknown
Relatives N/A

Not to be confused with Dennis the Oppressive

Dennis Jacob Kappa is the butler of the Lagois Family. He works and lives in the Lagois Mansion and has worked there since the 1990's. He has been very loyal to the Lagois Family ever since and has never betrayed them. He always obeys a direct order.


Dennis was hatched in Puffica to a Ardonian High Penguin father and a Emperor Penguin mother who were both Puffish immigrants. There, he learnt average fighting techniques and he learnt to speak Spanish and a few other languages. At around 1987, he moved to Tropicalis and became the new butler after the old one left and retired and has been the butler ever since.


Dennis hasn't done much, (unless you count guarding and taking care of the mansion while Penguino Lagois IV is in his office away from the mansion and Wikipenguino45 and Terry are out journey with Falco or something else) but he has been known to have once knocked a thief unconscious by creeping up on him from behind the mansion where he was running off with money. He has agreed to be a substitute head of security of the Lagois Mansion should the original head not be present.


He usually wears a suit, the colour purple and has a few lines of hair. He also has an English accent and a moustache. He always uses a platter to carry stuff such as drinks, food, etc.


  • As a Dufflepud, he has the slow ageing ability which makes him look slightly younger.
  • He is usually seen carrying a tray with something on it.
  • He's not afraid of many things. He has a slight phobia of rats, even though they exist in the human world.

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