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The Department of Computing is a Bureau of Fiction division responsible for computing professions in the BoF.


Software Division[edit]

The Software Division is primarily responsible for creating software for use by the Bureau of Fiction. These include firewalls, anti viruses and other similar software. However they also can design and engineer worms, viruses, DoS software and other malicious software, which is put to use by the Hacking Division. Director Benny often uses them to his advantage and distributes the Bureau software under Von Injoface Enterprises. Notable employees include XTUX Hun, Icmer, and Andrew K. Rapone.

Hacking Division[edit]

Responsible for checking vulnerabilities and send the report to the required branch to fix it. They also put the software of the Software Division to use, especially due to Power4U (it is their number-one priority to bring down that site). Notable employees include ZapWire, who is the department's head, and Andrew K. Rapone.

Hardware Division[edit]

Responsible for creating hardware for the BoF like computers and microchips. Currently they are maintaining and updating the supercomputers of the BoF. Notable employees include Icmer.


  • Publicly, they use the name Ampersand Computers, Inc, just as the main Bureau uses Ampersand Publishing.
  • They have a rivalry with the Department of Science, who refuse to merge the Computer Office (a computer science branch) into the Department of Computing. It actually isn't the Department of Science's fault, it's actually Director Benny who doesn't approve. He really love chaos.

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