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The Department of Plot is a department in the Bureau of Fiction, it's name is pretty self explanatory. This department looks after the flow of plot in stories (You can't leave it all to the tern!) and is also the home to the entrance to the Board of Fiction, Serious Face Squidward and the Black Halls, a series of offices that are blacked out to hide the Board of Fiction. Most penguins that are employed into the Bureau start here. Imagination is key here.


Characters Office[edit]

Works on new characters and their personalities, their background, the list goes on. They also deal with OOC related to these characters. Some people elsewhere in the Bureau hold OOC rights to articles that would normally be developed here.

Settings Office[edit]

This department HAS THE WORLD IN THEIR HANDS! Every object in the entire universe was fashioned here with the (metaphorical) Anvils of Word and the Hammers of Imagination.

Plot Components & Devices Office[edit]

Ever wondered how You fell victim to Mabel's insults, Benny's ruthless grammar checking or got on the wrong side of Project X Mark 1? Well, you came to the right place. The greatest imaginations in the Bureau reside here, working tirelessly to bring to you the zaniest, most original plot twists and devices.

Plot Generation Board[edit]

Here is where it all comes together, right next to the Black Halls resides the Plot Generation Board. Here, the creatures working here are constantly being given characters, plot devices and settings. All they have to do is build the stories from the (also, metaphorical) bricks they are given.


  • Because of being one of the largest departments, a worker may spend his entire career here and still not be picked as one of the lucky 15 for the Staff Sports Day.

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