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The Department of Security (codename Ampersand Security, Inc.) is a Bureau of Fiction department responsible for providing internal security for the Bureau of Fiction and stability to the universe. They have also taken part in one war, the Great Darktonian Pie War and assisted the Ternville National Guard and the Ternville Police Department in defending Ternville and protecting the Narrator's Organ, which was temporarily based in the city while the main BoF building went under a major renovation. Johnathan Wolfhunter is a member of the Department of Security, in the Bureau of Fiction Security Force, where is the (inactive) Administrator. The Moose in Black are a division of this department. The third branch is the (ever-useless) Department of Conflict Relations Office.


The Department of Security was formed just at the start of the Bureau of Fiction, although name the Bureau of Fiction Gaurd and ancestor to the modern Bureau of Fiction Security Force (a misspelling by a member of the Jones family caused this) with them only armed with basic but effective weapons at the time; swords, shields and armour. All were High Penguins as the Bureau was dominated by High Penguins at the time, who imposed an height restriction, meaning the only other lessers who could join were tall Emperor or King Penguins. The 'Gaurd' was mainly honorary and had very little responsibilities, other than policing employees and acting as Bodyguards for some of them. However the rise of Universal nuisances around 1927 meant that the Bureau had to modernise; a modernisation program began and the Bureau of Fiction Security Force was formed to replace the Gaurd. The specism was removed and the Bureau of Fiction Security Force maintained the role of the Gaurd while dealing with those who wished to destabilise the Universe. The Department of Conflict Relations Office was found in 1943 while the Moose In Black came in 1999, taksed with covering-up anything which could expose the Bureau.


Bureau of Fiction Security Force[edit]

The Bureau of Fiction Security Force is where the majority of employees are based at in the Department. It is responsible for internal security of the Bureau of Fiction, policing threats to the Universe and in the case of the Great Darktonian Pie War, fight in wars of behalf of the Bureau. They are usually fourth-wall breaking ex soldiers and even police officers. They are trained in the arts of conventional and unconventional warfare, just on a more 'Universal' scale, if you know what we mean.

The Administrator responsible Johnathan Wolfhunter, a Level 8 holding member, although is currently inactive. His secretary, former EPF agent Louise Smith, is currently the Acting Administrator and holds a Level 8 as well. An example of the BoF's bureaucracy can be found here, as the Secretary literally has her own Secretary.

Moose In Black[edit]

Main Article: MIB

The MIB was established in 1999 by Director Benny for the purpose of covering up Legislation M13. After that was done, he turned the Moose over to the Bureau in general. Since then, the MIB have been everywhere, frightening creatures into not telling the world about the conspiracies of the Masters, and of humans. It is the most recent division of the Department of Security. Moose In Black, although known quite well by BoF members, are only truly known by fellow Department of Security employees. The MIB do not directly take part in Universal stability, unlike their BoFSF brothers and therefore, do not go chasing after vandals or anything similar. Rather, they cover-up any evidence of anything like that, along with the many conspiracy theories. As Johnathan Wolfhunter quoted, 'they wait for us to finish what we're doing and then go and clear up mess; sadly, they don't do it in the best of ways'.

Department of Conflict Relations Office[edit]

The Department of Conflict Relations Office is responsible for maintaining communication between the Department of Conflict and the Department of Security during warfare. It is the smallest and is rarely ever used, since the Bureau of Fiction is rarely involved directly in warfare. Rather than using direct communication, such as fax machines or phones, they have a series of messengers, who pass the message amongst each other. Therefore, the letter always has some degree of sweat on it from all the running.


  • Johnathan Wolfhunter is a famous member. As a member of the Bureau of Fiction Security Force, he fought in the Great Darktonian Pie War. He was the Administrator of the Bureau of Fiction Security Force and later the Bureaucrat responsible for the entire Department. He pioneered the demotion spree, where he was demoted himself. He is currently inactive due to his in-universe role with the Royal Bounty Hunters of Snowzerland.
  • Moose In Black is nicknamed Bennyforce by other employees, due to Director Benny's usage of it as his 'private army'. Other nicknames include the Schutzstaffel and the Secret Police of Everything (in reference to Director Benny using it to police both the Universe and the BoF itself).
  • Apparently the Mayor McFlapp-Director Benny rivalry extends here; the Bureau of Fiction Security Force are loyal to Mayor McFlapp while the Moose In Black are loyal to Director Benny.

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