Department of Surveillance

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This department is watching you! The Department of Surveillance is the biggest department in the Bureau of Fiction by far, having a camera pointing at every single object in the universe at once. The finest eyes are employed in this department to oversee the universe and ensure the no-one is bending the rules of the universe.


Anonymity Necklace Assignment Board[edit]

This department, ironically, assigns Anonymity Necklaces to certain creatures so they are immune to the effects of the Bureau and, by extension, the Department of Surveillance. Impartial-ness is key here, as a successful bribe could put someone in a position that they are almost master-level.

Screen Room[edit]

Think of a room about the size of a Basic Igloo, now fill it with screens, now expand the room five-hundred-fold (adding screens as you go) and filled the rest with tables, seats and binoculars, that's roughly what this room is. It is where all the data from hundreds upon thousands upon millions upon billions upon quadrillions (at last count) of invisible, and to an extent, pass-through-able cameras is compiled and displayed. 500000 penguins work in here.

Film Archives[edit]

Most of the camera's footage is recorded as film, a place to store this film is a necessity therefore. This room, even larger than the screen room, stores a whopping 400,000,000 miles of film reels. This room is rumoured to be infinite (Correction: As big as required).