Derek Krauster

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Derek Krauster
Derek K.png
A young, evil man
Title Podracer pilot
Gender Male
Race Penguin
Health Good
Level 98
Status Alive
Location Deadly Alliance residences
Death date He is Alive
Occupation Works for an evil army, is a murderer, bounty hunter
Feather color Yellow
Friends Boon Tobias, Ninjasaurus, Steven D
Enemies Good Guys
Weapon of choice Axe

Derek Krauster is a yellow High Penguin who enjoys Podracing, and was a pilot at the time, but was unfortunately banned immediately after its five races. He worked as an assassin, bounty hunter, and Podracer pilot like mentioned. Sadistic and cruel in nature, Krauster offered his services to whoever could offer the biggest cash reward, accepting jobs that ranged from killing high profile targets, ninjas, and agents to acting as a bodyguard. When competing in Pod races, he flew a blue Sea-Manta Spikefull 10XP by the now-defunct podracing manufacturer, Sea Manta, which was more renowned for its size rather than its racing capabilities.


The Young Hit-Man[edit]

Derek was born as a racing fan, on November 15th, 2001, In the Industrial Expansion region, who hatched to penguin parents, that lived in turmoil at the time of his hatching, where he was born in an area known as the Industrial Expansion region, a part of an industrial city in the northeast of Duck Island. He always loved the races but was also evil. He was evil since hatching from his mother's "dreaded egg." He decided to be a go-kart driver at age 13, and won the championship, and signed his name into it. At age 15, he would enroll himself in the Deadly Alliance's young members program. He would be trained in how to fight the good guys and given a weapon of choice.


Circa 2001, in November he hatches.

Age 13, he signs in the local-go-kart races.

Age 14, spends some jail time.

Age 15, enrolls in the Deadly Alliance.

Age 16, starts driving in podracing.


He is often in the "suicide missions", of the Deadly Alliance, and is often seen alive after the missions, along with his allies. He is also a bounty hunter of the group, just like his best friend in the group, the red cyborg Ketchup. Back when the pod races where still a thing before being banned, he was a good driver. In the first race, he was 3rd, in the second race, getting a CNF (Could Not Finish), after he collided with another racer and placed him in 18th, in the third he was 9th, in the fourth race, he was 2nd, but in the last race, the fifth one he was 13th. He had 1,720 points. In the "orchestra group" of the Deadly Alliance, and plays the Bass Clarinet.

Derek Krauster's podracer[edit]

Derek Racer.png
Derek Krasuter's podracer is an illegal manufactured podracer by the now-defunct podracer manufacturer, Sea-Manta. The model is called a "Sea-Manta Spikefull 10XP". The model can run up to 187 miles per hour and has tight and protected gear when crashing. The model is 15 feet long, and each of the pods is 9,400 pounds, and the cockpit is only 3,100 pounds, making the entire pod, excluding cables, making it 21,940 pounds. Or tons if you could say. It has a tube-like shape, with a purple stripe, all light blue with three spike-like structures on the back. The cockpit is a different shape, looking wide. It is a good podracer, not too bad to pilot for the first time, only having a screen, several buttons, two levers, and two mirrors.

Derek Krauster: 2018 season[edit]

Derek's career during the 2018 season, has been quite good, since he has won three races, his most notable in Tropicalis. During the Giga Fortress Run, run by the Giga Fortress (making this race illegal), Derek started at the last row, row 5. As the race started, he started smoothly, moving up to 6th position. However, in front of him, track favorite, King Penguin, Frost Suarez, knocked out Wally from preventing to get in front of him. Because of this, many pieces of scrap flew across him and the others. However, he used his boost to go to first place, in which he succesfully did.