Derek Verghanta

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Derek Verghanta

Aunt Arctic, I won't let ya down ma'am.
Born November 25, 1960 (1960-11-25) (age 59)
Penguin Island
Gender Male
Nationality Antarctican
Other names AA's Mailman, Mr Ganta
Occupation Fisherman (formerly)
Years active 1985-1988,1990-Present
Home town Club Penguin Island
Height 3ft6
Weight 12kg
Known for Delivering the Club Penguin Times.
Spouse(s) Sasha Price(dating)

Derek Jerry Verghanta is the father of Antartican singer Lucy Verghanta, husband of Sasha and Aunt Arctic's new recruited mail man.


Chick/Child Years[edit]

Derek was hatched to Victoria White and George Verghanta. At 2, his parents noticed he enjoyed walks so his mother waddled him around twon a lot until he was 9, was ready for a fit, healthy, and strong but brave exercise which made him feel so strong, after the race course, he bumped into a girl carrying books, and gone in hospital for 25 minutes to see if there is a plaster for his beak. At 10, he went to school where he met two friends, a boy named Rockhopper and a girl named Sasha Price who was indeed the girl carrying books, in which he apologized to her and asked to be friends.

Teenage Years[edit]

He had a great summer with them until in 1972, he was 12 and was nearly old enough to get a igloo, which the aged for a igloo is 13 and up so he saved up for one and looked for a saled one. His mother asked him how we will get food and he replied that he would be a fisherman penguin. At 14, after he bought his igloo and moved out, he graduated school and went high school where he had Sasha Price still, however, Rockhopper moved away to be a pirate but visits Club Penguin still. At 15, he asked Sasha Price on a date which she accepted and decided to go out at the Crusty's Pizza (which was later called Pizza Parlor) for a fish on pizza which sounded tasty so he said yes.

Adult Years[edit]

At 18, they decided that Sasha can move into Derek's house so the Community got Sasha's house removed to Derek's house, as one big one for more room. Sasha and Derek graduated high school together and had kids, named one Lucy which wasn't that much of a handle but needed lots of care as the first child.At age 25, he got the job for fishing as a fisherman until 1998, he retired a fisherman cause he had enough money for food so in 1995, he became a postman for 16 years currently and had some kids with Sasha so he was happy, he had a family so he decided to ask Aunt Arctic for a raise to afford, Lucy's tours so she said "yes, sure whatever you want".



  • Here is the family list of Derek's family.
  • He is seen in Plaza from 8:30am to 9:00am posting mail.
  • His full name is Derek Jermira Xiro Verghanta.
  • He is friends with Aunt Arctic.
  • Aunt Arctic put in issue 20087# that he looks like Billy from Willy and Kody.