Dessert Island

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Dessert Island
Dessert Island map.jpg
Artist's drawing of Dessert Island
Country United States of Antarctica
Area Weddell Sea
Monuments Strawberry Geysers, Vanilla Mountain, Chocolate Waterfall
Headquarters Dessert Hotel
Neighbourhoods Beaches, Greater Dessert (aka Ice Cream Sandwich), Forests
Mayor D. Dessert
Population 40,095
Inhabited species Penguins, puffles, crabs
General information
Native name Dessert Island
Demonym Desserts
Founded August 3, 1980
– Founder D. P. Dessert
Time zone Weddell Time
Summer time Weddell Time
Area codes 6567

Dessert Island is an island in the USA-occupied part of the State of Weddell. As it name implies, it is the hub of dessert delicacies, with many famous names and a number of recipes originating from here. It is also known for its absurdly interesting scenery, comprising of a geyser with strawberry puree instead of water and a chocolate waterfall. Since the Dessert Dimension was discovered in 2011, comparisons have been made between it and Dessert Island.


The island is said to be a collection depot for all the desserts in Antarctica dumped in the sea, most of which from the Bay of Weddell. It managed to form a small islet by the sixties, and after a volcanic eruption, an island was formed, the small islet now the Vanilla Mountain.

Two explorers, a father and son, founded the island on August 3, 1980 and claimed it as their own territory, although it was legally part of the Water Kingdom of Olde Antarctica. It was later ceded as part of Colonial Antarctica, and later to the USA after the Epic Revolution. It was part of the Sub-Antarctic Islands until January 2009, when Weddell became its own state.

The town was only built at the turn of the century, and the Dessert Hotel, the largest infrastructure at the time, housed the city council, and to this day continues to do so.



The beaches of Dessert Island are not outstanding. The Bay of Desserts, located on the northwest part of the island, is littered with cups and spoons from shops lining the beaches.

The shops, however, are quite well known throughout Antarctica for their delicacies and home-made recipes. It was said that the Gelato of neighbouring Silicia actually originated here. Some odd concoctions are also available, such as the famous Ice Cream Sandwich. This odd delicacy is also a nickname for the town, Greater Dessert.

Greater Dessert / Ice Cream Sandwich[edit]

Greater Dessert is the heart of Dessert Island, where residences are located and the large town hall, located in the Dessert Hotel, manages the tourist spots and beaches of the island. It only started development in 2000, when Hydro-Hoppers transported penguins to the island. The hotel was around since the 1990s, though, and is known for its wide variety of purposes due to the town's limited infrastructure.

A monorail service, the Dessert Express, runs through Dessert Island.


There is a humongous forest in the central of the island, stretching from the northeast to the shoreline of the south. There is practically no fauna except crabs, but the flora here is amazing. Aside from common foods in desserts such as cherry trees, there are also whipped cream fields and flour flowers (an undesirable pun by the founders). It is also the location of the famed Vanilla Mountain and the pristine Chocolate Waterfalls.

Vanilla Mountain[edit]

Vanilla Mountain is 800m in height and was the original Dessert Island, before a volcano erupted and the island was made. The original islet was a collection of desserts thrown into the sea, which all moved in the direction of the islet. When the volcano erupted, the islet became the peak of Vanilla Mountain went a new island went up from the sea.

The vanilla plant is native to the mountain. Some farms are located here specifically to collect vanilla beans from the plants. These farms earn a ton of money for their services, and the only other island with the vanilla bean is Fruit Island.

At the edge of the west side of the mountain lies the Chocolate Waterfall, which is made out entirely of melted chocolate from the nearby cocoa trees.

Chocolate Waterfall[edit]

A sight to behold, the Chocolate Waterfall is made out of pure melted cocoa from the nearby cocoa trees after years of cultivation (that being at most fifty). The cocoa sauce is used in many known products and farms are located along the top and bottom of the waterfall specifically to collect the cocoa. It is also the native habitat of the chocolate fish, a unique species of fish whose genes are altered greatly and is coated with a dark brown colour, identical to chocolate.

The lake leading to the Chocolate Waterfall is only a kilometre long, though.

Strawberry Geysers[edit]

On the southeast of the island, in a secluded area, lies the Strawberry Geysers. The geysers shoot out a current of strawberry puree, in which strawberry bushes at the bottom of the geyser melt and squish into a puree. Many houses help collect the puree and bring it to the town, either for local consumption or export. The town surrounding the geysers are synonymous with them.


Dessert Hotel[edit]

The Dessert Hotel's main tower before 2011 renovations.

The Dessert Hotel was founded in the 1990s as the headquarters for a company called Dessert Penguin Shipping. Once that company moved its headquarters elsewhere on the island, plans began to convert the building into a ten-story hotel in the early 2000s. The top three floors were turned into suites known as the "Special Suites Tower", and two more smaller buildings were built nearby to accommodate expected guests, as the main building only had 250 rooms. Despite the renovation and expansion, the main building never opened, after which it fell into disrepair. While the other buildings, the South Wing and East Wing were open and accepting guests, the main building wasn't open and was rarely used. The first floor was a dusty abandoned lobby, the fourth floor collapsed onto the third floor in 2007 and began being used as a fighting ring between criminals and crabs. The Desserts Suits Tower, the top three floors, were also left open and operational.

A later investigation determined the fourth floor collapsed due to the wrong materials being used, with the rest of the building being deemed safe. After such a long delay, the mayor re-started construction, had the fourth floor and the rest of the building repaired, and opened the full Dessert Hotel to the public in late 2011 after a large surge of tourists that had come after seeing the Dessert Dimension earlier in the year. The hotel complex is now fully operational, and has thousands of guests each year.

The Hotel's logo.

Since it became the Dessert Hotel, he first floor has also been used as the Town Council's headquarters. The first floor also has a few large rooms for events to be held.

Dessert Express[edit]


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