Dessert Zone

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Dessert Dimension
Key details
Type Unhealthy area in the Box Dimension
Location Box Dimension
Inhabitants LMGT and his parents KMGT and PMGT, obese penguins, Cheesecracker Puffles

The Dessert Zone is a zone in the Box Dimension known for drawing penguins close to its unhealthy constituents due to a natural tendency. It houses a lot of sweets and also LMGT's dream of eating all the stuff in here. It was accidentally found by LMGT in 2009, when he tripped while exploring the Box Dimension. It was unknown to all penguins except LMGT until April 2011.

Important constituents/landmarks[edit]

  • The Candy Peninsula - It is surrounded by the Milkchoc Sea on 3 sides.
  • Milkchoc Sea - covers most of the known area of the Dessert Dimension.
  • Cacao Powder Desert (note the one "s") - A giant desert which tastes bitter.
  • Cookie Tectonic Plates - They are sometimes eaten, and that isn't a good idea as earthquakes may occur.
  • Donut Formations - Ring-shaped donut-like formations.
  • Ice cream Iceberg - It is only rumored to exist.

Cheesecracker Puffles[edit]

See main article: Cheesecracker Puffles

They are puffles which are usually normal but sometimes go mad. LMGT first found them in 2010.


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