Destruction Gems

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Destruction Gems
Chaos Emeralds image.jpg
All 7 gems in all their glory.
Type Gem
Effects See abilities
Source Seraphim Isles
Location Varies
Cost to buy - Priceless
Cost to sell - Priceless

The Destruction Gems are the most powerful artifacts in Antarctica and a source of unlimited power for any who dares to unite all seven of them. Many scientists believe them to have been made during the High Penguin Confederacy however their true origins remain shrouded in mystery. Legends tell that when all seven are collected that the holder will be provided power that can move even the highest peaks of the mountains into the oceans. Each gem is incredibly hard to locate, and finding just one requires a great amount of luck that most penguins don't have the pleasure of, and thus collecting them all is neigh impossible.


The seven Destruction Gems were all rumored to have been just one mega gem fused along with the Master Gem on the Seraphim Isles. When their united power was declared too much for anyone to bear, the power was divided among eight different gems; the essence gem, the telekinesis gem, the strength gem, the time gem, the telepathy gem, the energy gem, the illusion gem and the Master gem.

For the first time in seven hundred years, Tails6000 became the first penguin to unite the seven gems and unleash his super form on his first battle against Doctor Aye-Que on Club Penguin Island, easily defeating the strange puffle.

In 2007, Speeddasher alongside Tails6000 united the Destruction Gems and used them to defeat a powered up Metal Explorer.

During the Nightmare Epic, Nightmare sent Tails X to gather the Destruction Gems while the Good Guys and Darktan's Army were busy in combat. By the climactic war scene, Nightmare had acquired all of the gems, becoming Super Nightmare, and used the gems' power to absorb the King of Sorrow's deletion apocalypse. She then planned to use both powers to destroy Antarctica and replace it with a new one, but was unable to accomplish the former when Richperson and Armored Tategami Leon attacked her, eliminating the King of Sorrow's powers. Kwiksilver, Tails6000, and Speeddasher then entered the fray and destroyed Nightmare's suit, killing her and scattering the Destruction Gems.

After the Nightmare Epic, it was mutually agreed upon many individuals throughout Antarctica to keep the gems separated in case of any other destructive plans for their use. The the strength gem was taken by Antarctica's Protectors and is regularly kept safe by Tails6000. The telekinesis gem was later discovered by a ninja on Club Penguin Island who instantly showed it to Sensei who hid it from public use in a secret chamber of the Dojo. In 2016, Jedi Master Penquino had stumbled upon the knowledge gem and hid it in a Jedi safe room. Early 2017, Mario Arkay discovered the telepathy gem in an undisclosed location and hid it away after learning of its dangerous potential though would stray back to it whenever he needed to communicate with beings who spoke in other languages.

In the events of the Wikia Catastrophe in 2020, EPT and the Tobots used the Destruction Gems to upgrade an attack alongside the HaOh Tank, Armored Tategami Leon, and DaiVoyager and SirenBuilder's Dual Blast. This attack used up too much power, causing the Destruction Gems to shatter and presumably be destroyed. A few months after the incident, however, the telekinesis gem was located by an unidentified penguin in thanks to Kwiksilver's sacrifice.


Each Destruction Gem provides a unique ability that is noted by the different colors of each one. The gems are said to emit two types of destruction energy: hyper and negative, each which could leaving everlasting side-effects on its users. A large amount of concentration is required to use each gem's ability properly, and if not then the user will truly discover how they earned their destructive names. The gems all share a collective bond with the dimension of the universe, and thus separating them from their home world renders them unusable.

Some of the greatest scientific minds have allegedly measured the energy within the gems, although the accuracy of the results are questionable at best. Much like computers, the energy found within Destruction Gems have been measured in bytes. According to this research, each gem is theoretically capable of storing 2 terabytes of energy. It has also been theorized that exceeding a gem's power may shatter it, though this theory is yet to be proven.

Some individuals believe each gem to be semi-sentient, however due to a lack of hard evidence this is yet to be proven.

Essence gem[edit]

The essence gem is the white-glowing gem which provides the user with the ability to either create life or end it at will. Misuse of this gem could lead to excessive death around or deformed life forms spawning on accident. The location of this gem is entirely unknown though has been found by someone.

Telekinesis gem[edit]

The telekinesis gem is the red-glowing gem which provides its users the ability to manipulate matter around them with a simple thought. Misuse of this gem causes the world to fall apart around its user. It is currently rumored to be hidden away in the Dojo by Sensei.

Strength gem[edit]

The strength gem is the orange-glowing gem which provides its users with immeasurable strength in combat. Misuse of this gem can cause its user to strain themselves to blackout or even permanently damage muscles throughout their body. This gem is currently in possession of the Antarctica's Protectors, and specifically under the care of Tails6000.

Time gem[edit]

The time gem is the yellow-glowing gem which provides its users with the ability to manipulate and travel throughout time. Misuse of the time gem can cause the user to be caught in an endless time loop, erase themselves from existence or even being frozen in a single moment for the rest of eternity. The time gem was rumored to be in the keepings of the Time Agency, though it was likely confiscated by the Elite Penguin Force.

Telepathy gem[edit]

The telepathy gem is the green-glowing gem that allows users to sense or read the thoughts of others around them, and even control or manipulate them as a result. The telepathy gem can also be used to create illusions in other individual's heads, or dream manipulation. The telepathy stone is even capable of transmitting messages directly into other's head, even across countries. Misuse of this gem can cause massive headaches or cause more information to enter the user's head than they can process. It is currently hidden away by Mario Arkay to prevent union with the other gems in case of any malicious intent for them.

Energy gem[edit]

The energy gem is the blue-glowing gem that allows users to construct and unleash any type of energy that they can think of. Misuse of this gem can harm the user when they aren't careful and unleash the energy upon themselves. It is rumored that the energy gem may very well be what powers the Meme Machine, though this is yet to be proven.

Knowledge gem[edit]

The knowledge gem is the purple-glowing gem which allows users to fully comprehend any type of subject. Misusing the gem can lead to a simple blackout or in more severe cases, brain damage. The gem was found by Penquino who hid it to the temptation of raw power that he saw as a characteristic of the dark side.

United power[edit]

Upon collecting every single gem, the user will find themselves with unlimited power to accomplish whatever they could imagine. Without a proper conduit, the power of the gems can cause incredibly strain to the user's body upon completed use and they will scatter uncontrollably across Antarctica. Only beings with very powerful bodies may safely channel the energy of all the gem without sufficient harm. Regardless, it has been recommended that the gems be used as quickly as possible without any given protection to evenly distribute its power.

The most common use of the united seven gems is to awaken one's "super" form. Once thought of as a myth, the super form is signified when the user's powers and abilities are multiplied by extraordinary levels. Though frequent, it is a very narrow-minded point of view as for what the gems are truly capable of. While in super form, excess destruction energy leaks from the user's body as light, typically causing glowing bright yellow feathers, wasting much of the gems's potential. Legends tell that of a super penguin who wasn't able to control the full power and had almost destroyed all of Antarctica. Tails6000 was the first penguin recorded to go super in seven hundred years and prior to then it was assumed to just be a tall tale. Since then, various other beings have turned super to combat opponents.



  • The Destruction Gems are a parodies of the Chaos Emeralds from the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise as well as the Infinity Gems from Marvel Comics.
  • The shortest recorded time between super forms is approximately three-and-a-half months: Super EPT in March of 2015, and Epic Nightmare that June.

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