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Mega Star Destroyer.jpg
A drawing of the Mega Destroyer.
Type Spaceship Mega Star Destroyer
Effects Destruction, Transportation, more Destruction, Fear... did we mention Destruction yet?
Source Yow
Location Never happened
Cost to build Bankrupting
Cost to buy Even more-so bankrupting
Cost to sell It wasn't supposed to be sold.

This will be my personal star destroyer, and it won't be called the Destructor for nothing!
Feey1 Pie to his puffle Gill while masterminding the massive vessel.

The Destructor was to be the personal flagship of Yowien king Feey1 Pie and the main command vessel in the non-existent Yowien space navy, which never got off the drawing board due to certain events.

The Destructor was designed to be the largest star-ship in history; a whopping 19,000 meters long, and would be the largest vehicle ever built, second only to Snowzerland's Darth Cube. It was even larger than the original Death Star, used by Herbert and Snowzerland during the Star War.

Blueprints for the vessel were stolen by the Culldrome Isles after the Great Yowien War, and have been in their possession ever since. They have no intention on actually building such a massive spacecraft anytime soon.


The Destructor was to be built built in outer space, in Earth's orbit. Construction was proposed to begin in 2024 (due to Feey's belief that Yow would have enough money by then), and the project was to culminate in 2026. The sheer size of the star-ship is extremely intimidating, and was to scare the living day lights out of anyone who encountered it. It was to be a practical extension of Yow itself, in space.

The design called for twelve massive engines, and the Mega Destroyer was predicted to be able to reach speeds of well past light-speed; note that this was designed before many technological developments came into existence. Many skeptics thought that the space craft would run out of fuel after 30 minutes, but the engines' fuel consisted of a very powerful substance. After Feey1 was defeated by the Hokjoks, he took into his possession, rare Power Gems. Feey1 immediately knew that the Power Gems could be used to make Yow Kingdom unbeatable. So he had his pet puffle, Gill, build an Atom Duplicator, which unsurprisingly failed. Many of the gems were destroyed in the process.

Feey1 and Gill designed the star-ship to use the remaining power crystals left, and had it finalized by professional rocket engineers and designers; their ideas were shot down multiple times, before Feey used his veto power to push forward with funding for the project. The Mega Destroyer had to be constructed in space due to its size, and would take years to build. It would only descend to Earth on vital occasions, and that would be to gain territory for Yow.


The Destructor was designed to carry over 50,000 soldiers, and 300 smaller fighter spacecraft. It would have around 5000 gun turrets and cannons on it's exterior. Gill designed the ship to be virtually indestructible, using super-reinforced titanium to achieve such goals. The Destructor was to have the firepower to reduce an entire continent to rubble in a matter of hours. Its presence alone was designed to frighten an entire country, if not planet, into submission.


The Mega Destroyer is was designed to be 19,000 meters long, or 19 kilometers (around 9.5 miles) in length. It would be armed with 5000 guns and cannons, and some special laser-blaster cannons. These special laser cannons are machines that fire a red laser onto a target, but the projectile was to continue in its course, causing mass destruction. These laser cannons were to be found at the bottom of the ship.

Pros & Cons[edit]


  • Was supposed to be almost indestructible.
  • Carries a lot of load.
  • Scares many enemies by just looking at it.
  • It had no competition at the time of its design.
  • Was to go past light speed


  • Was to take two years to construct.



  • This is a parody of the Executor, Darth Vader's personal starship from the Star Wars saga.

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