Detective Focci

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Detective Focci
Detective Focci
The Detective in his trademark jacket and hat.
Full Name Bryce Vargas
Alias Detective Focci
The Dark Detective
Species Penguin
Race Emperor Penguin
Gender Male
Residence USA flag.PNG United States of Antarctica
Citizenship USA flag.PNG United States of Antarctica
Occupation Detective
Employer New Protectors

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Detective Focci (real name Bryce Vargas) is a vigilante serving as the protector of Gótico City and one of Antarctica's greatest detectives. He has no superpowers, but is incredibly stealthy and is skilled in a wide variety of weapons, especially swords. He is a founding member of the superhero team the New Protectors.


Formation of the New Protectors[edit]


  • Detective - Focci is one of Antarctica's greatest detectives. In his public persona as Bryce Vargas, he runs his own detective firm in Gótico City. Ironically, he struggles for clients as a direct result of his work as Focci, in a way stealing his own business.
  • Vigilante
  • Superhero



Detective Focci is a loner and doesn't particularly enjoy the company of others. He doesn't like having any sort of partner or sidekick, as he feels they would only slow him down and that his work is done best by him alone. Although reluctant to be part of the New Protectors because of this, he recognizes the necessity of its existence and continues to work with them for the greater good.

Focci is a very old-fashioned penguin. He is apprehensive about using new technology, often not seeing the point of its developments. For example, he hates smartphones, as he thinks having a clock and calendar on your phone is pointless when you can just use a wristwatch and a physical calendar, and considers the ability to browse the internet or play games on a phone a pointless waste of time. Since joining the New Protectors, he has become somewhat overwhelmed with the frequent use of Iron Walrus' cutting-edge technology.


  • Foccipoon
  • Smoke Bombs

Personal life[edit]


Detective Focci enjoys keeping up on current events, but is somewhat old-fashioned and prefers the medium of newspapers.


Detective Focci's beverage of choice is coffee. He feels that he does his best thinking after having some.


Portrayal in media[edit]

Focci considers certain media such as comic books and video games to be frivolous pastimes meant for chicks. Because of this, he refuses to give anyone the license to use his likeness and has not appeared in any form of media, in stark contrast to other heroes and fellow New Protectors like Shadow Guy, Gamma Gal, and Iron Walrus. After refusing to give SHAZAM Comics the rights to run a comic book based on him, this led to the creation of a suspiciously similar character known as "the Bat-tective". These comics sold poorly and were eventually cancelled after a short run, although the character still appears in Defenders comics. Other pitches, such as including Focci as a fighter in Super Smash Mates U.B.E.R., were similarly rejected.


  • Darty - Darty's hyperactive nature doesn't mesh very well with Focci's dark and brooding personality.

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