Deux's School of Fun!

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Deux's School of Fun! is a horror game disguised as a educational game, launched in April 2018. The object of the game is to collect seven golden stars and escape the school. By its perfect usage of the "the game isn't as it appears" gimmick, it gained quite a popularity.


At the start of the game, the teacher, Deux, appears, greeting and waving to the player with his nonexistent hands. As the player goes on to collect the first golden star, they will be greeted by the Fun Pad™ showing a set of three math problems, presented by Deux. In the first round of the math problems, everything is normal. However when the player activates the second golden star, the third and final question is replaced by an unintelligible string of numbers, and Deux's reading will become glitched and distorted. This question has no correct answer and replaces all final questions from the second golden star and after.

Upon getting the question wrong Deux will leave, saying monsters will start to chase the player, the most dangerous being Teletron, chasing the player, with his speed being determined by scratching sounds from his hand grappling the walls. The more questions the player answers incorrectly, the faster Teletron will chase them.

It is at this point in the game that the other characters will begin appearing.

Colloshakes A, B, and C[edit]


The three Colloshakes ensure everyone in the school is following school rules, and to capture anyone who doesn't. These three tend to be bothersome to the typical player. The trio lulls Teletron to the player, but also can remove Cobbel should he be in the way. However, they can only remove Cobbel if the player has no items.


"Regardless of her poor vision, she's always jumping with joy when she finds a Puffle to play with."

Skipper's Jingle, played when Skipper is nearby.

Skipper roams the halls in search of the player, making them jump-rope should she catch them. She is depicted as a poorly-drawn Puffle. Should the in-game item called the "Super Cutter" be used on her, her jump-rope will be broken, preventing her from playing anymore with the player.


"He tends to shy away from everyday conversation, but will aggressively swoop toward anyone with more recognition than him."

Hierogryffin tends to shy away from the player until all seven golden stars are collected, after this, he proceeds to swoop at the player if he's being looked at, causing Teletron to teleport to the player's area, but not right on top of the player, which would cause the game to end.

S L A P P Y[edit]

"What do you do when people won't stop stealing from the school? Hire a security guard! It throws flames at anything!"

S L A P P Y is usually in one location, but will occasionally dash through the hallways, taking anything he touches with him except Cobbel and items. He can be helpful and harmful, depending on where he is and what he's taking with him.

The Grinder[edit]

"He won first-prize at the robotics championship, but he strives to go further. What DOES he have in mind?"

The Grinder is very similar to S L A P P Y, except he only chases the player, and turns corners much slower. He can also be destroyed with the "Super Cutter" item, much like Skipper.


"When it comes to blocking your path, no-one can do it better than Cobbel. He won't even budge unless you pay him in items."

Cobbel ranomly spawns in at intersections, blocking the player from using one or more routes. Other characters besides the Colloshakes are unable to pass Cobbel, making him quite handy at times.


"You really ARE a monster."

Teletron will move towards the player at a interval determined by how many problems you've gotten wrong, and despawning should you not have any wrong. Should he catch the player, they're taken back to the title, but not before the message "In this school, we play by MY rules!" shows up on screen.