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DevMel66 (New).png
An alien mask strapped to his back? Strange.
Gender Male
Race Penguin
Health 50
Level 15
Status Alive
Location Club Penguin Island
Fourth Wall Can sometimes talk to the narrator of a story he is in.
Birth date March 15, 1998 (1998-03-15) (age 21)
Place of birth Club Penguin Island
  • Music maker (2012 - 2019)
  • Ninja-in-training (2013 - 2019)
  • Ninja (early 2019 - late 2019)
  • Fire ninja (late 2019 - 2056)
  • Fire Sensei (2056 - 2067)
Feather color Orange
Hair color Black
Nationality Japaland
Citizenship Club Penguin
Catchphrase When you make music, are a ninja, and hang out with ladies, you are the best penguin on the island.
Archetype Good

Dev Melda (born in 1998 and more commonly known as Dev66; known by his Fire Sensei alias in 2056 Sensei Flamel) is a clumsy music maker. He loves his job and is almost obsessed with music. His clumsiness gets in the way of some things; for example, when his boss asks him to take an instrument off of the shelf, he falls over and breaks it.

Dev is also a ninja-in-training, but his clumsiness gets in the way of that, too. This makes him not a very good student; he doesn't have a high-level belt. Sensei is very embarrassed at this.

However, according to the BoF, he will soon develop into a skilled ninja and eventually becomes the Fire Sensei.


Dev was born on March 15, 1998. His mother and father were unknown but later in his life Dev found out they were of Japaland origins. They, like Dev would, had a great obsession with music. Hoping that in his future he would be a professional, they gave him a tiny drum. Instantly, Dev knew how to use it. He hit the drum and discovered that one sound, the sound of destiny. Ahem, never mind, not destiny, that's too corny. It was just the sound of drums. There, is that better?!

When he was around 4, Dev met Sensei. He didn't do this intentionally, but when he was walking around the Town, he saw the master and was confused as to why he was gray-colored. He asked him why, and that ended horribly.

When Dev was 6, his parents had passed away. To this day Dev still has no idea why, but Dev nowadays has the smallest suspicion that it had something to do with Sensei and the ninjas. Dev's parents passing away made him go to the Pet Shop to get adopted, but that just made him learn about Mwa Mwa Penguins. Luckily, he escaped the monsters.

Dev eventually got used to just walking around the island for a while but eventually got taken in by a concerned penguin couple. They raised him for a while and were just as loving as his old parents. When Dev was 14, he was finally offered to work at the music industry as an intern. His parents backed him up and said that he should be more than just an intern.

So he got a job at the music industry as an artist that made music. Occasionally he went to the Dance Club and he would be a DJ. For some reason his DJ name was Dev66.

When Dev went to high school, he met Zeno, a silly penguin who loved video games and making movies. He also had a WaddleTube channel. On the channel, Dev helped Zeno make remixes of several different songs.

Soon after, Dev ran into Sensei again. He told him he wanted to be a ninja, but Sensei hated Dev for being ageist so he wouldn't let him in the Dojo. Dev wasn't very good at Card-Jitsu anyway, so Sensei felt so bad that he decided to train him. This hasn't been going very well, as Dev is still a red belt after all these years.

Dev noticed that Zeno's last name, Wontafor, sounded similar to the numbers 1, 2, and 4. So he started calling Zeno "Zeno124".

Zeno124 later got a job as a director. Dev wanted to help him, so the two became the best movie-music team on Club Penguin.

Dev as a Ninja. Six years of training should've been enough!

Recently, the BoF leaked out the information that Dev66 will finally earn his black belt in a few months' time, and gain much more experience with Card-Jitsu.


He will also move on to eventually become a Fire Ninja, quitting the music business because of this and losing his DJ nickname, preferably being called just Dev. Being a Fire Ninja soon will become his passion, and he aspires to become the next Fire Sensei; he soon achieves this dream in 2056 after Falco dies in an unfortunate deletion explosion, which causes Dev to take his place. He actually turns out to be a pretty useful sensei, guiding ninjas both new and old constantly. His sensei name is Sensei Flamel.

Dev as a Fire Sensei. After all these years, he technically kept that alien mask...

As he and Zeno124 get older, they keep their friendship running, but eventually they get into a fight about their futures in 2067; Zeno's tragic death occurs after Flamel accidentally commits amicicide by blasting Zeno into lava in the Fire Dojo. Flamel feels extremely guilty and soon decides to quit his job as Fire Sensei, fleeing Club Penguin and moving to Fire Island, where he believes he will fit in. He knows that Zeno's relatives have called the government about Flamel, so he feels as though they can't find him here. The move was useless as he dies months after moving to Fire Island. It was then confirmed that Penguinpuffdude would take his place.


In the Present[edit]

Dev66 is a tall orange penguin with jet black hair who wears a black and white cap with a music note on it. For an unknown reason, he also wears an alien mask. When he isn't wearing it, though, he straps it to his back like a backpack. Dev also wears his red ninja belt over a blue hoodie, plus orange sneakers.

In the Future[edit]

When Dev becomes a Fire Ninja, he no longer wears an alien mask, rainbow wristband, or, obviously, black belt. Instead, he wears fiery-looking shoes and a fiery shirt, but keeps his amulet and hat.

When Dev, known at that time as Flamel, becomes Fire Sensei, he wears the same fiery clothing, but now has a little alien emblem on his vest rather than a fire burning to relive his past; the fire emblem is now on his hat, which is now dusty and a dark shade of orange.


Dev66 is very clumsy. Usually he tries to be a "ladies man", but fails due to his clumsiness. Other than being clumsy, Dev is very humble and nice to anyone he meets. He also constantly makes jokes and is rarely ever serious, but he can be serious when he needs to.

When he grows to be a Fire Sensei, Flamel guides new Fire Ninjas through tough times and trains them to be the best they can be; unlike his predecessor, Aelios, he is humble and doesn't care whether ninjas win or lose at a battle. He just tries to train them even harder if they fail.

Fourth Wall[edit]

On certain occasions, mainly adventures or special events, Dev will hear voices in his head. However, he is ignorant about them and sometimes casually talks to them, but has no idea that the Bureau of Fiction is what is talking to him. He can also use plot devices like Hammerspace, Deus Ex Machina, etc. and is able to thoroughly explain them, but isn't aware of how or why they exist.



Zeno and Dev are and have been best friends for a while. They are basically a movie-music duo, as Dev writes and produces songs and music for Zeno's movies. They go on adventures together too (usually accompanied by Apple), presented in several stories in the fanon universe. Dev still hasn't told Zeno how he came up with the nickname "Zeno124".


Sensei is, as you'd think, Dev's Card-Jitsu trainer; they have grown to become friends, and when Dev will become a ninja (after six whole freaking years), he will assist Sensei as much as he could before he goes on to fire ninja training.


The relationship between Dev and Zeno's pet puffle Apple is pretty complicated; Dev figures that the reason Apple hates Dev is because Dev likes bananas so much and Apple is afraid of them.


Dev and Xeno, Zeno's x-antibody, are pretty much enemies; Xeno doesn't know Dev's name, though, as he just refers to him as "Zeno's orange friend". However, Dev has met Xeno multiple times, which makes them have a hating relationship.


Dev and Zena, Zeno's R63-antibody, are friends for the most part. Dev still thinks Zena is a bit annoying, but Zena, of course, is still really good friends with Dev.


  • For some reason, Dev66 likes bananas.
    • In fact, besides music and ninja training, bananas are his obsessions.
  • Dev66 likes green more than orange.
    • For shame! Green is not a creative color.
    • He thinks this because he says green makes him happy.
      • This is probably the reason he wears a green alien mask.
  • Dev66 claims he has black hair under his hat.
    • No one knows if this is true or not because he never takes off his hat in public.
  • Dev66 has 5 blue puffles: Bluey, Gluey, Lluey, Luey, and Rluey.
    • He named them all after his grandfather, Luey Melda.
  • Dev66 is one of TwoZenos124's three characters that are based on real Club Penguin characters.
    • The other two are Zeno124 and Apple.
    • The reasoning behind him being a real character is that Dev66 is the name of TwoZenos124's second penguin in the game.
      • His five puffles are also based on his puffles in the game.


  • "When you make music, are a ninja, and hang out with ladies, you are the best penguin on the island."
  • "Green is significantly better than orange, although the word "significantly" is worse than both."
  • "Bananas... bananas... BANANAS!!!"
  • "Wait... did you actually say I got my black belt, Sensei? No, be serious. No, seriously! Wait... I GOT IT?! YES! I mean... much appreciated, Sensei."


Preceded by

Falco Sensei.png

The Position of
Shogun of the Order of the Flaming Ninjas,

as held by Sensei Flamel

2056 - 2067

Succeeded by