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Densuke Maeyama
DevMei (2021).png
An alien mask strapped to his back? Strange.
Nicknames DEV • MEI
Gender Male
Race Emperor Penguin
Status Alive
Location Club Penguin
Fourth Wall Class III
Birth date March 15, 1993 (1993-03-15) (age 28)
Place of birth Club Penguin Island
Occupation Music composer (2008 - present)
Ninja-in-training (2009 - present)
Eye color Black
Feather color Orange
Nationality United States of Antarctican
Citizenship Club Penguin
Country of residence United States of Antarctica
Hobbies Composing music
Training to become a Ninja
Friends Zeno124

Densuke Maeyama (前山 伝佑 Maeyama Densuke, also known by his DJ alias DEV • MEI or, alternatively, DevMei) is a music composer and ninja-in-training. He has become quite infamous in the Card-Jitsu community for being “stuck” in his training phase; he started training in 2009 and has since still not become a full ninja. While he is currently a black belt, and therefore is quite skilled, he has somehow failed to defeat Sensei in all his attempts to earn the title of ninja.

As for the music side of things, he is able to work in a variety of different genres of synthesized music, making him a very versatile composer. His best friend Zenovin Wontafor often asks him to help compose music for his movies.



Something that those outside of the Time Agency aren’t aware of is that DevMei is considered by them to be a temporal anomaly. He has been a ninja-in-training for so long and has failed to beat Sensei so many times that no one in the agency is able to predict when exactly he will become a ninja. They know for sure that he will, as they have concluded that by 2056 he will have ascended the ranks of Card-Jitsu and become the next Fire Sensei, succeeding Falco Hochstadt after his death, though it is somehow impossible for them to determine when.

One interpretation of what DevMei will look like as the Fire Sensei.


DevMei is an orange Emperor Penguin who always seems to be wearing a Music Jam cap; so much so to the point where no one knows for sure whether he has hair under it. He claims that he does and that it’s black, but to this day it has never been seen by another penguin. Some other articles of clothing that he always seems to be wearing are his current Ninja belt as well as an alien mask that he never actually wears on his face; instead he chooses to strap it to his back.

DevMei’s current outfit consists of the aforementioned clothing items as well as a green hoodie, orange sneakers, and a ninja amulet with, unsurprisingly, no elemental gems inserted into it. At one point he also commonly wore a blue hoodie.





DevMei considers Zeno to be his best friend, as does Zeno with DevMei. DevMei tends to be ahead of Zeno when it comes to critical and logical thinking, but DevMei is very patient with him; to a degree, he finds Zeno’s frequent cluelessness to be charming. The two of them love going on outings and trips together, and oftentimes these will lead them into an unexpected adventure. In addition, DevMei will often compose music for Zeno’s movies if asked. The two of them also have a shared awareness of the Fourth Wall and will often try to find its source, to no avail.


DevMei considers Sensei to be an inspiration to him, as he has been training in his Dojo for a very long time. DevMei has attempted to face off against Sensei many times and has so far failed every attempt. Despite this, Sensei acknowledges that DevMei is, in fact, a very skilled black belt, and is honestly not quite sure why he is unable to win against him.



DevMei and Zeno have a shared enemy in Xeno, but it’s less personal in DevMei’s case as Xeno isn’t his clone. Xeno doesn’t care much for DevMei anyway, instead preferring to bother Zeno whenever he gets the opportunity to; the two almost never see each other unless Zeno also happens to be there.


  • Apparently DevMei’s alien mask somehow doubles as a phone, though few penguins have actually seen him use it in this way.


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