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The Devecter Family is a very ancient Pengolian Family, extending to the first Pengolians. However, not that much is known.


Despite their differences, most Devecters usually share a couple of these.

  • Devecters are all Pengolian. Every single one.
  • Most Devecters were bounty hunters, soldiers, and guards. Devecters without military careers...well, they don't get heard about much.
  • All Devecters can fight. It's a trait that's been handed down for ages.
  • In their lifetime, Devecters usually achieve very high positions, then retire and live in Pengolia.
  • Every single last one of them are all generic Pengolian and very traditional.
  • They are always neutral. There has never been an evil Devecter, but there has never been an entirely good one too.
  • They slap eachother with fish. A lot.
  • Even the least of them are always proud of what they do.
  • Most are skeptical of technology.
  • All Devecters have a strangely accurate aim.
  • All the males wear hats. Why? They all have Whoot Smackler Whoot hair. Nobody knows why.


In order from oldest to youngest, occupation, and their relationship to Austin.

Family Relations[edit]

The Devecters are mostly close, with a couple exceptions. Most end up having the same carreers, and they pass down the advice and fighting tips. It is said that there is a tradition among the group that one day, there will be a Devecter who will rule Pengolia. Most are a bit skeptical of this though. Also, there is a lot of sibling rivalry between the Devecters. They all leave home early, trying to prove which one of them is the best.

Notable Family Members[edit]

  • Austin. He's Swiss Ninja's right hand, and he's known for several things.
  • Nikostratos was known for being Ajax Kwiksilver's friend.
  • James, at his peak, was a legendary bounty hunter.
  • Tesa has a moderate position in the CNIC.
  • Rex is kind of a bit overshadowed by Austin, but he is known for being pretty tough.
  • Jacques is an accountant. The family is disgusted.
  • Down along the line, they're related to Whoot.


The Devecters have enemies. Who doesn't?

  • Tammyshroom: TSP's sister. Tesa and her share a fierce rivalry.
  • The Hochstadt Gang: Austin, Rex, and James all dislike these guys. Austin and Rex SERIOUSLY dislike them. Rex REALLY SERIOUSLY dislikes them.
  • Director Benny: Director Benny does NOT like Austin. He aquired an Anonymity Necklace from XTUX, and the rest is history.
  • Jacques: Jacques and Rex really don't like eachother. Ironic, isn't it?