Diamond Falls Re-Awakening

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The Re-Awakening of Diamond Falls
For a volcano, dormancy is short-lived....
Background information
Participants Bureau of Entropy, Bureau of Fiction, South Pole Council, Sensei
Date October 31 - November 8, 2009
Location The Moon, Diamond Falls, Dojo

The Re-Awakening of Diamond Falls was an event the led to the creation of the much-anticipated game Card Jitsu: Fire. It was also the second documented event to involve the moon. Ironically, it started with the Bureau of Entropy, whose main purpose was to cause BAD things to happen.

The event[edit]

Prologue: Something Evil's Going On[edit]

In the Bureau of Entropy...

The other Anti-Masters watched in silence as Lord Carrion paced around the room. His feet pressed down on the old, wooden floors, causing them to creak.

The crow raven paused for a moment and spoke.

"Ugh. This is terrible. Our stolen set of doinkometers always say the same thing -- universal positivity! All those stupid happy creatures with their little Bureau of Fiction, constantly partying and being merry! What has happened to the Bureau of Entropy? What is our workforce doing to stop this widespread happiness?"


"NOTHING!" yelled Carrion. "We need to do something truly evil, something that will destroy all of this revolting jollity once and for all."

Carrion paused. "Any ideas?"

Chapter 1: That's Gonna Leave a Mark[edit]

In the depths of outer space, all was tranquil. Brilliant sunlight illuminated the Earth, while the moon passed by in front, partially eclipsing the sun. A portion of the moon's shadow fell on Antarctica, a gleaming white continent near the bottom of the Earth. It was Halloween there, and a partial solar eclipse would set the mood for what would happen that evening.

However, this Halloween spirit wouldn't last very long.

A humongous asteroid about ⅔ the size of the moon appeared out of nowhere, headed straight for the moon. However, it barely missed, almost brushing the lunar surface. The asteroid zipped by, curving as it was pulled by the moon's gravity into a path that would lead it crashing into the sun. However, the moon had lost a significant amount of speed due to the pass, and Earth's gravity was slowly pulling the moon towards it. In only 12 hours, the moon was likely to hit the Earth.

More coming soon!


Sensei, with his government grant, took advantage of the erupting Diamond Falls and created a new game for ninjas to play. Called Card-Jitsu: Fire, the game has gained much popularity in Club Penguin and led to the creation of a new group called the Fire Ninjas.

The moon's orbit was also altered..... AGAIN.

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