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Dime Penguin
A typical dime penguin. Note that they look exactly like pink-feathered penguins, and that not all Dime Penguins look like this.
A typical dime penguin. Note that they look exactly like pink-feathered penguins, and that not all Dime Penguins look like this.
Conservation Status
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Aves
Order: Sphenisciformes
Family: Spheniscidae
Genus: Spheniscidium
Species: Penguin

Featherless Chick
Rescue Penguin

A Dime Penguin (family Sphenisciadae, genus Spheniscidium), also known as Featherless Chicks or Rescue Penguins, is a species of Penguin that are born with no feathers and are strangely Mwa Mwa Penguin-like. The species began when some mothers hatched their eggs too early, which was done by sitting down on it too hard. Luckily, Dime penguins can grow out of their Mwa-Mwa-ness in the course of 20 years, but some are born never like a Pookie. Unfourtunately, some Dime Penguins never grow out of their immatureness, and either make them insane forever or plain annoying. These dime penguins are usually homeless or end up alone in the Pet Shop, as nobody wants to employ them. Because of this, dime penguins have become stereotypically shown as featherless Mwa Mwa Penguins, making a fuss of themselves.

Some dime penguins grow up to be successful, however, and to cover up the fact that they are dime penguins they usually buy many clothes, so they cannot be ridiculed. Other grown-up dime penguins, when they have the time and money, go to their specialist doctor to get a prescription for a jar of special feather-creating lotion, so although the population of them have decreased they are still quite plentiful.


One day in 1967, a mother laid her egg, and never being a mother before she was impatient and was eager to see her new born chick. She sat on the egg so hard, it cracked. She then heard the crack, and realised that she would be arrested for endangering a chick. But, instead of having yolk all over the floor, a chick was in place of the egg, and had surprisingly... no feathers! She thought she "looked kinda creepy" for having no feathers, and completely forgetting that she might be arrested, she was brutally kicked out (very hardly) the igloo instead of being given feather treatment or keeping her. She named herself "Emily" and roamed the forests for a while, and became the first (albeit featherless) Forest Jerk. She stayed in the forest for years, when she finally came out, bought clothes and a wig, and she finally teamed up with a normal penguin, and whenever she was asked her birthday date she said it was on the 1st of January, as she didn't know her real birthdate. After their marriage, she finally laid an egg. Just like her mother, she was eager to see her first chick, and in excitement she accidently crushed it, before realising her mistake. She, however, got up and saw a small chick, which she named Dimey I.

She was strangely like a Mwa Mwa Penguin, and Emily herself having inherited the power to be very patient from her mother and being a dime penguin, she was able to put up with her annoyingness while her husband couldn't stand it, but stayed with her anyway. Her chick grew up (and lost her Mwa-Mwa-ness), got married, and had five eggs of her own, and cracked them all herself. Therefore, a new type of penguin was born. Soon, there was an epidemic of dime penguins, and raised the species status from "Extinct in the Wild" to (surprisingly) "Least Concern", but many years later, the spread of the Dime Penguin has now decreased to "Vulnerable", as mothers now take them to the doctor to be given a prescription for lotion made specifically for featherless penguins, which soothes the skin and helps it to grow feathers. Dime Penguins, however, are still quite well-known and a recent survey conducted in 2016 reported that at least 4 out of 10 chicks at the age of 12 know what a Dime Penguin is.


Many Dime Penguins have a slight bad temper, and are slightly (naturally) spoiled. At their chick stage, they often think that everything they touch is theirs, and if anybody else takes the said item away they are mean. Not all dime penguins are like this or even get this stage, however, and only 2 out of 4 are naturally spoilt. The other 2 are like perfectly normal chicks, but featherless, very strong and with a slightly bad temper. They are also courageous, and never give up in a fight unless badly injured. Dime penguins, however, take longer than the average chick to learn to waddle and speak, and can become targets for bullies. Mwa Mwa dime penguins are known to always wear feather boas, and often act as if they are princesses and they almost always imagine that everybody likes them. Because of this, their acting becomes Jerk-like and spoiled, and because of this their emotion for others is greatly reduced, and rarely a dime pookie is born with no emotion for another penguin at all. This is one of the main causes that made the dime penguin stereotyped in television series and books, as dime Mwa Mwas are more easily found than sane, grown-up dime penguins.

Sometimes, the Mwa Mwa dime penguin has been compared to the behavior of a Jerk. Although they are alike, they have three differences - Mwa Mwa dime penguins do not bully nerds, while Jerks are known to do that all the time. Mwa-Mwa dime penguins are not known for teasing repeated times for hours, while the jerk can do that. Mwa-Mwa dimes also do not wear swaggish clothes and sunglasses either, only extremely spoiled plastic tiaras, faux-fur boas, pretend dresses and cheaply-made toys. Other than that, the Mwa-Mwa dime penguin and the Jerk are extremely similar.


In popular media, dime penguins are usually either shown as the insane Pookie, a traitor, the main villain's henchpenguin or the main, most evil villain him/herself. However, in real life, 50% of dime penguins are kind penguins who are either successful or have a good job. Although they are usually shoved out of the picture, they can be a good moving force due to their braveness and their tendency to not give up. Many fights can be won by a dime penguin due to their courage, strength and sportsmanship, and when this happens they are usually given the spotlight. They are good, strong helpers, and are known as good rescuers too, which is why one of their synonyms is "Rescue Penguin".

In the Wild[edit]



  • A Dime Penguin is not to be confused with a Chick, as chicks have feathers.
  • Spongeguy90 is a dime penguin.
  • Some Dime Penguins become Jerks at an early age. However, Spongeguy90 is one of the few that didn't.

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