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Dimensions are (most commonly) infinite universes parallel to our own, except they usually differ in one way or another. Most parallel dimensions only have slight differences from ours, while others may be entirely different.

The Box Dimension, one of the most bizarre dimensions found by penguinkind since dimension-hopping was discovered.

History and Evolution[edit]

It is unknown how long the ability to travel to other dimensions has been available. However, it became public interest in the 2000s, and even more so after Gary the Gadget Guy made several dimensional discoveries in 2009.


Many mysteries still surround other worlds and the idea of "dimension-hopping". One of the more common dimension-based questions among scientists is: Can other dimensions be physically created? It has never been done so far, but there are many scientists on each side of the argument. Out of the scientists who believe other dimensions can be created, it is often debated about how to reach their goal; some believe that finding unused matter is the key, although there are many other opinions. There are other scientists, such as Gary and Mito, who believe that all dimensions already exist, and they just have to be found. With this theory however, debates occur on whether there is an infinite or finite amount of existing dimensions.

List of Dimensions[edit]

These are all of the Dimensions that have been discovered. Many nations currently have scientists looking for new dimensions, such as the USA, Shops Island, Puffle'and, Snowiny, and Zhou, among others.

  • Box Dimension- One of the most bizarre dimensions ever discovered by penguinkind. It was originally just an empty, never-ending place, but the BoF turned it into a waste-dump. It was discovered sometime around the early 1970s by the BoF, and was rediscovered by Gary in 2009.
  • Cow Dimension- An alternate dimension where Moo Penguins and "cows" live. It was discovered by Gary in 2009.
  • Ghost Dimension- As it's name suggests, this is where all ghosts originate after their living forms die.
  • Hyperspace- An eleven-dimensional realm that can be used for faster-than-light-travel.
  • Shake Dimension